LCD "Emerald Valley" in the Odintsovo district: review, features and reviews

LCD "Emerald Valley" is located in the Odintsovo district of Moscow. It is a large complex, which consists of small houses that rise 3-4 floors. It has a second name - "Val d'Emerol".

Emerald Valley began to be considered a problematic residential complex since 2016, when part of the construction was frozen. At the same time, part of the rebuilt apartments was put up for sale, and frozen houses were transferred for completion, according to the decision of the Moscow authorities, to another contractor, LLC Bazalt Protected Properties Investments, an agreement was signed on this.

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General project information

Currently, LCD "Emerald Valley" is considered the successful embodiment of such a concept as "life in comfort." Indeed, on its territory everything is thought out in such a way that for every tenant who buys an apartment here, it’s very comfortable to live, so that all the most important infrastructure objects are within walking distance.

The authors of this project decided to combine a spectacular landscape and a unique design, which is distinguished by its originality. Also, one of the main goals that the authors set for themselves is to successfully combine in one complex all the advantages that are available in urban and suburban life.

For the construction of each facility of the complex building materials of exceptionally high quality are used, only the best planning ideas are applied here, which allow creating a larger amount of living space in a small area. It is also noted that the design of each building is being developed in accordance with the best European standards.

Project master plan

LCD "Emerald Valley" in the Odintsovo district covers a large area (about 205 thousand sq. M.), On which a total of 95 residential buildings are located. Several important infrastructure facilities have also been built on its territory: a kindergarten, a modern school, as well as several shops and a large shopping center in which residents of surrounding houses will be able to carry out various kinds of purchases and have fun. Also, a large parking lot has been built on the territory of this complex, in which residents have the opportunity to leave their cars. The construction of each of the listed objects is made exclusively from materials that are safe for humans and for nature as a whole.

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Located LCD "Emerald Valley" in the Odintsovo district, near the Moscow Ring Road (15 km), on the Minsk highway. This area is famous for its excellent environmental conditions, which are ensured by the presence in this area of ​​a huge number of forest stands and the complete absence of industrial facilities nearby. There are many rivers and lakes, coniferous and deciduous forests around, so the residents of this complex can be said to be within walking distance from places where you can have fun and health for your weekend.

There is an excellent transport interchange near the Emerald Valley LCD, from where you can easily get to the central part of Moscow, from here you can also take an electric train to one of the largest railway stations in the capital - Kievsky. Not far from the residential complex is the metro station "Kuntsevskaya".

LCD emerald valley Odintsovo district

Features LCD "Emerald Valley"

This place is considered to be unique, as it has a lot of advantages over other housing quarters of the capital and beyond. First of all, residents of the complex can walk daily through beautifully appointed courtyards, where flower beds are everywhere, with unusual buildings nearby - small houses made in the style of Europe of the 20th century. In addition, one of the features is the location of the complex near a huge number of green spaces that provide fresh air in the area.

Residents of the Emerald Valley residential complex can be sure of their complete safety, since its territory is under 24-hour security and it is very difficult for outsiders to enter here - they will have to cross specially equipped checkpoints.


In small, but very beautiful-looking houses, the developer offers the client to purchase apartments, the area of ​​which is different. There are one-room apartments from 28 square meters. m, of which residential is only 11.15 square meters. m. For those who want to settle on a larger territory, apartments of 44.2 and 59 square meters are presented. m, whose living area is 23.3 and 37.5 square meters. m respectively. But those buyers who plan to acquire royal apartments, by local standards, scale, will be offered to purchase three-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​85.47 square meters. m, in which, in addition to standard rooms, there is a loggia.

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Housing prices

The pricing policy for apartments in the Emerald Valley housing complex is relatively low. The cost of one square meter here is from 65 thousand rubles. Further, the price of an apartment is calculated depending on what is its area and features. In general, the cheapest one-room apartments will cost about 3 million rubles, two-room apartments will cost from 4 to 5, and for a three-room apartment you will need to pay about 7-7.5 million in Russian currency. To clarify the information and calculate the cost of a particular apartment, you can contact the representative of the company that sells housing in this complex - his contact details are listed on the official website of the Emerald City.

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As mentioned above, on the territory of the LCD "Emerald Valley" in Odintsovo, an infrastructure is being created that will certainly make the life of each tenant more comfortable. So, there is a modern school, which is designed for 800 people, as well as a kindergarten, which can accommodate up to 250 children at a time.

Especially popular among residents are the Gorod shopping center and parking. In the shopping center there is not only a huge number of stores in which fashionistas and women of fashion can buy new things, cosmetics, accessories and other items for themselves, there is also a lot of entertainment, including for children. As for parking, it is made according to the latest words of modernity and is under protection.

All fans of a healthy lifestyle appreciate the presence in the Emerald Valley LCD complex of a huge fitness center, which includes not only a gym and a swimming pool, but also a spa, which provides a wide range of cosmetic services. There is also a very popular sporting club where residents and visitors can play paintball, bowling, do archery or go fishing. Among other things, there is a good restaurant and a comfortable guest house where travelers can stay.

LCD emerald valley in the Odintsovo district

Residents Reviews

All those who are fortunate enough to move permanently to the Emerald Valley often share comments not only with their friends and relatives, but also on social networks, as well as on various thematic sites. In their reviews of the Emerald Valley residential complex, residents often write about its convenient location. Many people believe that thanks to the beautiful clean nature that surrounds the complex, young families with small children can move here. A wonderful atmosphere will certainly have a beneficial effect on overall health. In addition, the walking distance to the school and kindergarten also creates convenience for families with children.

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Fans of an active lifestyle positively assess the opportunity to visit various sports zones that are located on the territory of the complex, the presence of a shopping and entertainment center will also not make you bored. Caring parents often in their comments point out that you can come here with a small child on weekends or anytime in your free time and have fun.

The residents of the complex have a lot of positive comments about the colorful decoration of the whole complex, because all the houses are externally made in a different style, and the courtyards are always clean, comfortable and beautiful, which is good news.


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