The best hairdresser in St. Petersburg. Review and rating of hairdressing and beauty salons of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a very large and beautiful city on the territory of the Russian Federation, where millions of people live. On the territory of this city there is a huge number of various beauty salons and hairdressers, thanks to which both men and women try to maintain their beauty. Today we will go to St. Petersburg to discuss the best hairdressing salons in St. Petersburg, as well as reviews about them and other useful information.

Beauty Workshop Beauty Room 17

Today in St. Petersburg there is a huge variety of beauty salons that are popular among not only girls, but also men. In this beauty salon you have the opportunity to discover completely new facets of attractiveness, radically change the image, get the long-awaited hair color, make yourself a manicure, as well as many other procedures that will help you become much more beautiful.

Beauty Workshop Beauty Room 17

As you already understood, this beauty salon in St. Petersburg offers not only hairdressing services, but also a large number of other procedures. In addition to the hairdresser’s room, you will find a nail service cabinet where you can build up nails, do manicures and much more.

It is important to note that this "sanctuary of beauty" is located on Liteiny Prospekt, house 17-19. The nearest metro station is Chernyshevskaya, which is only 700 meters from its destination. We can’t but mention that this is the best hairdresser in St. Petersburg, according to many people who in their reviews mention the high quality of the services provided. However, it is worth noting that the prices here are quite high, and this beauty studio works every day from 10 to 21.

Beauty Room 17

Meanwhile, we continue to discuss the best hairdressers in St. Petersburg in order to find the perfect option for you!

"Sunny Blues"

This project is both a medical cosmetology center and a beauty salon, which is located near the Prospekt Enlightenment metro station. The beauty salon provides premium services. All procedures that are performed on the territory of this center of medical cosmetology are licensed, so you can be sure that the most experienced certified specialists who have the proper education will work with you.

Here you will find cosmetology rooms that are equipped with modern technology. This allows the project representatives to perform absolutely any procedures related to hardware cosmetology. Among the most popular services in this segment, it is worth highlighting vacuum anti-cellulite massage, photoepilation, rejuvenation, and pressure therapy.

"Sunny Blues"

Of course, also in this beauty salon of St. Petersburg you have the opportunity to use hairdressing services. Masters of nail service and hairdressing, who work on the territory of the project "Sunny Blues", constantly improve their own skills, taking part in a variety of workshops and seminars. Such hairdressing services in St. Petersburg will be quite expensive, but you can be sure of the quality of the procedures, because in this salon you will ideally pick a haircut, hair color, and also do everything the way you want.

By the way, this institution is located on Kompozitorov street, house 18. The prices here, of course, are quite high, and you can visit the beauty studio every day without breaks and weekends from 10 to 22.

Beauty salon "Lady"

Every girl and man should take care of themselves. In order to always have order on the head, people should visit one or another hairdressing salon, where experienced specialists work, who will help turn hair into a real masterpiece. Today we conduct a review of hairdressers in St. Petersburg to determine the best institutions that are definitely worth a visit to everyone who wants to be in one of the best beauty salons in St. Petersburg.

This salon is a modern institution, which is located on Zakharyevskaya Street (near the Chernyshevskaya metro station). On the territory of this beauty studio you will find a cozy interior, friendly atmosphere, individual approach, respectful attitude, as well as a wide range of services.

Remember that only qualified specialists who have the proper experience and education work here, so you can not worry about the fact that something will go wrong. In addition, at the Lady hairdresser in St. Petersburg you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, as well as get acquainted with modern fashion trends. At this time, salon specialists will make sure that you look stylish, fashionable, with a twist.

Address and schedule

It is important to mention that in this salon you can make dyeing of any complexity, children's, male and female haircuts, styling, curls, as well as a host of other procedures. By the way, the Lady salon was located on Zakharyevskaya street, house 27, 1st floor. The price for hairdressing services here is quite reasonable, by average standards it is average. And the institution itself works according to the following schedule: from Monday to Friday - from 9:00 to 21, on Saturday and Sunday - from 11:00 to 21. However, it is worth mentioning that the institution closes only after the last client leaves.

Beauty salon "Lady"

In the meantime, we continue to discuss the best hairdressers in St. Petersburg, and at the end of the article is a rating of these beauty salons, so you can definitely choose the perfect option for yourself!

Hairdressing salon "Barber"

Today we are talking in detail about hairdressing salons, which are located on the territory of St. Petersburg and are the most demanded and popular establishments there. One of such projects is the Barber “Barber” in St. Petersburg, the address of which is presented below.

This beauty salon helps every client shine with happiness. Here you will be offered to use a variety of procedures for the health of the body and hair.

The main advantage of this project is that only highly qualified specialists work here who can professionally perform both male and female haircuts, do dyeing, styling, evening hair, highlighting, braiding, tinting, shaping a beard, hair restoration, hair straightening, perm, complex procedures, and much more.

