The best tool for cleaning sewer pipes: reviews

To quickly solve the problem of clogged sewage, one of the most effective means should be used. However, it is desirable to have an idea of ​​how such compositions work in order to establish the process of functioning of the life support system of a modern home.

The use of folk remedies: boiling water and soda

You can also eliminate blockage in sewer pipes using improvised means if you do not want to spend money on the purchase of special drugs. For this, boiling water is suitable, which is poured into the system. To do this, boil a large volume of water and pour into the sink. If the precipitate is small, then such processing will be sufficient.

A rather effective tool for cleaning sewer pipes can also be baking soda. It allows you to get rid of a small layer of plaque. You can add soda with table vinegar. Half a packet of powder must be poured into the drain of the bathtub or sink. A glass of table vinegar is poured there.

Two substances begin to interact, a neutralization chemical reaction proceeds. In the process, part of the sediment on the walls is destroyed. After the formation of foam has ceased, it is necessary to rinse the pipes with water, opening the supply tap.

Means for eliminating light blockages - "Mr. Muscle"

means for cleaning sewer pipes

If you are looking for a tool for cleaning sewer pipes, then you can pay attention to one of the most common - "Mr. Muscle." It is a foam or gel with which you can get rid of hair and food debris in the system. One of his actions is the elimination of unpleasant odors from the sewage system due to the destruction of bacteria living in pipes.

Foam is more effective against problems than gel. When using "Mr. Muscle" there should not be any special difficulties. The mixture is poured into the drain hole, then you should turn on the water and wait a certain time. Then the sewer pipes are washed with water.

For the prevention of mild blockages, this tool is very effective. It is especially important to withstand the time recommended by the manufacturer, because the action of chemicals can be useful only within the specified period of exposure. Subsequently, the composition may harm pipe materials.

Effective but Dangerous - Bug Pothan

folk remedies for cleaning sewer pipes
Before choosing a tool for cleaning sewer pipes, several options should be considered. Among others, it is necessary to highlight the "Bug Pothan". Using this composition, you can remove limescale, hair, paper and food debris. When using protective gloves should be worn and make sure that the product does not get on the surface of the sink, clothing, floor, walls, bathtub and, of course, skin.

When using "Potkhan", it is necessary to remove water from the sink. This recommendation applies not only to the bowl, but also to the space below the drain by 5 cm. Approximately 100 g of the product should be poured into the hole and wait 3 minutes. Then a glass of hot water is poured into the drain, and again the product is left for the same period of time.

The next step is to flush the pipe with running warm water. This cleaner is highly effective, but has one drawback, which is expressed in high cost. When working with him, you must follow the rules, because otherwise you can get a chemical burn. If you decided to use this particular tool for cleaning sewer pipes to eliminate blockage, then it is necessary to ensure effective ventilation in the room.

Tiret is one of the best remedies

If you believe the advertisement, then a tool called "Tiret" will be able to rid the system of complex blockages. The drug is intended for plastic and metal pipelines. It is poured into the drain hole of a sink or bath, kept for 5 minutes, and with complex blockage, the exposure duration is increased to 30 minutes.

sewer pipe cleaners reviews

The pipes are flushed with water, which must be supplied under pressure. Sometimes this composition is used with an extended holding time of up to 10 hours. The Tiret is poured into the drain hole and left there all night. However, in this case, you must be prepared for unpleasant consequences.

Effective, but requiring compliance with stringent safety rules “Floop”

If you want to use a household tool for cleaning sewer pipes, then you should consider several solutions offered by the market. Among others - the granular "Flop", which can be represented by a composition for pouring cold or hot water. The reaction rate is higher in the second case.

Use is carried out in accordance with the instructions. The powder is poured into the drain hole and poured with water. Content starts to hiss. Before washing it should be kept from 3 to 15 minutes. Next, water is turned on and is supplied in large quantities. Using this tool you can get rid of:

  • from limescale;
  • collagen fibers;
  • residual fat and food.

When working with the drug, care must be taken to avoid contact with clothing and skin, and use rubber gloves. It is especially important to protect the eyes.

One of the leaders is the Mole tool

best sewer pipe cleaner

Means for cleaning sewer pipes "Mole" is one of the most effective. If the pipe is clogged, then you must perform the steps in the following sequence: a composition of 40 ml is poured into the drain hole. Volume can be increased to 120 ml. The mixture is left for 2-3 hours. The instructions may indicate less time, which will depend on the active substances and their amount.

The pipes are washed with water in the next step. This chemical means for cleaning sewer pipes allows you to get rid of food debris, fat and collagen fibers. When using it, an unpleasant odor is eliminated. You can also use the substance as a prophylaxis. "Mole" is produced by different manufacturers. Means may vary in the content of active substances and the exposure time. This does not affect the quality of cleaning, but before using the composition, you must read the instructions.

