Beauty salons of Stavropol - places for relaxation and renewal

Stavropol is a city of beautiful women. And in maintaining youth and charm, beauty salons help them. Which of them are the best according to the residents?

"Etalon" - a beauty salon in Stavropol

So, in order. The beauty salon of Stavropol "Etalon" is not just an organization, but a center of aesthetic cosmetology. This implies that coming for any service, the procedure will not only transform the client, but also make the whole image harmonious and correct.

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The main specialization of the beauty salon is hardware cosmetology. The following services are especially popular:

  • Photorejuvenation.
  • Photoepilation.
  • Hardware massage of the eyelids.
  • Wraps and massages.
  • Injection sessions for rejuvenation, restoration of skin tone and elasticity.
  • Diamond grinding.
  • Cedar barrel.
  • RF lifting and more.

For couples in love a special SPA-duet Relax Time is carried out, which includes several stages with pleasant procedures. Massage, scrubbing, cedar barrel, wrapping and mandatory tea ceremony for two.

For girls seeking a perfect silhouette, the Stavropol beauty salon "Etalon" provides an opportunity to develop an individual anti-cellulite program. It includes wraps using various components, scrubbing and, of course, massage. Address of the center of aesthetic cosmetology: st. Dzerzhinsky, 199.

Beauty Salon Beauty Office

The company was founded by a professional in his field - Roman Gorlov, who has been engaged in hairdressing and makeup for more than 15 years. In the beauty salon you can get services such as:

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  1. Haircut (female, male), including hair drying.
  2. Dyeing (Igora, Indola, Essensity and standard oxidizer are used).
  3. Chemical procedures with hair.
  4. Recovery and care programs.
  5. Hair styling, including bridal.
  6. Eyelash extensions.
  7. Makeup, including bridal.
  8. Creating a trial wedding look.

Specialists of the beauty salon of Stavropol "Beauty Office" participate in various projects as stylists and makeup artists. Especially famous shows:

  • β€œSchool of brides. A to Z wedding. ”
  • "Wedding in 30 days."
  • "Wedding Kitchen".

Arriving at a beauty company, clients instantly immerse themselves in a friendly atmosphere that tunes in a quality transformation. The location of this beauty salon: st. Tukhachevsky 19/1.

Beauty Salon Gilsy

Another option. Gilsy is a beauty salon in Stavropol, reviews of which have spread far beyond the city limits. Visitors strive to return there, not only because exceptional professionals work in it, but also because of the cozy, but at the same time expensive environment, and also because of the persistent feeling that work is being done with queens and princesses - that's how they are greeted clients at Gilsy.

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The main types of work carried out in the cabin:

  1. Cosmetology cabinet (comprehensive programs for care and restoration, face cleansing, phonophresis, alginate masks, GiGi).
  2. Hairdressing salon (various procedures - from haircuts to complex stains and curls. Services are provided to both adults and children).
  3. Nail service (care of the nails of the hands and feet of men and women, decorative coating, SPA procedures).
  4. Makeup (eyebrow correction, makeup of any complexity and for any event).

Location Gilsy: st. Dzerzhinsky, 160. Getting there is very simple.

Thus, the beauty salons of Stavropol provide all kinds of services at affordable prices. Specialists of companies will help in personal care and in preparation for various events. Hairstyle, makeup, manicure, SPA-sessions and cosmetic procedures - all this will help to be irresistible to every girl in the city, and beauty salons will ensure high-quality fulfillment of clients' desires.


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