How to play checkers? Checkers Rules

Has your preschooler grown up enough already and is rather diligent for playing board games? Tell him how to play checkers. A new hobby will help develop intellectual abilities, which will contribute to the upcoming good study.

Checkers - an exciting board game

Everyone knows that sports are not only outdoor, but also board games - checkers and chess. The history of their origin goes back to the distant past. Some historians believe that they were invented by the Greek warrior Palamed during the ten-year siege of Troy, while others believe in the Egyptian origin of this ancient fun. As a result of excavations, archaeologists found similar in appearance sets of boards with cells or squares and round chips in the territory of Kievan Rus, Sweden, Norway and many other countries. This means that checkers have been very popular for a very long time due to their simplicity and at the same time the need to have a rather sharp mind in order to master this, one might say, science. And in our time, this board game captivates everyone - from small to large. It is noteworthy that even mini-checkers of small size are produced, designed for a good pastime while traveling, while the chips have special legs for durable mounting on the playing field.

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Types of Checkers

Historically, in every country this hobby acquired its distinctive features over time. How to play checkers, for example, in Armenian or Brazilian? Let's get acquainted with the rules of some countries:

International The rules are similar to the Russian game, but the playing field consists of one hundred cells (10 by 10). Only a checker who has finished a battle on one field (which, for example, is impossible with a long set of moves when beating an enemy) can become a dame.

English The game is largely similar to Russian drafts. The differences are the prohibition to beat in the opposite direction and the requirement for the ladies to be in only one playing field.

Armenian . Checkers do not move diagonally, but in the perpendicular direction, crossing cells of different colors. Just like the English, there is a ban on destroying enemy chips by moving backward.

Brazilian The rules are the same as the international ones, and the playing field is the same as the Russians: 8 by 8 cells with 12 chips for each opponent.

Spanish Brazilian rules apply, but checkers are located on white cells when the playing field is rotated 90 degrees. You can’t beat back.

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The basic rules of the game of checkers (Russian) for simple pawns

We will get acquainted with the basic principles that need to be guided when moving chips across the field, beating the enemy and turning into dames. Pay special attention to the distinctive features of the game when the status of the checkers changes. The rules of the final stage (after the appearance of the dams) acquire other conditions and are described further in the article.

  1. The game board is the same as a chessboard, and consists of 64 squares alternating in color (8 horizontally, 8 vertically).
  2. Each opponent has 12 checkers, which are initially arranged in three rows on black cells.
  3. The fold on the board is the dividing line of the players' fields.
  4. The moves are made alternately in the diagonal direction only in dark-colored cells.
  5. In one move, you can beat (remove from the board) several checkers of the opponent, if they are located so that between them there are free cells for moves.
  6. The direction of movement can change (right, left). The reverse move can only be in the case of an enemy beating.
  7. All affected chips are removed from the board only after the completion of the move.

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Final Stage Rules

  1. Turning into a lady is possible when reaching the opposite row (initial for the opponent). Typically, a chip flips over, but sometimes in a game set there are specially marked elements of the corresponding color.
  2. A lady has the right to move on any number of cells in any diagonal direction.
  3. There should be no refusal to beat the enemy from the lady, therefore, thanks to this rule, “crowned persons” often fall into traps.
  4. The player who takes all the opponent’s checkers or creates a situation in which he cannot make a single move wins.
  5. A draw is determined after three repetitions of the same moves and the inability to make others.
  6. The batch is recorded by determining the location of the cells by applying to the board near each square numbers on the left vertical line of the board and letters on the lower horizontal line.

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Rule Options

But our people like to deviate from the standards, so in a simple way, some interesting interpretations of the unified rules of the game of Russian drafts often arise. Children are especially fantasized. Surely many will recall eccentric "giveaways" when the goal of the game is not to beat the enemy, but to lose as quickly as possible, substituting their chips for the battle. How to play checkers, following these "rules"? There are many options! Here is some of them:

Stavropol . In the game, a participant can, in the order of his turn, make a move not with his own chips, but with the opponent.

Pillars . Checkers move across the field, under which there is a knocked out trophy of the enemy.

Samoyeds . According to the rules, it is necessary to beat not only enemy checkers, but also ours.

How to play Chinese checkers?

This board game is significantly different from the traditional one, both in terms of rules and content. Firstly, the appearance of the board, which has the shape of a six-pointed star, is immediately evident. Secondly, checkers are replaced by chips. Moreover, from two to six players can participate in the game (as much as possible - according to the number of colors used). What are the rules of the game? Checkers are located on the tops of the star, their number depends on the size of the field and ranges from six to ten. The most “bright” player starts the movement. Next, the order changes clockwise. The goal is to reach the opposite end of the star. According to the rules, you can move in any direction, while jumping over other people's chips, behind which there is a free cell. The one who first achieved the desired goal won.

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Isn't it simple and easy to understand how to play checkers? Give it a try! And you will surely succeed!


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