Migration is a resettlement process

At the household level, migration can be defined as resettlement, the movement of people from one locality to another. It is characterized by constancy, since a person must precisely move to a permanent place of residence in another locality or country. This is the main thing that makes it possible to distinguish between tourist flows and other movements of people from global migration processes.

migration is

Types of migration

There are two main types of relocation (relocation is used as a synonym for migration). The division occurs on the external and internal migration. Internal means moving internally - for example, from a city to a village or vice versa. External is international migration. It is characterized by processes of relocation from one country to any other. It is also divided into two types - immigration and emigration. The first - in case of entry into the country, the second, respectively, in case of departure from it.

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Migration reasons

What makes people move from their home country to other places? Migration is a complex process that requires an integrated study approach. There are many reasons why it can exist. Various factors, such as the type of migration, the specific reason for the move, or even the spontaneous emotional reaction of the person to the event, have an effect here. In any case, it is possible to identify several groups of reasons that may occur during the relocation of people.

Classification of causes

The main reason is considered the economic factor. Within it, you can give a lot of examples, including historical ones. For example, for the development of Siberia and the Far East, human resources were needed, which were sent from the central regions of the Russian Empire. For economic reasons, labor migration is also distinguished. For example, a person enters into a profitable contract with a foreign company. He will have only one reason for relocation - this is a job that is located in another country. Migration is a multifactorial process, among which political reasons can be singled out. This is mainly due to the unstable situation in a particular state or region. It can be a war, a state of emergency or martial law, a revolution when the authorities are not able to provide protection for citizens.

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Major migration flows

Today, migration is mainly intracontinental resettlement, which occurs more often than others in certain regions. For example, these are the USA and Canada, the oil-producing region (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait), and central Europe. If we talk about the post-Soviet space, then an important role is played by immigration to Russia - the main bastion of the economic power of the former USSR. Also, regional conflicts that occur in various parts of the world cause a short-term surge in migration from these countries.

Population structure and migration

Migration is the basis for structural changes in the population of a country. There are two main indicators that are affected by relocation. This is an increase in the share of the population that is economically active. The second is characterized by the fact that the proportion of the male population is increasing. Statistics show that it is men who go to other regions in search of work and material well-being.

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