Dog collars with a navigator: description, specifications, instructions. GPS Dog Collar for Hunting

The dog has long become a full member of the family, so its disappearance becomes a serious blow. It is for those who are worried about the possibility of losing a pet that created collars for dogs with a navigator. They are used equally successfully both in the city and in the field.

dog collars with navigator

Dog collar with GPS for dogs: need or whim

At the very beginning of work on tracking systems, they were a military secret and were used only for the needs of special services. However, over time, it was decided to introduce them into everyday life to help solve everyday problems - since then everyone knows GPS.

It has been known for a long time that a dog is a creature so clever that it can find its owner even in an unfamiliar place or live a long time without supervision and guardianship. However, most of today's sissies are completely unprepared for such feats - often they hardly remember the road from the dog site. Yes, and carried away by the pursuit of a butterfly or a bird on a picnic, the dog is able to forget about the danger of getting lost. What can we say about working animals, which in the heat of hunting completely forget about everything in the world.

In all these and similar cases, the navigator will be an indispensable assistant. Dog collars with a navigator are especially appreciated for:

  • Small size and light weight are an important criterion for both the dog and the owner.
  • Ease of attachment to a collar or other ammunition.
  • The ability to not only view the location of the dog, but also track its path to this place.
  • The battery capacity is sufficient to use about 24-48 hours.
  • The ability to outline a virtual line that a dog can reach in his travels. When crossing, a notification is sent to the owner.

In the case of force majeure, it is the collar with the GPS navigator for dogs that can save the pet. And sometimes not only from loss, but also from death, since a keen animal can fall into a deep hole, firmly cling to branches or hooks, suffer in a fight with game. Having a navigator, the owner will easily get to the dog and provide the necessary assistance.

gps collar


Dog collars with a navigator vary in parameters. The breed of the pet also matters.

So, a GPS-collar for hounds is able to cover large areas, since such animals, in search of prey, run far beyond their "sofa" counterparts. Accessories of this type make it possible to instantly respond to unforeseen situations: falling into a hole, getting into a trap and other troubles.

On average, the tracking range is 3500 m on the plateaus and up to 2500 m in the conditions of mountains, hills and hills.

Some varieties of such collars make it possible to send a vibration signal to the collar, giving a command to the pet. According to studies and observations, animals do not feel discomfort from wearing a navigation collar.


Glonass (a navigator with a collar for dogs) works on the principle of a mobile phone. The harmlessness to the animal is ensured by the absence of radiation, since the collar works only to receive a signal.

Such a system is installed on models of various price categories. You can combine them with any type of phone or computer. This approach facilitates the use of a collar, because to use it you only need to charge the battery well and insert a SIM card.

The main thing is that the dog does not break the device while running. The GPS collar operates according to the following principle:

  • The built-in beacon transmits a signal to the satellite.
  • The host device accepts the coordinates.
  • The owner receives a notification about the location of the pet.

The principle of operation also determines some of the disadvantages of the device:

  • Inability to use in the absence of a mobile network.
  • In some cases, the battery may not be enough to detect an extinct animal.

In addition, although the device weighs a little, but for small animals such as Yorkies, Spitz, toy terriers, it is too large.

dog collars with a navigator for hunting Price

Features of hunting

Collars for dogs with a navigator for hunting (the price of which is higher than for decorative dogs) are especially important, because in natural conditions it is much more difficult to control the animal. Forest, swamps, the excitement of hunting - all this increases the likelihood of losing a pet. It is often difficult and long to search for it in impassable, so the use of the navigator is quite justified. Dog collars with a navigator for hunting, the price of which depends on the manufacturing company, does not interfere with movement and does not cause inconvenience. Of course, there is a danger of catching a branch with a collar, but in this case the animal can be found and saved, whereas if something happens to him without a navigator, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find him.

Review of the best models

Among many such products, the best, but also the most expensive, is the Garmin navigator with a dog collar. Almost all models of this manufacturer are available in this configuration:

  • Device.
  • Built-in navigation system.
  • Receiver (located at the owner).
  • Accessories and components.
  • Computer software.

garmin navigator with dog collar

There are also distinctive features of the manufacturer's models. For example, the Astro 320 navigator with a dog collar is characterized by the following parameters:

  • The ability to continuously record data on the movement of the animal on a memory card.
  • The ability to "password" information about the movements of the pet.
  • Sound and vibration on the dogโ€™s device, giving the opportunity to give instructions.
  • The device is waterproof, protected from dust.
  • Ability to configure the transmitter for messages about the speed of the dog (sleep, rest, step, run).
  • Animal movement data is transmitted every 5 seconds.
  • Up to 10 animals (collars) can be connected to one receiver.

An extensive list of features explains the high cost.

Along with expensive models, there are cheaper ones on sale that are not critically inferior in quality. The difference may be the lack of a remote control receiver for the owner: communication is carried out through the built-in SIM card. The fewer additional options a device has, the lower its price.

One of the high quality models at a low cost is iPet tracker MSP 340. It can boast of the following properties:

  • Search accuracy - up to 5 meters.
  • Instant data transfer to mobile.
  • Record with the ability to view movement data.
  • The ability to set a space limit. When crossing virtual borders, a message will come to your mobile.
  • Alarm button on the collar, indicating problems or dangers.

Astro 320 navigator with a dog collar

Collar Selection

Dog collars with a navigator are not so easy to choose. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to technical specifications and details that are suitable for a particular situation. First of all, it is necessary to decide what the collar is for. If the animal rarely falls outside the city, then it is enough to purchase the simplest model with a minimum of functions.

For hunting breeds, with a long walk, while living in the village, preference should be given to more expensive models that have a large set of options that make it possible not only to find the dog, but also to track all its movements.

What to look for

In order to purchase the right device, you must not only understand the principle of the navigator, but also know the features of various models. If there is no such knowledge, you will either have to bring a specialist with you, or trust the professionalism of the seller.

Glonass navigator with a collar for dogs

Pay attention to such things:

  • Price. Even if the device is required for a โ€œsofaโ€ dog, you should not take the cheapest model - it is unlikely to boast of reliability. To select a model with the best price / quality ratio, you need to carefully analyze the available offers. The average price ranges from 200-350 dollars.
  • Opportunities. Before purchasing, you should evaluate not only the comfort of the interface, but also the quality of the transmitter.
  • Functions Additional equipment of the collar: panic button, the ability to give commands by voice, water resistance, transition to economy mode.
  • Physical data. The size and weight of both the part that will be on the pet and the part that will remain with the owner should be estimated. Preference should be given to models with reliable mounts.
  • Working temperatures. It is important to pay attention to the permissible values. When approaching critical levels, the device will work worse or fail, so you should buy trackers that are suitable for your climate.


The cost of collars with a navigator depends on the specific model, type, manufacturer, characteristics, design and additional functions. The simplest device can be purchased for 5000-8000 rubles. More expensive devices with advanced functionality cost 16-25 thousand rubles. The most expensive models from a well-known manufacturer with a maximum of functions will cost about 60,000 rubles.

collar with gps navigator for dogs


In general, users are satisfied with the purchased devices. Many people consider even the average price to be unreasonably high, but other users claim that dog safety costs such money.

Especially often eulogies can be heard from hunters. There are frequent stories about how a dog was able to help out of trouble only thanks to the presence of a collar with a navigator. Many talk about how the animal, carried away by the pursuit, got lost, fell, suffered in the fight against the beast and would certainly have died if it had not been possible to track it with the device.

There is a part of users who regrets that the GPS collar will not save from thieves, since it is the collars that break first. But these devices are designed for completely different tasks that they have successfully solved.


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