Tips nutritionist: where to start proper weight loss. The best nutritionists in Moscow

Probably every woman knows what overweight is and how to deal with it. However, the effectiveness of the selected methods is often quite low. Even if the weight is reduced, a fairly high price has to be paid for it. These are digestive problems, fatigue and malaise, and in the most severe cases, even hormonal failure. As a result, as soon as you stop adhering to the chosen system, kilograms return back, and even with an added weight. That is why we decided today to discuss the advice of a nutritionist. Where to start proper weight loss, how to develop a rational diet for yourself that will take into account the features of your lifestyle and provide the body with everything you need - this is the topic of our article today.

Two whales, or the pledge of a slim figure

Probably, we will not reveal a big secret if we say that the foundation of a slender figure is proper nutrition and exercise. If you develop a system for yourself that you will adhere to constantly, then you will forever forget overweight. From year to year we can justify our fullness by the lack of time and money to visit the gym, but there will be little sense from this. In fact, you can effectively part with life-spoiling fullness at home, just study the advice of a nutritionist. Where to start proper weight loss, let's understand together.

We start with planning.

Indeed, without a clear algorithm of action, it is very difficult to go all the way without turning off it and achieve the desired result. First of all, honestly answer yourself the question of how many kilograms and centimeters in the waist you want to get rid of. This will be the starting point from which the algorithm of actions will be built. Moreover, this way you can plan how much time it will take to achieve the result.

We should not forget about the intermediate results, as these numbers will help maintain motivation to achieve success. And already at this stage you really need the advice of a nutritionist. Where to start proper weight loss? First of all, with the replacement of carbohydrate and high-calorie foods in your diet with vegetables and fruits, useful sources of protein and fiber. Emphasize for yourself that you need a smooth replacement, accustoming the body to a new diet, and not a sharp hunger strike, which in itself is a lot of stress for the body. Gradually, you will come to the point of completely removing flour, fried, sweet and spicy from the nutrition system. Believe me, your life will not get worse from this.

Proper nutrition: what should it be

It is with this information that usually begins the consultation of a person who is suffering from excess weight, who needs the advice of a nutritionist. Where to start proper weight loss? With schedule and food diary. A sharp restriction in calorie intake leads to the fact that the body slows down the metabolism or begins to destroy muscle mass in order to extract the necessary proteins. All this extremely negatively affects your well-being. Therefore, doctors, in particular Ksenia Selezneva (nutritionist), recommend a meal plan in which the entire amount of the daily diet will be divided into 4-5 servings. Between them, you can drink water, but do not snack, so that food can be completely digested and absorbed.

Carbohydrates Are Your Enemies

This statement is not entirely true, in fact, the body really needs them - it is a source of energy. But while you are losing weight, especially if the excess weight is large, you should abandon the sources of fast carbohydrates. All products with a high glycemic index (they include only sources of carbohydrates), that is, rolls and cookies, beer and dates, potatoes, donuts, rice and millet porridge, will have to be excluded from the diet, since their use leads to rapid weight gain. Only when you put the figure in order can you sometimes eat foods from this list. This includes all fast food, breaded chicken, sweets.

Sports - yes, pills - no!

All professional doctors adhere to this opinion, for example, Ksenia Selezneva, known in Moscow. A nutritionist knows firsthand about the effectiveness of a variety of weight loss products. In most cases, these are just dummies that do not give results, but at the same time are quite expensive. Even if the drug fights off appetite and stimulates weight loss, you will not be able to take it regularly. This means that immediately after the course, the weight will begin to increase and return to the previous indicators. And all because the problem was not resolved, you did not change anything in your power system.

The only drug that can give a positive momentum is Xenical. The drug blocks the absorption of approximately 30% of fats from food. However, its reverse side is that with an abundance of fatty foods in the diet, you will get acquainted with side effects, namely uncontrolled waste of feces. This is very disciplining, and as a result, a person begins to control his diet, and during the diet he is weaned to eat harmful foods. Many nutritionists in Moscow recommend taking this drug initially, in order to facilitate and speed up the process of losing weight.

Exercise stress

Of course, without physical activity you can’t get a beautiful figure. However, do not despair, you do not have to spend time all day in the gym. In order to improve metabolism, even light exercise is enough. Doing morning exercises every day and a set of easy exercises before dinner, you will not notice how you will become much slimmer. And the best way to lose weight is walking. You don’t need much effort, just return from work on foot. So you will stretch out after a hard day and put your thoughts in order, and also create a stable base for weight loss.