The use of the composition "Deboshir gel"

Choosing the best tool for cleaning sewer pipes, you should pay attention to the most popular, among them - "Deboshir gel". It is quite effective and not so dangerous compared to granular formulations. The advantages are a longer exposure time to deposits and blockages, reduced risk of damage to decorative surfaces in the event of accidental contact and lower cost. Such a tool is not very expensive, so it allows you to arrange preventive cleaning once every six months, without waiting for the deterioration of the system’s performance.

The use of "Chimney Sweep" and "Chimney Sweeper"

The best tool for cleaning sewer pipes is that it acts on the blockage quickly and does not damage the system. An excellent sewage cleaner is the “Chimney sweep”. He has established himself among professionals and ordinary consumers. With the help of this drug, you can save the sewer from all sorts of problems. The composition helps to eliminate soap deposits, hair and mineral formations.

Using a substance, you can clean the siphon. Depending on the pipeline in the apartment or house, you can choose the dosage, because in large quantities the “Chimney sweep” can negatively affect the gaskets. Before you buy a tool for cleaning plastic sewer pipes, you should familiarize yourself with the composition.

Not all products are suitable for PVC products. But a great option is the “Pipe”, which today is also considered one of the budget. It is quite effective in quickly eliminating blockages in the sink, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Quite rarely, “Pipe” is used to clean the toilet, because it is not able to cope with fecal deposits, which is especially true for deposits of many years ago. If before that the hydraulic cleaning of the sewage system was carried out, then you can pour “Pipe” in order to prevent it.

Not so popular, but not less effective General Fresh Super Nurek and KRET. Consumer Reviews

If you still cannot decide for yourself which means for cleaning sewer pipes is better to choose, then you can also consider not so popular compositions on the market. Among them, General Fresh Super Nurek, which is also called a home plumber, should be highlighted. The composition includes active alkalis, antibacterial additives and degreasing agents.

This drug, according to customers, is universal. It can be purchased in powder or liquid form. The product is poured into the drain and left for a while. Upon completion of the action, the drain is washed with cold water. Do not use warm or hot, in which case an undesirable chemical reaction will occur.

By reading reviews of the best tools for cleaning sewer pipes, you can find consumer opinions on KRET, which can be used to clean the most dirty pipes in just 5 minutes. This substance is used as an option for emergency plumbing. If the pipe is clogged and the water goes up, then the composition is carefully poured into the drain hole. It should be avoided that granules get on the skin, because in this case, according to consumers, they can cause severe irritation.

An alternative solution is Mellerud granules, which can save joints from fecal blockages. This tool copes with problems on bends, which distinguishes it from others. The average cost of this drug is 800 rubles.

Chirton - only benefits

means for cleaning plastic sewer pipes
When reading reviews of cleaning pipe materials, you should pay attention to Chirton Clean Drains. This composition is based on sodium nitrate and caustic soda. The mixture consists of granules of a bluish color. This chemical is relatively safe. According to reviews, it has a pungent odor that quickly disappears and is not persistent.

The exposure time is 15 minutes. One sachet is designed for one application. Among the advantages, consumers distinguish efficiency, low cost and speed. Customers, in their words, also like the fact that there is no chlorine in the composition. Granules do not dust, so they are convenient to use. There is no need to store a dangerous substance in the house, because the packaging is designed for one use. The minus, according to consumers, is only that this composition can not be found in all stores.

effective means for cleaning sewer pipes

The Best Prevention Tool - Sanox Clean Stock

If folk remedies for cleaning sewer pipes, which were described above, did not suit you, you can use the substance for prevention. Sanox Clean Stock contains 30% amphoteric surfactants and sodium hydroxide. It acts instantly, but the smell is very pungent. Pipes during the course of a chemical reaction are not damaged.

“Sanoks” will not be able to cope with a strong blockage, and for prevention it will do just fine. The bottle is designed for 2 applications. Among the advantages, low cost, the presence of a cover with child protection and the possibility of use for all types of pipes should be highlighted. The tool has its drawbacks, they are expressed in inefficiency and slow action.


In order for the sewage system in the house to function properly, it must be cleaned from time to time. But if the blockage has already formed and the water drainage has been slowed down or completely stopped, then you can cope with the problem using one of the cleaning tools.

mole sewer pipe cleaner

Among others, it is worth highlighting "Mole" or "Deboshir." The first is made by several manufacturers. In practice, it turns out that these compounds are almost the same in effectiveness, but may differ in safety, cost and chemical composition.


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