How to improve hearing?

Hearing problems are not uncommon. Most often, they act as complications after various colds or infectious diseases. Therefore, in this article I will talk about how to improve hearing.

In addition to colds and infectious diseases, the causes can be completely different. Therefore, as soon as you encounter a similar problem, be sure to consult a doctor to find out exactly what is happening. And after you find the cause of your hearing impairment, you can do something and start treatment. Of course, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment for you, and you will have to do everything he says. But after you do this, you can start thinking about how to restore your hearing at home. Various folk methods will help you with this.

With neuritis of the auditory nerve, you can use the following method. Take one clove of garlic and grind it so that it turns into gruel. Then mix it with three drops of camphor oil. What you have, wrap in gauze and insert in your ear. Keep cheesecloth in your ear until you feel a burning sensation. Repeat the procedure every day shortly before bedtime.

If the problem appeared after a cold, then a different recipe will help you in improving your hearing. To do this, you will need almond oil. On the first day, pour eight drops into one ear and plug it with cotton wool. On the second day, pour as much into another and also plug with cotton wool. Continue until complete recovery.

There is another very good folk remedy. Take a hundred grams of beets and grate, then the resulting mass must be put in an enameled pan. Add two hundred milliliters of water and one tablespoon of honey. Put it on the fire and wait for the boil. Boil for at least fifteen minutes. The resulting mixture should be applied to the area around the ear.

Not everyone knows what is wise, and how to improve hearing with their help. So, wise - these are specially folded fingers. Due to the special position of the fingers in the body, the necessary energy flows are activated, which makes it possible to influence the systems and organs of a person. Knowledge of the wise came to us from the Ancients of India and China.

Mudra "heaven". The middle finger needs to be bent so that its pad touches the base of the thumb. And he, in turn, must press the middle finger. Other fingers should remain straight and relaxed. This can be done with one hand or with two at once.

The mudra is "uplifting." Bring both palms together, fingers cross. Set the thumb of either hand and surround it with the index and thumb of the other hand.

Mudra "staircase of the heavenly temple." The fingertips on the left hand must be pressed between the fingertips of the right hand. The right hand should always be from the bottom. The little fingers should remain free, relaxed and facing up. Try to hold both hands without tension.

The position of other parts of the body does not matter, most importantly - watch your hands. Mudras must be performed three to five times a day for ten minutes.

The question of how to improve your hearing will help you solve aromatic oils. For this, jasmine, clove, basil, lime, and orange oils are suitable. There are two uses for aromatic oils.

First: aroma lamp. Pour water into it and add six drops of aromatic oil. Then we light the candle and breathe through the nose throughout the session.

For those who are not able to use the aroma lamp, there is a second option. It is necessary to prepare an emulsion. It is necessary to add one or two drops of orange, peach or apricot oil. After this, apply the emulsion to the temples, the skin around the ears, the edges of the cheeks. Do not rub the oil, as it is quickly absorbed, and in this case you will not get the result. The procedure should be carried out once a day shortly before bedtime.

If the above methods do not help you in solving your problem, then any hearing aid will always help you.


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