Why is the VKontakte video slowing down?

Due to the growing popularity of social networks, the owners of such Internet resources provide their users with more and more opportunities, including access to online video files. The heavy weight of multimedia causes problems when viewing files containing videos or games. Often you can meet the question on the net: “Why does the VKontakte video slow down?” There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Low internet speed

Most often, the video slows down due to the low speed of the Internet connection. If the speed does not match the stated, you should contact your Internet service provider. In the event that the service provider provides just such a speed, then watching an online video is extremely difficult, because it does not have time to load. In this case, you need to wait until the video is fully downloaded and starts playing without interruption. You can start watching after partially downloading the video. You should download such a percentage of the video so that when you start viewing it has time to load and play without stopping.


Why is the VKontakte video slowing down? The problem with watching the video may be related to the browser. Most web resources support and recommend using the most popular browsers: Opera, FireFox, Chrome. Internet Explorer is believed to be inefficient when working with applications that consume a lot of resources. When using rare browsers, watching a VKontakte video may not be possible. Difficulties when playing videos can occur if the browser settings are incorrect, so you should understand the settings and adjust them yourself or with the help of a specialist. The VKontakte video also slows down if the version of the web browser is outdated. It is required to regularly monitor the entry of new versions and update obsolete ones.

Flesh Player

VKontakte applications work using Flesh Player, therefore, if there is no program on the computer, it must be downloaded from the Internet, which will take just a couple of minutes. To do this, go to the Adobe website, where you can immediately see the inscription "Get Adobe Flesh Player". Click on this label and then follow the simple installation tips.

Why is the VKontakte video slowing down? Yes, because the version of Flesh Player available on the PC is probably outdated and requires updating to the latest version. Playback problems may be due to the fact that several flesh applications are open at the same time, which overload the system.

Other reasons

There are several more answers to the question why the VKontakte video slows down. This happens if too many users are currently watching this video. This usually happens in the evening, when most people communicate on social networks. In this case, there is only one way out - to play the recording at another time.

Problems viewing the video may be due to incorrect operation of the VKontakte site itself.

Perhaps, to normalize the viewing of the VKontakte video, you need to clear the cache, for which you need to enter the browser settings and perform simple manipulations.

Difficulties in playing the clip happen when the computer's performance is low, which happens when there are a lot of programs downloaded to the PC.

The VKontakte video also slows down when working on a weak computer, that is, in the event of a lack of processor power or memory size.

Inhibition can also be caused by viruses. An effective antivirus program must be installed on the computer and needs to be updated regularly. You should periodically check the contents of the hard disk for viruses.

Video slowly loads when the video card overheats or problems in the operating system.

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