How to make a flue: a brief description

Suppose you need to smoke a wasp that made a hive in the most inappropriate place, or play a trick on someone you know by imitating a fire. Or maybe a paintball game is coming soon? In this case, it will be useful to learn about how to make a smoke exhaust, or a smoke bomb. Even if today it will be difficult for her to find application, how many circumstances will happen in the future ...

how to make smoke

How to make flue from saltpeter

Now I will tell you the simplest and most proven recipe for how to cook a powerful checker at home. To do this, you first need to find ammonium nitrate, the formula of which is NH 4 NO 3 . This chemical compound is none other than ammonium nitrate , widely used in agriculture . It can usually be found in a fertilizer store. The second component of the future checker is a regular newspaper, the third is an aluminum beer can with a sealed bottom and a lid or foil, the fourth is a stirring container (an ordinary liter can is suitable), and finally, the fifth is scotch tape. When everything is in stock, you can begin to manufacture. Pour one liter of water into the jar and pour about 300 grams of ammonium nitrate into it. Stir until completely dissolved and remove the film from the surface of the solution. Now we thoroughly moisten newspaper sheets in this liquid and dry them until completely dry. It usually takes about 2-3 hours at room temperature. Newspapers must not be exposed to direct sunlight! We take the first sheet, tightly twist it to the middle, then put the second into it and again twist it to the middle, then insert the third, etc. After you get a skein of such a volume that it fits tightly into the beer can, it is advisable to wrap it with tape so that it does not unwind. If the case is made of foil, then simply wrap it tightly around the resulting product.

how to make flue from saltpeter

How to make smoke if there is no nitrate

If a fertilizer store is not visible on the horizon, and there is a pharmacy nearby, then there is no point in wasting time and reeling in extra kilometers. Here is another simple way to make smoke from improvised means. So, we buy in the pharmacy hydroperit and dipyrone in a ratio of 1 to 2. Then these tablets need to be turned into powder. Then we fill it all up in a pre-prepared container. In order for the smoke to go, just place it in a dry, warm place or set it on fire. Keep in mind that a normal body temperature may be sufficient for the reaction, and therefore, when preparing the smoke, you need to be careful, otherwise the process will begin when the container is still in your hands. Keep in mind that smoke produced in this way will have a pungent and unpleasant odor causing a cough. Therefore, experiments of such a plan should not be carried out indoors.

How to make colored smoke

how to make colored smoke

The third method will appeal to those who are not enthusiastic about creating a regular white smoke screen. So, we need 60 grams of KNO 3 (potassium nitrate), 40 grams of sugar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of food coloring, metal utensils. Now let's move on to the cooking process. To obtain a colored smoke bomb, place the container on a small fire and slowly heat the mixture of potassium nitrate and sugar in it until a homogeneous brown mass is obtained. Then add soda there and mix. Then dye is poured into the resulting mass. Again, mix and spread the mixture into molds, where it hardens. Such checkers are set on fire using sparklers or wicks. Well, now you know how to make a flue, and you can begin to experiment. We recommend that you exercise caution and carefully follow the instructions, since saltpeter is by no means safe, and negligence can lead to big trouble.


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