How to make a catapult with your own hands

Boys are unpredictable, mischievous and very cheerful people. Their heads are constantly clogged with battle strategies, sieges of fictional fortresses. They know perfectly well what a slingshot is, a catapult. And very often they can build this weapon from improvised material. But how upset the childโ€™s heart is when the catapult built with great difficulty crumbles after the first shot! The child does not yet know how to make a catapult, which will differ in strength and firing range. Offer your son help. To make such a tool on your own is not a big deal. And you know for sure, or you can learn how to make a catapult with your own hands.

Big catapult

Such a tool is intended for entertainment while relaxing in the country or in any other country house. Do not use it at home, in the apartment. And, of course, do not forget about safety. Never leave children unattended with this device!

How to make a catapult

It is best if you and your child plan how to make a catapult. He will be happy to join the process of creativity. And the given step-by-step instruction will tell you how to make a catapult with your own hands.

Where to begin?

  1. Prepare three slats. For the base, select a board 1.5 m long. Fixed rail - 0.5 m board. And the movable arm should be 60-65 cm long.
  2. At a distance of 0.5 m from the rear end of the base, a movable lever must be secured with a furniture loop.
    how to make a catapult do it yourself
  3. Attach a fixed rail to the front end of the base with self-tapping screws. For strength inside, install the mounting bracket.
    How to make a mini catapult
  4. Screw the tin can to the top of the movable lever.
    How to make a catapult out of paper
  5. Screw in the special screws. There should be four of them. Fasten the taut rope and rubber band through them .

How to make a catapult from pencils

Have a good time!

Mini catapult

You can never accurately predict when a catapult is needed. It can be a great way to take a child if you have to wait a long time, and children, as a rule, do not like to wait. With the help of such a tool, you can arrange real competitions between friends. Children will appreciate your efforts. And if the manufacture of a large catapult requires the procurement of materials and adult male power, then the creation of a mini-version is available even to a child.

So how to make a mini catapult? For the simplest option, ice cream sticks are great. They need 9 pieces. Prepare five elastic bands. You can use regular hair bands or for money. You will also need a plastic bottle cap.

Lego how to make a catapult

  1. Connect 7 sticks together. Fasten them with rubber bands at both ends.
  2. Fold the remaining two sticks together and carefully fix on one side. Split the opposite ends, and put on a prepared bundle of seven sticks. Try to push the bunch as deep as possible. Fix this position with two rubber bands for strength in a cross-wise position.
  3. Glue the plastic bottle cap to the top of the catapult (one of the split sticks). To do this, it is best to use a sufficiently strong adhesive, for example, โ€œMomentโ€. You can apply liquid nails.

The mini-catapult is ready. Have a good time and, of course, victory in the competition!

Paper catapult

Are you surprised? And you have no idea how to make a catapult out of paper? In fact, there are a lot of origami options. The simplest and most affordable is a regular airplane. Everyone loves to run them, absolutely regardless of age and gender. The main thing in manufacturing is to take into account the rules of aerodynamics and choose high-quality paper.

How to make a catapult

And how would you like your plane to rise higher and fly longer. This is very easy to achieve if you know exactly how to make a catapult.

Attach an elastic band to the base of your paper flyer. It is this simple device and pencil that will help soar the plane above others.

To start this miracle, grip the elastic at the end of the pencil. Pull the airplane back and release.

Fast flight over a long distance is guaranteed.

Pencil Catapult

You can make a catapult from almost any item. Even with ordinary pencils that are always found in the house, you can create an excellent throwing weapon. Consider how to make a catapult from pencils.

How to make a catapult

For such a device you will need ten pencils, fourteen gum and one bottle cap.

  1. Create a square from four pencils - this will be the basis of the catapult. Secure their intersections carefully with rubber bands.
  2. Insert vertically in pencil at each intersection. Fix their position with additional rubber bands.
  3. Connect the vertical pencils in two and fasten. Catapult stands ready.
  4. Add another pencil to the upper rack mounts by placing it horizontally. Lock the position with rubber bands.
  5. On one of the sides of the base (see the figure), put the last pencil and carefully fix it. This will be the lever of the catapult.
  6. Glue the plastic cover to the free end of the lever.
  7. Attach the last eraser to the upper horizontal pencil by stretching it under the lever.

The catapult is ready. Well-aimed hits!

Catapult from Lego

Original guns are obtained from the usual constructor "Lego". Very often, a lot of its details, of which once, according to the instructions, masterpieces were built, gather dust unnecessarily in boxes. And the child asks for more and more designers. Should I buy them right away? Indeed, from the many details you can independently build beautiful creations that are in no way inferior to those described in the store recommendations. It takes a little time and imagination.

How to make a catapult

Invite your child to get all the unnecessary lego details. "How to make a catapult?" - ask him. Just do not leave it alone, help start the construction process. You yourself will be surprised how quickly your baby will join in the work. The imagination is very developed in children, but for its stimulation the child needs a push. Get him interested. If you yourself have no idea how to make a catapult, where to start, look at the pictures.

How to make a catapult

Before your eyes, the most amazing and unique masterpiece will be created - the fruit of your childโ€™s imagination, the best catapult in the world! Praise the baby and admire his creation. Do not have time to look around, when soldiers, towers, castles, built by a single architect - your child, appear near the built catapult!

Instead of a conclusion

Catapult is a very simple structure. And if the question arose, how to make a catapult with your own hands, do not worry. The main thing is to determine from what materials you will create such a tool. Stock up on all the necessary components of a future masterpiece. And together with your child begin to conquer the peaks of independent creativity.


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