Liver dubbing at home - is it necessary or not?

In the human body there are two mechanisms that are fully responsible for its normal functioning. This is the heart and liver. The heart is the motor, and the liver is the filter. The second organ supplies pure blood to the motor. And this means that those products for which the liver is personally responsible depend on the purity of himself. This imaginative introduction aims to clearly demonstrate that liver dubbing at home is not only possible, but important and necessary. The fact is that dirty impurities in the blood remain in the liver and if you do not fight them, then something irreparable will happen, the liver will stop working normally. And this means that first grains of sand will be collected in it, and then pebbles that will not give rest until you remove them from there.

What will give dyubazha liver at home? We cannot visually see the quality of the blood that it filtered. Yes, it is, but we will contemplate changes in the appearance, which will be expressed in a flowering face, fresh breath and strengthening immunity. Pigment spots disappearing from the skin, spoiling our mood, when we look in the mirror, the face will become smooth, pink, and the dark circles under the eyes will sink into oblivion. And the eyes themselves will become clear as lakes and shine expressively. The mood will change for the better, depression will recede, interest in active life will return.

Who should be interested in the question of how to make liver dubbing? You can determine this yourself if you observe yourself for some time. Signs that you need mandatory liver dubbing at home are the following symptoms:

  • frequent and unreasonable headaches;
  • discomfort under the right ribs;
  • manifestations of constipation or bloating;
  • earthy skin tone;
  • overlaid tongue ;
  • yellowish whites of the eyes;
  • excessive irritability and a state of constant anxiety.

If you feel that most of the listed symptoms are present, then start looking for information on how to make liver dubbing. And this article will also help you with this.

So, liver dubbing at home is possible and does not constitute a particularly difficult procedure. The only condition is that it must be done in the same way as other things correctly, that is, from simple to complex, gradually and step by step. The assault here is inappropriate, because our task is not to climb up to the top and then suffocate. And to reach it systematically, in order to then admire from this mountain what is called the beautiful word "life". And we will begin with daily preventative cleansing. Since it is important not only the struggle for the purity of the liver, but also the maintenance of its efficiency and the prevention of stagnation of harmful substances in it.

Many people advise to drink cold water in the morning on an empty stomach to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. And you take the habit of taking a tablespoon of high-quality olive oil. It will draw out all the toxins collected in the liver during the day of activity. Let it be your must-do thing in the morning, such as brushing your teeth. And you will soon feel how great your liver is working.

If you liked it, then supplement this procedure and apply additional liver dubbing with mineral water, which is the most popular among liver cleansing methods. This is a seasonal procedure, that is, 4 dubages are enough during the year.

This method takes time, therefore, usually dubbing the liver with mineral water is done on the weekend. Mineral water is taken and left open in the evening so that there are no gases in it. In the morning, a little sorbitol is added to it and a full glass is drunk on an empty stomach. Sorbitol helps to quickly wash out bile and harmful substances. Exactly 20 minutes later, you need to take another glass of water, lie on your right side and put a heating pad filled with hot water under the hypochondrium. In this position will have to be for two hours.

Be healthy!


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