DIY DVR repair: diagram, manual, recommendations and reviews

Modern DVRs are equipped with high-quality protection systems. However, they are sometimes not enough to avoid various failures. The device models are quite similar. The standard circuit of the DVR includes a processor, a connector, as well as a printed circuit board.

The camera is attached to it through a special loop. The signal is transmitted through a photoresistor. Also, different types of capacitors are installed on the DVRs. Some models use a module with a memory unit.

DIY DVR repair

Overheating of the DVR on the example of Gmini HD90

When overheating in the sun, repair a Gmini HD90 video recorder with your own hands should begin with an examination of the printed circuit board. The problem most often lies precisely in photoresistors. At high temperatures, fuses cannot protect them. In order to inspect the DVR, you must remove the model cover. Next, you need to carefully remove the camera and unscrew the circuit board. If her contacts are darkened, then you have to completely change. Part markings are on the back.

Sound problems with DVRs: troubleshooting instructions and expert reviews

Sound problems are quite common. Do-it-yourself car DVR repair in this situation should begin with an inspection of the module. Sometimes the problem lies in the dynamics, but this rarely happens. In order to inspect the camera module, you must remove the cover of the DVR.

Next, you need to disconnect the protective cable of the camera. After that, it will be possible to unscrew the circuit board. The modulator in this case should be near the connector. You also need to check the contacts. If you believe the reviews of experts, you can try to measure the resistance in the circuit. However, this will require a tester. On average, the resistance of the module should be no more than 55 ohms.

DIY car dvr repair

Problems with the operating system on the example of Viaccess 605: consumer reviews

According to consumer reviews, they often run into problems due to the operating system. Typically, this happens when a modulator fails. In this case, you can do the repair yourself. The Viaccess 605 dashcam needs to be inspected for this. For this purpose, the cover is detached and the external contacts of the printed circuit board are checked.

Next, you should examine the modulator directly. To do this, carefully disconnect the camera and cable. The next step is to remove the modulator with a screwdriver. As a rule, the problem lies in burnt contacts. In this situation, the part will have to be completely changed. This model has a wired type modulator.

do-it-yourself car dvr repair

Repair the connector at the DVR

The connector at the DVR is responsible for transmitting the signal from the modulator. It breaks most often from mechanical stress. DIY repair of DVRs in this case is quite simple. First of all, the cover is unscrewed from the model. Further, in order to repair the video recorders with your own hands (no matter which manufacturer), you will need to inspect the printed circuit board and modulator.

If everything is okay with them, you can remove the connector. Sometimes his contacts may overheat. In this case, it is almost impossible to repair the DVR. If the contacts are not very damaged, use forceps and disconnect the part. The next step is to inspect the dispenser on it. The resistance should be no more than 50 ohms. If the tester shows a deviation from the norm, then you will have to solder a new connector.

Connector Test

The power cable for DVRs is connected through the connector. Sometimes the connection is lost and the device stops working. Do-it-yourself repair of the DVRs in this case should begin with a check of the connectors. To do this, you have to untwist the model. She should not touch the printed circuit board. The connector is located in the housing near the connector. In order to inspect it, you will have to shift the protective plate to the side. After that, the base of the connector must be pry off. This can be done with a screwdriver. If mechanical damage is visible on the part, then it will have to be replaced. Buying connectors in a store is easy. However, you should know the exact modification.

Replacing the circuit board of the DVR

On the printed circuit board of the DVR there are many elements for controlling the system. When they fail, the device does not work. DIY repair of DVRs in this case can be done by removing the cover. To remove the circuit board, you need a screwdriver. At this stage, it is important not to damage the amplifier, which is located away from it. After disconnecting the circuit board, check all slots and clean them.

DIY repair viaccess 605 DVR

Problems with the loop at the Karkam Q3 dashcam

If you believe the reviews of consumers, then this DVR problems with the loop arise quite often. The specified component is very capricious and sensitive to subzero temperatures. When it breaks down, the connection with the camera immediately disappears, however, the device’s memory through the personal computer remains available. Do-it-yourself repair of the Karkam dashcam in the event of a cable break should begin with the removal of the cover. To get to the specified part, you have to remove the printed circuit board.

After that, you will need to disconnect the camera directly. The cable for this DVR is mounted through a special connector. In order to free him, you have to use a knife. In this case, it is important not to damage the wire that comes from the battery. The next step is to carefully remove the loop. If traces of damage are visible on it, then it will need to be replaced. After installing a new component, you just need to bend the connector again and firmly fix the part.

DIY video recorder navigator do-it-yourself repair

Replacing a photoresistor by the example of DVRs "Navigator"

If you believe the reviews of consumers, then from overheating in the sun, the photoresistor of the models often goes down (the wiring diagram for the Shturman video recorder is shown below). Do it yourself repair in this case. First of all, you have to remove the cover and unscrew the circuit board. The photoresistor in the model is located near the capacitor. To get to it, do not disconnect the camera.

Simply remove the cable and disconnect the converter. After that, it will be possible to inspect the photoresistor. It looks like a compact speaker. The indicated element is attached through a wire that leads to the connector. If the problem is in it, then you have to use a blowtorch. When the photoresistor burns out, you need to buy a new part. Install it with a soldering iron is not difficult.

DIY gmini hd90 dvr repair

Module repair on the example of Karkam Q2 video recorders

The module in the DVR is needed to control the camera. If it breaks down, the signal does not enter the memory block. In such a situation, you can do the repair yourself. The Karkam Q2 video recorder should be de-energized for this purpose. The module is located next to the printed circuit board. However, in order to get to it, you should first disconnect the converter.

Next, you have to remove the camera with a loop. Only after that it will be possible to see the module, which is located next to the distributor. At the bottom of the component are two pins. In some cases, they burn out due to short circuits. To solve this problem, the module should be disconnected and soldered again. It is difficult to cope with such a problem on your own. In this case, it is better to contact the service center. However, accumulated dust can also cause breakdowns. In order to solve this problem, you just need to clean the contacts with a cotton swab and reassemble the DVR.

do-it-yourself repair dvd karkam q2


Given all of the above, you should not neglect the rules for using the DVR. If necessary, a model survey can always be carried out independently. However, before repairing the device, the extent of the damage should be assessed and an informed decision made. Sometimes a DVR is best taken to a service center and consult a specialist.


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