Be patient

The best nutritionists do not get tired of repeating that losing weight should not be rapid. The faster you lose weight, the faster you gain it again. The result of debugging your nutrition system, balancing your calorie intake and consumption, will result in a slow reduction in fat stores. Even with large excess weight, this figure should not exceed 0.5 kg per week. The closer you are to your ideal size, the slower the weight loss will go.

The most common mistakes

Nutritionists do not get tired of repeating the same postulates, but however, those who wish to step on the usual rake are not decreasing. Therefore, we will once again bring together all the advice of nutritionists for weight loss. So, the first mistake of all losing weight is a restriction in food. The portions and composition of the diet are reduced. As a result, this leads to the fact that a person is constantly hungry, the body is stressed, and only food is on his mind. Doctors advise you to forget about express diets, you need to change your eating habits, change your lifestyle.

The second myth says that you can not eat after 6 pm. In principle, it is true, but only for those who go to bed at 22:00. If you are an owl and get along well after midnight, then the break in food will be very large, and therefore, there is a great chance to eat something harmful. Any professional nutritionist will confirm that eating at night is bad, but if you come home from work late, it is recommended to make dinner as easy as possible. Replace meat with fish, exclude porridge.

Macaroni, bread and potatoes are considered to be the worst enemies of the figure. However, dispensing with these products can sometimes be difficult. This is far from the greatest evil. If you eat fast food and sausage, add mayonnaise, then it does not matter if you eat pasta. Nutritionists say it’s not necessary to give up these products. Just reschedule their intake in the morning.

The most important blow for losing weight is the rejection of sweets. In fact, such a tough measure is not needed. Even on a diet in the morning, you can afford a spoonful of honey or 20 g of marmalade (chocolate). The most important thing is to enjoy the taste, relish for a long time and carefully.

And most importantly - only a professional doctor should give any advice on diet. If this food system has helped your girlfriend or neighbor, then it is not a fact that it will help you. If you want to change your lifestyle and become slim once and for all, then do not experiment on yourself. It is much better to go to a specialist once. He will take into account your individual characteristics and develop a system that is optimal for you.

Practical recommendations

Chew food very carefully. Count to 30 each time you put a small piece of food in your mouth. If you are going to a banquet, eat two soft-boiled eggs. You will notice that it is much easier for you to stay within the boundaries of what is permitted. If you can’t refuse desserts, go for cottage cheese with berries and grated fruits.

Practice fasting days: vegetable and cottage cheese, be sure to eat fresh vegetables every day. If you can’t refuse cheese, sausages and bread, cut them in transparent slices. It’s very useful to have a rice day once a week. It binds fluid and contains a lot of potassium. This allows you to cleanse the body well.

Take only the smallest plates for yourself. Be sure to drink water, at least one and a half liters per day. As a reward for aging, you can afford some sweets every day (a couple of dates, candy). Once a week, arrange yourself a fishing day. If you feel hungry, then dried fruits will help you. Keep dried apples or prunes with you. Before eating, you can eat a large apple, it soothes nerves and fills the stomach. Eat more often, but little by little, optimally - 5 times a day. And discard the salt.

The most famous metropolitan doctors

Choosing a true professional is not so easy. Today, everyone is simply obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and slim body, which means that the demand for doctors in this area is growing day by day. Accordingly, a large number of incompetent specialists appear who are ready to frankly fool people and draw money. Therefore, be sure to make inquiries before asking for help. Let's see which nutritionists in Moscow deserve your trust.

This is Lidia Ionova, a nutritionist and sports doctor, medical psychologist. She uses neuro-linguistic programming with great success. The cost of the consultation is 5200 rubles.

No less famous is Anatoly Volkov. This doctor carefully examines blood tests, as well as your current nutrition. A nutritionist identifies foods for which the blood gives an increased reaction, approximately like allergens. After that, he makes a red list of products, that is, those that can not be consumed for 3-4 months. Then a green list is developed. For example, in the morning you eat fruits and cereals, in the afternoon - cottage cheese, eggs, nuts and fish, and in the evening - baked meat. Consultation along with analyzes will cost about 15,000 rubles.

Popular weight loss clinics

In Moscow, this is the "Weight Loss Clinic" on the Warsaw highway. Here, a dietitian Alexei Kovalkov takes. It aims to normalize metabolism in traditional, nutritional ways. Strongly does not recommend taking various supplements for weight loss. Consultation will cost 5000 rubles.

Consultation with a dietitian is also possible at the Center for Aesthetic Medicine. The well-known Margarita Koroleva in the capital works here. She recommends using a fractional diet, drinking plenty of water and not overloading at night. In addition, she recommends not replacing the joys of life with food. A visit to the center turns into a real holiday, with amazing chocolate wraps and fantastic “caskets” with dietary salads and carrot-nut cutlets, which are prepared at the base of one of the restaurants.


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