The combination of tarot cards with each other and mutual influence

Tarot deck, consisting of 78 Arcana, includes 22 cards of the Elders and 56 Minors. Seniors discover fate, they show important moments of life, serious changes and events that we cannot control. Junior Arcana is momentary moments, current affairs.

Today we will talk about how to interpret the combination of Tarot cards with each other. This is pretty tricky, but let's try to figure it out.

combination of tarot cards with each other

The interpretation of tarot cards

First, the interpretation of each card in relation to the position is determined. The meaning of the Tarot, the main provisions, is individual for each alignment. From several possible ones, one is selected that corresponds to the asked question in meaning.

After considering individual cards, you need to combine all the values ​​into a big picture, considering the combination of Arcana and considering their influence on each other. People around can increase or decrease the weight of the map, clarify its meaning and orientation. You need to study combinations not only in combinations, but also depending on their location. If there are contradictions and inconsistencies, this is normal. Life is also contradictory.

It is necessary before the divination to decide on the inverted positions of the cards. In most Tarot schools, this meaning is considered the opposite in meaning to the direct location of the Arcana. However, for some (the Devil, the Wheel of Fortune, the Sun, the Hermit) the interpretation does not change, only amplification or weakening occurs.

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The Significance Of The Senior Arcana

Maps of the Senior Arcana can be divided into three groups, 7 in each, they mean three cycles of human development:

  1. Youth, beginning - Star, Moon, Moderation, Wheel of Fortune, Lovers, Hermit, Peace.
  2. Maturity, experience - Empress, Priest, Mage, Sun, Devil, Strength, Chariot.
  3. Old age, wisdom - Priestess, Court, Tower, Hanged Man, Justice, Emperor, Death.

Depending on the number, the Senior Arcana also means three areas of communication with the outside world:

  • cards 1 to 7 are responsible for the intellectual and spiritual world;
  • Arcana with numbers from 8 to 14 indicate the moral and emotional sphere;
  • the last seven cards determine the material and physical components of life.

Zero card - Jester, is a generalization for all other Arcana.

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The Significance of Junior Arcana

Minor Arcana are divided into four suits, each group has 14 cards. It was they who led to the appearance of the playing deck. Suits are swords, wands (scepters), cups and denarius (pentacles). Each includes cards with values ​​from 1 (ace) to 10 and four curly: messenger, rider, sibyl, pharaoh.

Cards with numbers from 1 to 10 mean everyday feelings and situations, emotions, personality traits and qualities of other people. Character cards denote a specific person, features of his character and his role in your life and are responsible for communicating with others.

Interpretation of combinations of Arcana

  1. We determine the ruling group of cards, if any. We also draw attention to the absence of any suit in the layout.
  2. We take into account the interaction of the suits of the Minor Arcana.
  3. Highlight cards with a strong influence. For the Major Arcana - this is the Mage, Priestess or Emperor, for the Minor Arcana - the kings (pharaohs).
  4. We consider groups of 2-3 closely spaced cards in the light of their influence on each other and taking into account the question asked.

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Combination of tarot cards with each other and interpretation. Senior Arcana

The interaction of the Major Arcana strengthens, decreases or clarifies the meaning of each other. If one card is just a hint, then two is already a very clear answer. For instance:

  1. Chariot, Tower, Star, wheel of Fortune and Death in combination with others portend changes, the nature of which will be determined by the second card.
  2. Having a Mage card means a new path, the beginning of something. The second map defines the essence of the undertaking.
  3. The appearance of the Jester card speaks of happiness and a positive mood of events. Inverted, he indicates the stupidity of the question and vain anxiety about the second Arcana.
  4. The presence of the Priestess card introduces wisdom, understanding, and the need for development.

Junior Arcana Combinations

How to decipher the combination of Tarot cards with each other in the layouts, if we are talking about the Minor Arcana? In this case, the suit and number of each card are of the greatest importance.

