How to remove clay from wallpaper: the best options

In order not to damage the structure and coloring of paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper, you need to know how to carefully clean the wall covering from various contaminants. Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to carefully remove the plates - this can be done in several proven ways: by heating, freezing and using chemicals or vegetable oil. As a result, the greasy stain should be wiped with a soapy solution. Further in the article it will be described in detail how to wipe plasticine from wallpaper.

cleaning vinyl wallpaper

Hot method

This method is recommended for cleaning smooth wallpapers, but first you need to prepare a hairdryer and dry wipes. The execution technique consists of the following sequential actions:

  1. Carefully scrape off the top layer of plasticine using a sharpened blade, moving from the edges of the plasticine to its center. If you have to clean a relief wall covering, pieces of sticky white material should be glued to the convex lumps and slowly torn off.
  2. Turn on the hair dryer and heat the contaminated area with a stream of hot air from a distance of at least 20 cm. If you ignore this condition, there is a chance that the coating will be irreparably damaged.
  3. Before you remove the soft plasticine from the wallpaper, you need to prepare dry wipes, with which you need to remove the heated material.
  4. The remaining trace must be wiped with a clean cloth.
  5. As a result, a greasy stain will remain on the wallpaper, to remove which you will need to make a special composition.
  6. Grate household soap and dissolve the resulting pieces in water.
  7. Moisten a sponge in the resulting solution and gently wipe greasy stains.
  8. The final stage is to dry the surface with a hairdryer.

But there is another similar way, how to remove plasticine from the wallpaper: take an iron, put a blank sheet on the wall and iron it with red-hot appliances. Flattened sculpting material is immediately printed on paper.

wallpaper cleaning

Cold method

If you are interested in how to remove plasticine from wallpaper using ice or frozen berries, it is recommended to use the mentioned cleaning method. To remove sticky material from the wall covering, you need to follow this instruction:

  1. Apply berries or ice cubes to the stained wallpaper.
  2. Wait for the clay to harden.
  3. Carefully scrape it off the wall with a clerical knife.
  4. Wash off the greasy stain with soap and water.

Vinyl and non-woven wallpaper should be gently wiped with a soft brush, and paper - with a sponge. In addition, relief coatings must be cleaned very carefully, as their pattern can easily be damaged by the blade.


Chemical cleaning methods

For these purposes, you can use an effective solvent - white spirit. The application algorithm is as follows:

  1. Before you remove plasticine from the wallpaper, you need to wear a respirator and gloves, since the indicated chemical adversely affects the body.
  2. Dampen a rag or cotton swab with white spirit.
  3. Carefully process the plasticine without touching the wallpaper.
  4. Wait a few minutes.
  5. Remove sticky material from the wall.
  6. Wash off stain.

You can also use for this purpose a car cleaner (for example, Axiom) and the usual Vanish stain remover.

plasticine wallpaper cleaning

The use of improvised tools

There is an easy way how to remove plasticine from wallpaper at home with ordinary sunflower oil. Having found a dirty place, you must immediately remove the sticky material from the wall covering using this improvised tool. But first, you need to prepare a little oil, a toothbrush and a cotton swab (you can replace it with a sponge or rag). This cleaning option consists of the following steps:

  1. Wet the stick in sunflower oil and process the clay.
  2. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub material that is stuck in the direction from the edges to the center. If the plasticine does not work, it is necessary to reapply the oil.
  3. Wipe off the greasy stain with soap and water. The main thing is that the oil does not smear clean areas during the described process.

This is a good option, how to remove plasticine from the wallpaper, but do not forget: you need to dry the clean area with a hairdryer. But it also happens that it is not possible to clean the contaminated surface, which is why the whole interior loses its attractive appearance. In this case, you just need to glue the wallpaper or close the damaged area with furniture, a picture or other decorative objects.


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