CarMoney: reviews, activities, conditions and features

CarMoney is a convenient service that is an excellent alternative to a bank loan. A key feature is the provision of a loan secured by a vehicle passport. The advantage for the borrower is that he can use the vehicle for the entire duration of the contract. The company operates on the basis of a certificate from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and is also a member of the SRO MiR. The company operates within the framework of FZ-353 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Company branches are represented in 56 regions of Russia. In total, there are more than 1300 service points in the country that can be contacted for a loan.

Service Overview

A mark from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation indicates that the site of this IFC will be entered in the state register. On the service, you can choose a city and get acquainted with the nearest customer service points. Making a loan at CarMoney has certain features. Among the benefits that customers receive are the following:

  • moderate interest rates;
  • large credit limit;
  • lack of additional costs;
  • the maximum limit is 70% of the cost of the vehicle;
  • lack of additional fees;
  • the possibility of obtaining a second loan;
  • minimum number of documents for issuing funds;
  • receiving money immediately after applying;
  • wide network of branches.

The main disadvantages of a microloan in this organization include the following:

  • lack of customer loyalty program;
  • personal presence upon receipt of a microloan;
  • impossibility of deferred payment;
  • paid repayment of obligations;

Users can independently calculate the monthly loan payment. The loan term is set standard, in the range from 24 to 36 months.

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You can familiarize yourself with the payment schedule in your personal account, which allows you to see the size of the obligatory payment and the state of debt. In order to use the services of your personal account, it is enough to go through a simple registration procedure. If the client has questions, you can go to the "Question and Answer" section.

How to get a loan?

To apply for a loan, it is enough to indicate the phone number and name on the company's website. The specialist will call you back within 5 minutes and specify the details. The user cannot fill out an application on the site, since this requires a personal presence at one of the service points.

Transaction process

You must have the originals of the necessary documents with you, including the vehicle passport. Each request is considered 1 day, and the decision is taken literally in a couple of hours. If the application is approved, the company enters into a pledge agreement and a loan agreement with the client. Certain restrictions are imposed on the vehicle: the car cannot be exchanged, sold, donated, etc.

Borrower Requirements

The service is available to persons aged 21 to 65 years. Also, the borrower must have Russian citizenship and permanent registration in the region of location. IFC CarMoney provides funds not only to individuals, but also to individual entrepreneurs.

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The vehicle must be owned by the borrower. Cars of category B, C, D are accepted as collateral . Moreover, a domestic car must be no older than 7 years, and a foreign one no older than 15 years. Also, the vehicle must be technically sound, and is not pledged to other companies or individuals. To apply for a loan, you must provide the originals of the following documents: citizen’s identity card, vehicle passport, vehicle registration certificate. If necessary, IFC reserves the right to demand other documents.

Tariff plan

The service offers the only lending option with a limit of up to 1 million rubles. This amount can be received not only by regular customers, but also by new borrowers. The interest rate can vary from 7.35% to 8.25% per month. Based on the total cost of the car, the maximum limit amount will be calculated. CarMoney reviews indicate that the company offers up to 70% of the market value of the vehicle. Delay in compulsory payment entails the accrual of a penalty in the amount of 20% per annum. Please note that the tariff plan does not provide for extension services.

Debt repayment

Regardless of the loan term, borrowers repay the loan by making monthly payments in a certain amount throughout the entire period of the contract. Customers can use the following payment options:

  • bank card
  • CONTACT system;
  • bank transfer.

Payment by credit card is made through the CloudPayments service . The borrower will need to indicate the contract number and name. The commission for this transaction is 2% of the total transfer amount. The service accepts MIR, MasterCard and Visa cards. In order to make a payment through the CONTACT system, you must have a passport with you. In addition, the operator may require a contract number. Specialists recommend paying on weekdays, as many departments do not work on holidays and weekends.

