Jet Infosystems: employee reviews, features and interesting facts

Information technology allows you to integrate new solutions in the development of an individual business or an entire industry. Thanks to the staff of programmers and developers, as well as strategic planning, many indicators can be improved, as well as optimized various resource costs. Software solutions for any industry in the modern world are necessary. They allow you to quickly process large amounts of data and improve access to them.

Jet Infosystems has been offering its services to optimize various industries for almost 30 years and have been introducing modern software solutions for this. The company employs more than 1,600 specialists of various levels who are engaged not only in developing applications and solutions for the customer, but also provide round-the-clock support to the business via remote data channels.

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There are many reviews of employees about Jet Infosystems on the Web. All employees note that the company is constantly in development. A large number of foreign partners makes it possible to conduct joint development and exchange of employees to gain additional experience. Every year, all specialists undergo training and receive large grants when developing their own projects from the organization.

History of development

Employee reviews about Jet Infosystems suggest that the company is one of the oldest IT firms in Russia. It was founded back in 1991. Then it was a small office in Moscow, where ambitious young people gathered who wanted to develop domestic software products and implement them in public and private institutions.

Now the organization is among the top 20 largest developers in the country. The company supports not only enterprises, industry and business, but also serves law enforcement agencies and government agencies. The company employees carry out more than 300 complex projects per year. Constantly there is an exchange of information and technology with foreign colleagues. This allows you to be relevant in the digital services market.

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The company has more than 350 customers on a regular basis not only in Russia but also in the CIS countries. All developed software solutions of the organization pass international certification. Additionally, licenses were obtained that give the right to carry out construction and design activities from various government departments and structures.

Company policy

Employee feedback on Jet Infosystems suggests that company management is always looking for the best solutions for its customers. New technologies and software developments are offered. The main policy of the organization is to offer each customer individual conditions under which it is possible to obtain not only the necessary software and development, but also support for the system’s operability in the future.

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For this, the company has all the necessary equipment. International experience and agreements with other manufacturers made it possible to gain access to modern technological devices, without which it would be impossible to carry out complex projects for any type of customer. Used and advanced domestic developments for government agencies and industry.

Large projects

Employee feedback on Jet Infosystems can be found on various forums. Workers note that the company works closely with Rostec and Skolkovo, which are the main centers for the development and standardization of various technical and software solutions in the Russian Federation. Employees are constantly sent for internships at these institutions and gain valuable experience for further work.

Agreements with leading developers on the market make it possible to jointly implement major national projects for the implementation of information technologies for various industries and organizations, as well as their standardization. Great emphasis in new projects is placed on the management and organization of the workspace for any sphere and business sector, as well as network security.

Employee Reviews

Employee reviews about Jet Infosystems in Russia in most cases are positive. As the workers themselves note, wages are high due to the demand for technical professions in the job market. In addition, the company fully sponsors the training of the most different developers, engineers and allows them to achieve high career growth.

info systems jet employee reviews

From negative reviews you can find dissatisfied user comments about the high competitiveness in the company. Since the organization is one of the leading areas in the country in information systems and developments, vacant places are not offered to everyone. Although Jet cooperates with many technical universities, it carefully selects and tests future specialists before enrolling them in a team.

Licenses received

From customers about the organization, you can also find many reviews. About the Jet Infosystems employer, employees leave feedback on employment portals. Many note that the high requirements for hiring are explained by the presence of state licenses and strict rules for the implementation of many contracts and projects.

This means that the organization bears great responsibility and complies with all established state rules and requirements, including those regarding security systems.

Of the main licenses obtained by the company, the following can be distinguished:

  1. SRO associations in design and construction.
  2. GU Ministry of Emergencies.
  3. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
  4. Gazprom Gaznadzor.
  5. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
  6. FSB.

The company has more than 20 licenses from supervisory agencies and government agencies.

Major partners

Information on Jet Infosystems and reviews from major partners who leave letters of thanks for cooperation can be found on the official website. The organization has more than once become the winner of many major awards in the field of development and design at the state and international level.

Among the particularly large partners of Jet Infosystems, we can distinguish:

  1. Dell EMC
  2. Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
  3. Hitachi Data Systems.
  4. Kaspersky Lab.

A full list of companies with which the company cooperates can be found on the website. "Infosystems" also closely cooperate with government agencies and enterprises involved in the field of information technology of computer systems, as well as in design.

