DIY electric generator. Do it yourself

Would you like to receive cheap electricity using wind power? I am sure that yes. Then the question arises, how to make an electric generator with your own hands. To complete the task, you should make a plan for its development, namely:

  • to prepare the materials from which the generator parts will be made;
  • make a drawing according to which you can make an electric generator;
  • Scroll through physics textbooks to consolidate some knowledge of electrics in general.

The installation of a windmill, a system for supplying electricity through wind, corresponds to such goals. This low-power mechanism is enough to, for example, illuminate the room of a small building or water the garden. Savings in kilowatt hours are evident.

Wind power generator components

The mechanism of this "mill" consists of four halves of a hollow cylinder, offset to the side of the common axis. On the one hand, aerodynamic skew is noticeable. The air flow circulating across the axis tends to slide down as if. This occurs in the convex part of one of the half-cylinders. The other is facing a concave gap to the wind and has a certain resistance to air. With the movement of the wind, both halves swing, changing places. This creates an acceleration of the mechanism, and said cylindrical drum spins quite quickly.

How is this scheme different from a propeller

An electric generator, made in the form of a propeller, should be made very accurately. The above scheme is very convenient in design and installation. Moreover, the power of such a system is the same as that of a propeller with three blades up to 2.5 m in diameter. Cylinders provide sufficient torque. Another advantage of the mill is the absence of a current collection mechanism.

DIY electric generator. Device Detail

The device is a four-blade drum, as described above. For the manufacture of halves of the drum, plywood, sheet plastic or roofing iron is suitable . The thickness of the walls of the rotor should not be large, you should pay attention to this when making blanks. The lighter the walls, the less bearings will be rubbed, that is, the air resistance during promotion will be negligible.

Before using materials ...

For roofing iron, the vertical of the blades needs to be strengthened. A reinforced twig of a finger thickness is placed in the sides of the drum for this.

If the parts of the wind generator are made of plywood, it is important to impregnate them with hot linseed oil. The convex sides of the blades can be made of light plastic or metal. In the latter case, all joints must be carefully painted over with dense oil paint. Also, wood is suitable for design.

What to make the crosses connecting the blades

To combine the blades in the rotor, you need a cross. It is better to make it from iron strips with a section of 5x60 mm or from wooden blanks with a thickness of about 25 mm and 80 mm in width. At the edges of the blades with a slight indentation, drill holes should be drilled to secure them. The entire structure must be mounted on the axis.

What to make an axis

A self-made electric generator needs to be fixed on some basis. This base is a steel axis that is 30 mm in diameter. Before assembling the axle, it is necessary to find ball bearings suitable for the diameter of the axle. Then a steel crosspiece is welded into it, and if the fastener of the blades is made of wood, it is glued to the axis and simultaneously clamped with steel bolts M12 into the holes drilled on the crosspiece and pipe. Watch the distance of all blades from the axis, its approximate value is 150 mm. The distance must be the same everywhere.

The last part of the device is the bed. How to do

Welding several metal corners or wood is suitable. When the bed is made, bearings can be mounted. The main thing is that they stand straight, without distortion. Pass the connecting straps of different diameters into the lower part of the axle at its end, hooking them to the pulley. It remains to connect the belt ends to some generator, for example, from a car. The design is ready.


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