How to make a varnish that keeps nails healthy?

A healthy lifestyle, naturalness and naturalness are increasingly becoming fashionable. This applies not only to the food sector, but to everything else that surrounds us every day. Today, HLS got to cosmetics. Now ladies make beauty products with their own hands, from natural materials. How to make nail polish at home? Find out the recipe!

Why not buy lacquer in the store?

Indeed, why today ladies are increasingly looking for information on how to make varnish at home? It turns out that not so long ago, bottles with the mysterious 3Free inscription began to appear on shelves in cosmetics stores. Curious admirers of the perfect manicure immediately found out that eco-lacquers possess such markings, which do not add harmful toluene, formaldehyde and camphor. These substances can provoke many diseases in the female body, and are contraindicated during pregnancy.

how to make varnish

As a result, some ladies refused to trust any manufacturers of varnishes, even with eco-labeling. But not everyone knows how to make varnish yourself. We will give some instructions.

Olive Oil Varnish

The first recipe for natural varnish is based on olive oil. As you know, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of nails and cuticles and gives the handles a healthy, fresh look.

How to make a varnish based on olive oil? To do this, it must be mixed with white clay in a ratio of 2: 1. Instead of clay, you can use henna or other natural dye with a similar consistency. The resulting mass needs to cover the nails and let them dry. After 20-25 minutes, wipe the mass with a damp cotton pad.

Alkane root polish and beeswax

Alkana is a miraculous plant whose root is actively used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Beeswax is a universal remedy that is added to creams, as well as used in traditional medicine. These two ingredients can only be beneficial to nails: they will improve the general condition of the nail plate and cuticle. How to make lacquer from alkane and beeswax?

how to make nail polish

You need to take a quarter teaspoon of wax, half a teaspoon of alkane, three tablespoons of olive oil. Experts advise adding a couple of drops of certainly useful vitamin E, but without it, natural varnish will also work.

To prepare the varnish, it is necessary to heat the olive oil together with the root in a water bath. Then you need to remove the product from the heat and cool for 5 minutes, then wipe the infusion through a sieve. Then you need to return it to the water bath and add beeswax to the resulting mixture. When the wax melts, the mass must be mixed and allowed to cool. Done!

Colorless varnish

How to make a varnish of an unusual shade from a therapeutic colorless that is sold in a pharmacy? Very simple! In a bottle with colorless varnish, you need to fill in a dye made by yourself. It can be made from food colors or from eye shadow. Of course, the choice of the latter should be approached responsibly, because they, too, should be as harmless as possible.

how to make varnish at home

It is first necessary to pour a small amount of varnish from the bottle, otherwise it will be difficult to add dye to it, or there will be difficulties with mixing. It is more convenient to add shadows or other paint through a funnel made of a paper mug. You can mix the new varnish with a toothpick.

How to make varnish at home in other ways? Share your recipes!


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