Needle manicure - simple and fashionable

Beautiful modern manicure can be done not only in a specialized salon, but also at home. Among other varieties of nail decoration, manicure with a needle is especially popular, while the design is effective and original. Having mastered the technique of drawing with a needle on the nails, you can create graceful pictures that cannot be done with an ordinary brush.

The individuality of the drawings and the variety of colors is an indisputable plus of manicure performed using a regular needle. A true master should be able to combine colors, only in this case the nails will look aesthetically attractive, and the manicure will not seem unnatural.

needle manicure

To perform a manicure with a needle, you will need very few tools and devices:

  • varnishes of various colors;
  • needle;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton pads;
  • fixing agent.

Do not despair if the first time you have not achieved the desired result, because the drawings on the nails with a needle for beginners can be a daunting task. Performing the design in this way, it is necessary to take into account the thickness and length of the needle, the accuracy of the pattern will depend on this.

Needle manicure requires prior preparation of the nail plate. The first thing to do is to remove the old layer of varnish from the nails, give the claws a beautiful shape, apply a transparent layer of varnish. After it dries, you can proceed directly to the design.

needle nail art for beginners

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are, firstly, the perfect manicure. Nail artwork can emphasize the chosen image and make it complete. Using a needle, you can draw both on a dried layer of varnish and on a freshly applied surface, the effects are completely different. It is necessary to apply the picture smoothly, slowly and accurately, avoiding pressure, this will help to avoid damage to the nail plate. After the pattern dries, you need to cover the nail with transparent varnish or apply a fixing agent. This is done so that your creation is preserved as long as possible.

There are certain tricks that help facilitate the work with the needle. For example, so that it is securely fixed when drawing, it can be attached to the eraser from a pencil. Depending on the working hand, left-handed people need to start decorating with the left, and right-handed people, respectively, with the right, since drawing on the main hand is a more time-consuming process.

manicure nail art

There are several basic schemes of manicure performed with a needle. This is a pattern on the nails, made by combining several drops of varnish, creating cobwebs and zigzags, separating the nail in two different colors. The quality of manicure will depend on the number of workouts. After mastering the standard schemes, you can try to create more complex drawings.

Following all the instructions, you can easily make yourself and your loved ones a unique, inexpensive and modern manicure with a needle.


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