How not to sleep all night. Means for resisting sleep

Despite the fact that the working hours of most people fall during daylight hours, the specifics of some people still require work at night. In addition, the need to stay awake at night can be caused by a number of other circumstances: reading a fascinating book, organizing a holiday, the need for creativity, driving, etc. How can I stay up all night and feel normal? This interests a number of individuals. There are many standard and extraordinary ways, the task of which is to resolve the issue of how not to sleep. Let's try to figure them out.

how not to sleep
If it so happened that it is relentlessly falling asleep, and this is not included in the plans, then you need to resort to at least elementary actions. In order not to sleep, the initial recommendation is not to fill the stomach, because satiety only contributes to sound sleep. One of the simple and effective in most cases is the use of coffee. Not everyone can drink it, but for those lucky ones who are able to do this with their condition and susceptibility, it does not hurt to skip a cup of this moderately strong drink for freshness. Excessive consumption of coffee, even if it does not cause a health disorder (accelerated heartbeat, high blood pressure), will definitely lead to the exact opposite - drowsiness.

Along with coffee, you can drink hot tea or an energy drink, but these methods also have their drawbacks. A very good recommendation for resolving the issue of how not to sleep is to take a contrast shower, and change the warm water to cold. True "extremes" can generally take a cold shower right away . If it is long or unavailable, it is good to wash with cold water, periodically repeating this procedure. A good option would also be washing with hand soap to the elbows, which also accelerates sleep.

how not to sleep all night
A natural invigorating effect can be called a walk. It could be a simple walk around the room. From the same series, an open window will be a great cure for sleep. Fresh, especially cool air helps to saturate the brain cells with oxygen, giving sleep less chance. Music with an acceptable high volume will also not let you fall asleep, but focusing on a robot is also difficult. By the way, this method is best combined with the intake of the above drink. More active people know how to stay awake without the use of music and coffee. An elementary short charge (for example, one push-up approach) will not take much time, but it will set up for a working mood.

The most recommended type of rest (including without sleep) is the change of occupation. It is especially good to replace serious work with laughter for a short time. Open a website with jokes, remember a good joke or plan a joke on someone, have a good laugh on it - and the dream will recede. It’s good to eat an apple, it also somehow distracts from sleep. Perhaps the most basic anti-sleep remedy is simply to rub your ears or take a caffeine pill (sold freely in a pharmacy). It is also necessary to eliminate all kinds of things that contribute to sleep, for example, to make conditions not entirely comfortable.

not to sleep
But whatever the desire for how not to sleep for a long time, it must be remembered that maintaining health is one of the most important tasks. Not a single job is worth staying awake for a few days. Even if this happens, it is better to sleep for an hour or two, and then proceed to full work. Indeed, as recent studies by scientists have shown, in order for the brain to begin to work more actively, only 6 minutes of sleep are enough.


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