Helpful information

In general, the range of services of this hairdresser, which is located on Kolomyazhsky Avenue, house 26, is quite large, and the prices for the provision of these services are very reasonable, so you just have to pay attention to this hairdresser, which has been working for more than one year and has many positive reviews .

By the way, it is important to note that the beauty salon “Barber” works every day without breaks and weekends. You can visit this institution every day from 9:00 to 21:00, however, remember that it is best to first contact the project administrator in order to schedule an appointment convenient for you. Then you do not have to wait, but you just need to drive up to the agreed period.

Children's hairdresser "Curly"

Today in St. Petersburg there are a lot of different hairdressers, including children’s, and one of the most popular is the network of children's hairdressers “Kudryashka”. In St. Petersburg at the moment there are several institutions of this network, which are located at the following addresses:

  • Kosygina Avenue, Building 31, Building 1;
  • Prospect of Enlightenment, house 74;
  • 137 Moskovsky Avenue;
  • Bolshevikov Avenue, building 27;
  • Budapest Street 92;
  • Yakornaya street, 5a;
  • 35 Morskaya Embankment, Building 1;
  • Nauki Avenue, Building 21, Building 1;
  • Avenue of Artists, building 13;
  • Industrial Avenue, 19a.

As you can see, in St. Petersburg there is a sufficient amount of data from hairdressers, so they are definitely popular and are in demand.

curly hair salon

In these hairdressers you will find an excellent level of service, an individual approach to each client, an interesting interior, as well as a truly homely atmosphere. While I will make your child a stylish hairstyle, they will offer you a cup of coffee, which you should not refuse, because it is really breathtaking here!

Barber "Freestyle"

Today in St. Petersburg there are far from a dozen different hairdressing salons, which are popular and are one of the most popular. This beauty studio is ready to surprise every guest with beautiful and modern haircuts that are performed by professionals in their field. Only in this hairdresser you can be sure that a wonderful transformation is waiting for you, because the right approach to hair is the main task of the masters of this studio.

Barber "Freestyle"

Freestyle hairdresser in St. Petersburg has been working for more than one year, so only real specialists work here, each of whom is capable of performing various types of haircuts at the highest level. In addition, if you want to decorate your arms and legs, you can use the classic manicure and pedicure, which are available in the territory of this beauty salon.

Additional Information

It is also worth noting that it has its own solarium, thanks to which the skin can find a real bronze tan, which some girls dream of in the cold Northern capital.

By the way, this beauty salon is located on Varshavskaya street, house 23, building 3, basement. The institution works every day from 10 to 22, and the prices here are quite reasonable, so you can safely come here in order to use the services of real professionals!

Barber "Economy" (St. Petersburg)

economy salon

It is logical that in today's article we discuss not only the “coolest” hairdressers in the city of St. Petersburg, but also ordinary economical beauty salons, where an excellent level of service, high quality of services and at the same time reasonable cost.

Here you are ready to offer different types of haircuts, all types of hairdressing services, makeup, manicure, eyelash extensions, nails, hair removal, keratin hair straightening, as well as many other services that have an acceptable cost and high quality.


By the way, it is important to note that today there are several hairdressing salons in Ekaterinburg that can be visited at the following addresses:

  • Telman Street, 44;
  • Budapest Street 43, Building 1;
  • Bela Kun Street, Building 2, Building 1;
  • Bela Kun street, house 20, building 1.
  • Moscow Avenue, house 36;
  • 88 Leninsky Avenue;
  • General Simonyak Street, 1;
  • 35 Yuri Gagarin Avenue;
  • Sofia Kovalevskaya street, house 1.

So we discussed the most popular hairdressers in St. Petersburg, which are worth paying attention to people who want to always look stylish, fashionable, modern. And right now, we will consider the long-awaited rating of hairdressing and beauty salons in St. Petersburg, created according to customer reviews.


Pay attention to the list:

  • first place - beauty studio Beauty Room 17;
  • second place - the center of medical cosmetology "Sunny Blues";
  • third place - the beauty salon "Lady";
  • fourth place - hairdresser "Barber";
  • fifth place - a network of children's hairdressers "Kudryashka";
  • sixth place - hairdresser "Freestyle";
  • seventh place - the hairdressing studio "Economy";
  • eighth place - the beauty salon "Lavanda" (Pyatiletok Avenue, Building 9, Building 1, Floor 1);
  • ninth place - the beauty salon “Lady and the Hooligan” (Zvenigorodskaya street, 4, basement);
  • tenth place - beauty studio “Apartment No. 4” (81 Nevsky Prospect).

So we compiled a rating of hairdressers in St. Petersburg, which have a lot of positive reviews and a large number of satisfied customers.

Now you need to choose the best beauty salon for yourself and go there in order to look perfect.


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