Construction companies of Izhevsk: list, reviews

Construction companies of Izhevsk are a profitable and promising business area, therefore, a large amount of money is being received for its development, both from large investors and ordinary buyers of real estate and building materials. Even during the financial crisis in the last decade, the decline in construction was minimal, and housing prices rose steadily. Moreover, the above-described trend was characteristic not only for the capital districts of the Russian Federation, but also for the regional and district centers of almost any region of our country. The construction boom also did not pass by the Udmurt Territory: since the beginning of the century, a huge number of both large and small construction companies have been registered in Izhevsk. We offer our readers information about the most promising and trustworthy construction companies in Izhevsk, and the most remarkable reviews about them. They are engaged in the construction and sale of residential and commercial real estate.

construction companies of Izhevsk

"Horizon" is a universal construction company: construction, decoration, production of building materials

The construction company of Izhevsk "Horizon" began working in the territory of Udmurtia in 2010 and offers its customers a full range of construction services:

β€’ Design selection for interior and exterior decoration of already built houses and individual projects for the construction of new buildings.
β€’ Finishing work of any type in apartments and the completion of country houses.
β€’ Installation of metal and wooden fences.
β€’ Design and installation of canopies, bathhouses and garden arbors.
β€’ Interior design: bath stoves, stairwells made of metal and wood, forged products (art forging).
β€’ Construction of cottage buildings, multi-storey buildings and complex type construction.

The main focus in the company today is considered to be the construction of suburban complexes. The company has a number of interesting offers for its customers, including the exchange of an old apartment for an individual low-rise house: in this case, the former owner does not need to move out of his former apartment until the very end of the construction of his new home. For low-rise construction, this Izhevsk construction company mainly uses materials of its own production made according to the latest European standards. They are distinguished by good workmanship, reliability and wear resistance.

construction company horizon Izhevsk

The company "Steam" - a reliable and trusted developer

Among the construction companies of Izhevsk specializing in development, one of the leaders can confidently be called the diversified construction company "Steam". For sixteen years of its existence, the company has implemented almost a dozen mortgage construction projects. At the moment, it offers its customers apartments in three new housing complexes of their own construction, two more complexes are at the final stage of construction and will be completed next year. Among the proposed housing there are premises of any class: from budget "economy" options, then multi-room apartments of the "luxury" class. In addition to residential real estate, the construction company Izhevsk "Steam" is also engaged in the construction of commercial buildings. As a payment for its services, it offers flexible mortgage programs or the possibility of exchanging for secondary housing.

construction companies Izhevsk low-rise construction

Komos-Stroy: a large and trusted Izhevsk developer

Another major construction company in Izhevsk, engaged in large-scale projects for the construction of multi-story residential buildings. Twenty new buildings are under construction, more than two thousand new apartments are available for purchase. Among the proposed apartments for sale there are both budget items and expensive options for the β€œbusiness” class. Like most major developers, Komos-Stroy adheres to European construction standards and carefully approaches each stage of the construction of buildings. To pay for services, it offers an affordable and convenient mortgage, as it cooperates with most Russian banks. The Komos-Stroy enterprise is also engaged in the sale, construction and decoration of office and commercial real estate.

large construction companies Izhevsk

"Multistroy" - the provision of comprehensive construction services of any complexity

The list of construction companies in Izhevsk includes Multistroy. The company offers services in the construction of houses and high-quality repairs. The prices are reasonable, since the company works directly with manufacturers of building materials and there are no additional margins on their purchase. The company specializes in:

β€’ Construction of garages and residential buildings of frame type.
β€’ Wooden houses made of logs and timber.
β€’ Outbuildings: baths, gazebos, utility buildings.
β€’ Pouring the foundation.
β€’ Installation of wooden and metal fences.
β€’ Making stairwells from metal and wood.

The Multistroy company is also considered one of the best in Izhevsk in carrying out roofing works: its employees will quickly and efficiently replace roofing materials, install roof tiles of any profile, and if they wish, they can install soft roofs.

Group of companies "Wooden Houses": design and construction of buildings from glued beams

A specific construction company engaged in the construction of houses in Izhevsk from wooden components. These are mainly single-storey rural cottages, as well as baths. He is also engaged in the manufacture of wooden elements for finishing the interior of the premises: stairs, shutters, art products.

Izhevsk construction companies list

"Successful construction": repair and construction work of any complexity

Izhevsk construction company, offering a full range of services for the repair and construction of buildings:

β€’ Construction from scratch: capital construction of residential and office low-rise buildings.
β€’ Carrying out repair work of any profile.
β€’ Installation of doors and double-glazed windows.
β€’ Design and construction of buildings made of wooden materials: logs and glued burs.
β€’ Reconstruction work.

construction company steam Izhevsk

Alfa-Sip: design and construction of houses from sip panels

The construction company of Izhevsk is engaged in the construction of frame buildings using sandwich panels. The main benefit from the use of this material for construction is a quick construction of premises, which will undoubtedly be useful in the construction of commercial real estate. Prices for the services of the company are affordable, as it has its own production facilities for the manufacture of sip panels. Also, company employees are engaged in the repair of buildings made using this technology.

construction companies Izhevsk reviews

MD company: design without rules

This construction company in Izhevsk will be useful to those who are interested in building premises on their own project. She offers a full range of architectural works:

β€’ Planning for a future home.
β€’ Creation of outline designs.
β€’ Coordination and approval of a detailed design for construction.
β€’ High-quality and constant supervision at every stage of construction.

Throughout the company's existence, with the help of the architects of the design studio, many interesting and innovative construction projects of residential buildings, commercial centers and offices have been implemented.

Each company differs from another package of services provided. Therefore, the client needs to get acquainted with all of the above in order to choose the one that suits him the most both in terms of the quality of the buildings and the budget. A separate company is focused on certain types of buildings. Some - perform all types of work in a short time without compromising quality. Others - not everyone can afford it, but they do their job honestly. Of course, you can turn to new little-known firms. They can be lured by low price, quick work and more. In fact, when choosing a company should be familiar with all the reviews left by other customers. Only after this should be determined with the company. Construction companies of Izhevsk low-rise construction is carried out efficiently and on time. Reviews indicate that this also applies to the construction of skyscrapers.


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