Become a pen shark - find out what a lead is!

Real journalists, copywriters, bloggers know what a lead is and are kind to it. Why? Because lead is the most important part of the material you write. It depends on what it will be, they will read the article or start looking for something more interesting.

what is lead

What is a lead? What does he happen to be? How to write it? On this page you will discover all the secrets of journalistic skills.

In short, the first paragraph of the article is what a lead is. But in practice, this is the last, final stage of writing material. Sometimes it takes more time than writing the "body" of an article. And all because the lead has a special mission: to attract the reader so that he swallows the whole text and would like more.

Therefore, it is so important to write the lead correctly. That is, by the rules. So, what should be a lead:

  1. Revealing the essence of the article. The reader must know what will be discussed in order to determine whether he needs this reading or not.
  2. Exciting. If the lead “catches” attention, is interesting, then the reader will read everything to the last point, even if, frankly, this information is useless to him.
  3. Brief. There is no place for ornate phrases of "near-dark" content, the attention of the reader cannot be abused. Your right to decide will contain a lead of 100 words or 500, but know, the shorter and brighter the introduction, the more deafening the success.

For clarity, what is a lead, we will analyze the principle of constructing a leading paragraph, how to write it.

Actual question

Identify the topic, puzzle the reader with a question and give hope for a solution. "Pimple: why is he a teenager? Elephants gave an answer "," How to make money on an apartment? Three unique ways "," How to feed the cannibal? Zoologists are sounding the alarm. " Moreover, the article must have answers to the questions posed, but later in expanded form.

lead 100


Lack of time is a global difficulty. People simply do not have time to find a solution to their dilemmas. Denoting the problem in the lead (divorce, taxes, abortion, choice of university, job change, pregnancy, alcoholism), make a conclusion in the article.


A fun story is a good place to start. With only one condition: the joke should be in the subject.


Serious articles do not tolerate jokes. A parable illustrating the content of the material will make the article multifaceted, deep, memorable.


When a lead is knocked out of the usual range, this causes the reader to want to get to the bottom of the truth, perhaps to find out if the problem is also threatening to his relatives. For example: “Brick houses are harmful to human health. Scientists have conducted a comprehensive study. ”


Interesting facts, supported by specific figures, always attract attention. “According to a recent survey, 87.8% of the heads of state apparatus have never consumed strong alcoholic beverages.”


It is good when what is written in the material is supported by a quality photograph corresponding to the topic.

lead 1


The coolness of the material is noticeable from the very first phrase. If it is written “appetizingly”, interesting, stylish, your reader. But this is already from the category of talent, he either is or is not. Just do not despair if you do not consider yourself gifted. You can develop talent, and it is given in one way - by practice. There is only one conclusion: write now, write in an hour, write every free minute. Recognition will come.


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