Company Customers

Employees leave positive feedback about the “Infosystem Jet” employer because the organization always provides interesting projects and deals with them both in the country and internationally. Representatives from the company are frequent visitors to international meetings and discussions on various issues and joint developments.

The main customers are representatives of various business fields. The largest is Gazprom International, which received developments in the field of remote control systems and an information processing center. X5 Retail Group, a large trading network located in almost every constituent entity of the country, also uses ready-made solutions from the company. Additionally, many domestic banks apply for the development of software solutions for individual requirements.

Services & Solutions

Reviews about the system integrator "Jet Infosystems" on the Web are met only positive. Customers and developers of many projects in the company themselves highlight the modern approach and the use of advanced technologies. Any company or institution can receive a full list of services for individual project creation or software implementation in the enterprise.

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In addition to design and development, the organization offers a full service of ready-made systems and information processing centers. Many departments of the company work around the clock due to the fact that customers are in different time zones. If necessary, individual security systems are developed for any business sector.

Implementation and Development

Employee feedback on working at Jet Infosystems indicates that every workplace is equipped with everything necessary. The company office has separate places for lunch and relaxation. Such conditions are required so that employees can work and create various software products at a high level. Software and application development, as well as the design and implementation of data processing centers are a priority area for the company.

Therefore, large resources are allocated for these purposes. On the organization’s official website you can find a catalog with ready-made offers and exclusive solutions for almost any industry and business. The company can not only develop, but also independently implement, maintain various engineering projects.

Industry Solutions

Feedback on telecommunications "Jet Infosystems" from customers and customers who are on constant service is positive. Many emphasize the professionalism and speed of completing all tasks and specified requirements.

Priority industries when creating projects are:

  1. Services for telecom operators.
  2. Banks and financial institutions.
  3. Government agencies and law enforcement agencies.

Thousands of completed projects in various fields have allowed us to create a massive database of knowledge and knowledge that allows us to introduce and improve new systems. Frequent customers for ready-made industry solutions are government agencies. Individual information processing centers are developed for them. In addition, closed networks are created to transfer data and distribute them to servers.

Work with government organizations and law enforcement agencies

Particular emphasis in the design and creation of turnkey solutions for government agencies and structures is placed precisely on security and stability. In order to achieve this level, the company has been building up experience in various commercial projects for over 20 years. During this time, the staff has increased hundreds of times, and the developed solutions have been repeatedly recognized as the best at the state level.

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Therefore, today the company serves many government agencies and carries out orders and contracts for law enforcement agencies and defense enterprises. For this, the organization has all the necessary permissions and licenses. Additionally, the experience gained jointly when working with research centers is used. Hundreds of various technologies and software products have been patented.

Employment and career

Reviews of people about working in Jet Infosystems suggest that there is an opportunity not only to get a job at the company, but also to undergo an internship. The system integrator requires not only developing various types of solutions and applications for existing or created projects, but also testing them.

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This makes it possible for senior students or those who have just graduated from high school to undergo two-week free training, and then go through a competition and get into the state. The main task will be testing applications and products for functionality and vulnerabilities. In addition, it will be possible to receive additional specialized education and advance in a career. According to employees, when hiring everyone should undergo mandatory testing to determine the necessary level of knowledge and practice.


Feedback about the career in the Jet Infosystems company, both employees and customers with partners leave positive. The company is one of the leaders in the market of information technology and computer systems. He places a great emphasis on the development and support of finished projects. Employees are offered great places and free training to enhance their skills. In addition, the company pays for the full business trip of its specialists.

Positive and negative reviews about Jet Infosystems can be found on sites dedicated to employers.

Of the advantages of the company are:

  1. High salary.
  2. Many interesting projects.
  3. A team of professionals.
  4. Career.
  5. Business trips.

The main disadvantages according to employees:

  1. High competition between employees.
  2. Irregular working hours for entry-level employees.
  3. Shift work schedule.
  4. High requirements.

Work in the company is difficult but interesting. The salary is high, and the company takes all the expenses of employees during training or business trip. All that is required of a specialist is to constantly study and introduce new technologies and love his job. According to the founders and managers of the company, the experience gained makes it possible not only to develop and improve their skills, but also to continue to work even in large international IT companies.


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