The combination of the suit of wands:

  • With cards of the same suit - there is no time for emotions, only actions matter. You need to think and act quickly and decisively.
  • With cups - talking about heart and family problems, resolving matters related to feelings. Positive cards indicate favorable events, a combination with negative cards (7 and 8 cups, 4, 7 and 8 wands) promises quarrels and discords.
  • With pentacles - problems in financial or other matters. The result of the decision is positive with a combination of positive cards, with unfavorable ones (7, 8 and 5 rods or 7 and 5 pentacles) it reports non-return of debts or lack of money.
  • With swords - show the situation with rash, impulsive words and actions. Such a combination is not given much importance in the layout.

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Goblet Card Combination Value:

  • With cups - pure thoughts, philanthropy, pleasant company. It means the primacy of feelings and emotions over everything else.
  • With swords - rash, strong affects: intense pain, grief or joy, love or passion. This is a bad combination of cards for a fortune-telling object.
  • With pentacles - speaks of gaining or losing any feelings. With positive cards, it promises profit in spiritually significant matters, while with negative cards (4, 5 and 8 cups and 5, 7 and 8 pentacles) it predicts separation, separation or loss.

Combination of the suit of swords with cards:

  • Swords - the highest degree of fear, anger, anger or grief. Negative emotions obscure the mind. A positive interpretation will be in the presence of the Senior Arcana, talking about a normal situation, then this is an unnecessary panic, a temporary condition.
  • A pentacle is a struggle for property, while they indicate loss or gain, and swords signify a different degree of severity of the situation.

combination of tarot cards with each other and interpretation

The combination of Tarot cards with each other (Major and Minor Arcana)

Due to the huge number of possible combinations, it is difficult to give a description for each specific case. To do this, it is better to turn to specialized sites that consider each combination of Tarot cards individually. But you can rely on your intuition and logic. For this we use the following elements of the interpretation of combinations of Arcana:

  1. The numbering of Tarot cards shows the stages of the development of the situation: small ones indicate the beginning of the event, medium ones indicate its culmination, the last numbers indicate the end and end of the cycle. This rule applies to both the Junior and the Senior Arcana.
  2. The main areas indicated by the appearance of one or another suit of the Younger in combination with the cards of the Senior Arcana:
  • Cups (bowls). Love, friendship, joy and harmony, relaxation and enjoyment, creation and art.
  • Wands (scepters). Entrepreneurship, development and energy, social status, fame, politics and management.
  • Swords. Hostility and conflict, rivalry and struggle.
  • Pentacles (Denarius). Wealth, well-being, health, business communication and contacts, business, success in achieving goals.

Influence of the suit of the Minor Arcana

Now you know how to explain the combination of Tarot cards with each other in different layouts. Now is the time to talk about the influence of suits. In the light of various aspects of human life, wands are responsible for spiritual development, and swords - for intellectual. Cups define the emotional area, pentacles mean the material and physical worlds. For example, the presence of several cards of wands in the layout means a holiday. Several cups hint at a love adventure. Many swords portend problems and strife, and a large number of pentacles promise money matters.

Cards of the same suit increase mutual strength. Different Arcana can weaken or neutralize the effect of each other. The influence of stripes exerted on each other can be determined by their belonging to the elements: rods represent Fire, cups represent Water, swords belong to Air, and pentacles belong to Earth. On this basis, wands are opposed to goblets, and swords are opposite to pentacles. Strengthening the value of the cards occurs with the union of swords with cups and wands, pentacles are friendly wands and cups.

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The influence of the ruling group of cards

The ruling is considered to be the predominance of cards of the same suit in the Minor Arcana or cards of the same sphere of development in the Elders. This means that the circumstances disclosed by the cards of the ruling group are most important in this situation and will affect all other life events.

  • A large number of Senior Arcana in the alignment speaks of the exceptional importance of the situation and the great changes in human life.
  • The predominance of digital maps of the Junior testifies to the influence of everyday and fast-moving affairs, the scope of which is determined by the ruling suit.
  • If curly (palace) cards of the Minor Arcana often appear in the layout, this indicates a strong influence of other people and extraneous factors on the development of the situation or warns of the appearance of circumstances beyond the control of the person himself.
  • Many inverted Arcana means problems and obstacles in life and achieving the goal.

Here is such an interesting, mysterious, completely unknown world of Tarot. Do you believe in his strength and knowledge? The choice is yours.


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