IFC Carmoney

The borrower can pay off the debt using the Internet bank or at a branch of a credit organization. The client will need to send the transfer to the IFC details that are in the public domain. It is important to remember that the commission for such an operation is set by the sender. The funds arrive at the organization’s account within 3 days.

Features of debt repayment

Borrowers can early repay the payment within the first 14 days from the date of signing the contract. It is not necessary to notify the creditor about this. However, starting from the 15th day of using the funds, the borrower is exempted from early repayment of loan obligations without notifying the lender. In this case, the borrower must send this notice at least 30 days before the repayment date. The client can partially repay the loan on the day stipulated by the repayment schedule. In this case, the amount of the obligatory payment is subject to obligatory recalculation, and interest will be accrued only on the remaining part of the debt.

Loan repayment

CarMoney pawnshop provides customers with the opportunity to receive an additional microloan until the expiration of the current contract. This is a competitive advantage for this organization, as other IFCs do not allow borrowers to have more than one active loan. The issuance of a parallel loan is provided on standard terms of the contract.

CarMoney Collaboration

The company's strategy involves attracting additional investment with a guaranteed income of 20% per annum. This amount of fixed income significantly exceeds the usual bank deposit. Invested funds are secured by the pledges of the clients of this company. Transparent terms of cooperation are an indisputable advantage of this service. Cooperation with CarMoney involves investing in the following areas:

  • auto pawnshop;
  • car insurance;
  • car repair;
  • sales of spare parts.

Potential investors can independently calculate the yield on the online calculator, indicating the main parameters (term, amount and option for making a profit).

carmoney collaboration

The most profitable option for investors is to make a profit at the end of the contract. The investment period is from one year to three years. Cooperation with CarMoney involves investment in the field of car insurance, the sale of spare parts, pawnshop and car repair.

How to get a loan

Funds can be transferred to a bank account, or through the CONTACT system. To receive money in a bank account in a Russian bank, you must provide the full name of the credit institution, account number and BIC of the bank. As a rule, money is received within 5 days. It is important to know that the transfer is carried out without additional commission.

Loan Procedure

The CONTACT system is also a quick and convenient way to receive money. You can get cash at any point of issue, which is located in Russia. The transfer is sent to the passport data of the client, so you must have the original identity card with you. The operator can request a unique code, which is sent to the borrower via SMS. The operation is not subject to additional commission, and the term for crediting funds is 1 hour.

Public opinion

In order to form an objective opinion about this service, it is recommended to study customer reviews about CarMoney. Some comments contain information that the company is not responsible for the services provided. Negative reviews about CarMoney report the incompetence of call center employees . Some borrowers are frightened by high interest rates, while others were unhappy with the long service. Dissatisfied borrowers call this company a "small town office" because employees show an irresponsible attitude towards the performance of their job duties. Some reviews report that employees check the credit history, although the company assures that it does not matter much for a microloan. Some customers talk about the fact that in case of untimely repayment of debt, the borrower answers not only with the mortgaged car, but also with all his property.

carmoney employee reviews

Positive feedback about CarMoney marks the operational work of managers who are ready to help customers and solve all difficulties. Some comments provide information on the quick approval of a microloan and the provision of funds. Other reviews about CarMoney report that the service allows you to quickly resolve financial issues.

Opinion of employees

Employee feedback on the employer will help to understand the real situation in this company. Some experts note that the service is quite convenient, since it really allows you to quickly receive cash. Other employees talk about how loan conditions are disadvantageous for clients, so many go to other IFCs. Some comments contain information that the company's management is aimed only at making a profit, and therefore does not respond to negative feedback from borrowers. Positive feedback from employees about CarMoney reports that the company is a conscientious employer that provides people with jobs and helps to get out of difficult financial situations.

However, there is a diametrically opposite opinion, which boils down to the fact that it is better to pay attention to other IFCs. Employee reviews about CarMoney note that it is impossible to work under the direction of people who do not understand the basic principles of the pawnshop. Many employees talk about the fact that it is very difficult to work in the company due to the negative psychological climate in the team.


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