Why do you have bad dreams every night?

β€œOne, two, Freddy will take you.

Three, four, lock the door to the apartment.

Five, six, Freddy wants to eat you all ... "

There is hardly a person who is not familiar with these lines.

The iconic horror film from the 80s, β€œA Nightmare on Elm Street,” was the epitome of a whole generation of nightmares.

why have bad dreams

Why do you have bad dreams and how to deal with them, read on.

Dream or reality?

Sleep occupies about a third of our lives. Because what we have to experience in a dream often takes us no less, and sometimes even more, than real events. Of course, I want the dreams to be bright and pleasant. But, alas, even in this parallel world, troubles are possible. Why do you have bad dreams every night?

Bad dreams themselves , if they do not become the norm, carry no danger in themselves. But most often nightmares entail a depressing mood and anxiety for the next few days.


Any overwork, physical or emotional, negatively affects all systems of our body. We try not to notice such conditions, in every possible way we persecute all negative thoughts from ourselves that it is time to rest, that the body cannot work for wear. But it is precisely these harbingers that should be the first bells in order to stop and take a break.

why do you have bad dreams during the day

If we do not respond to our dark thoughts, the body begins to send other signals - illnesses, and due to weakened immunity and nightmares, as a sign of a mental disorder.


Stressful situations happen almost daily. Moreover, minor stresses are even beneficial. They make the brain think and make decisions. But when life is too full of stress, or in the case of severe emotional overload, the brain shows that it is no longer able to cope on its own. This is manifested by a decrease in immunity, apathy and nightmares. It would be weird to wonder why there are bad dreams every day when you are in a deplorable state.

why have bad dreams every day

Negative impressions experienced during the day

It has been observed that overly emotional people are more likely to be stressed. Creative natures, inclined to exaggerate, as a rule, see very vivid fantastic dreams. It is not surprising that the concentration of unpleasant emotions is reflected in the dreams of such people.


Doctors around the world agree that overeating and an abundance of heavy fatty foods before bedtime provoke the brain to work, preventing it from relaxing. But the brain is extremely necessary. Therefore, he "swears," in every possible way trying to show us that he is unhappy.

Needless to say, the effect of caffeine on the quality of dreams is a serious causative agent of the nervous system.

why pregnant women have bad dreams


Why have bad dreams for people with alcohol or drug addiction? The toxic effect of alcohol extends to all body systems. It mainly affects brain cells. Small doses of alcohol cause drowsiness. But abuse, and especially withdrawal symptoms, characteristic of people with alcoholism, can become a serious cause of nightmares.


It is perhaps difficult to imagine a more inadequate person than a pregnant woman. Being in a sober mind and with good memory, a pregnant woman can behave, at least, strangely.

Why do pregnant women have bad dreams, and how does this condition affect the relationship of mother and baby? This is understandable by a change in hormonal levels. Excessive sensibility of a woman during this period, her fears regarding the development of the baby and childbirth - all this leaves its mark on the content of dreams.

why have bad dreams every night

Diseases and medication

An increase in body temperature can be a serious cause of nightmares. Moreover, this condition can lead the patient to hallucinations. The reason for the dream, in which you are suffocated by suffocation, can be the notorious runny nose.

The same effects can be expected from some medications, especially antidepressants, barbiturates and drugs. To find out the reason why you have bad dreams, read the instructions for the medicines you are taking.

Sleeping conditions

The physical discomfort experienced during sleep will necessarily affect the dream. For example, you may dream of an avalanche and death in the ice due to the fact that you are simply naked. Most likely, this is a reaction of the subconscious to the fact that you are freezing.

why have bad dreams

A stuffy, unventilated room, too hard, or, on the contrary, too soft a bed, unpleasant smells, crumbs on a sheet - these are all factors that can provoke the subconscious mind to bad dreams.

Daytime sleep

The night itself is mysterious, and the cause of disturbing dreams for some may be a stormy fantasy or fear of the dark. But why do you have bad dreams during the day ? The cause of unpleasant daytime dreams can be anxiety for unfinished business or simply an uncomfortable posture. After all, you can doze off during the day and sitting in an armchair, and at your desk. Also, the events preceding a sudden fatigue may well cause unpleasant dreams.

This is a sign!

Some emotional, creative people tend to interpret their particularly vivid dreams as predictions. No matter what the skeptics say, it has been scientifically proven that dreams, as a reflection of the subconscious, can become very real harbingers of future events. This may be due to a future event, as well as to the expectation of change.

In addition, the subconscious mind can thus warn of serious health problems or the psyche.

How to get rid of nightmares

why have bad dreams every night

If an unpleasant dream has visited you by accident and you, in general, understand why bad dreams are dreaming, then nothing bad happened. The correct reaction will help to avoid a repetition of discomfort.

Another thing is when the "Nightmare on Elm Street" lasts for several nights, or even becomes familiar. This situation indicates serious mental disorders that may be associated with any of the above problems. The main thing that is necessary in such a situation is to find the reason. Best of all, if at this time you will be provided with the qualified help of a doctor or psychologist.

Do not bring your body to disturbing bells, rest, walk, and your dreams will always please you.

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