Do-it-yourself brick BBQ: ordering. Barbecue for a summer residence

For many summer residents and people living in a private house, the issue of landscaping a personal plot, and especially a street recreation area, where many strive to create functionality and comfort, becomes quite relevant. Such an original and useful element for the majority are stationary barbecues made of bricks, which, on the one hand, appear as convenient and useful buildings, and on the other hand, in the original and decorative design, they play the role of additional decorations for the overall landscape design.

do-it-yourself brick BBQ

Many people wonder how to build a barbecue. At first glance, the task seems to be not easy, but if there is a certain building experience, such work is quite possible for many. It is only necessary to show a little effort, patience, as well as stock up with the necessary equipment and building materials.

The preparatory phase in the construction of a brick barbecue

First you need to determine the exact location of such a building, and then, taking into account the desired configuration, perform design, drawing and calculation of the required amount of material. It is advisable to draw up a phased plan for the entire workflow, which should be strictly adhered to until the final result.

How to choose the size and configuration of the desired barbecue

Often, having the desire to build a stove construction of brick, many are faced with the problem of choosing the dimensions, configuration and stylistics of the desired structure. The location of the building also causes some difficulty. Do-it-yourself brick barbecue features , ordering, layout and design in each individual case are determined differently. If the budgetary possibilities are unlimited, you can order the project from the appropriate specialists, who competently can quickly and accurately determine the ideal model, based on many individual indicators. In this case, the opportunity to get ready-made barbecue projects from brick is the least time-consuming. The economical option is ideas from thematic building magazines or visual samples indicated on the pages of Internet resources, having studied which, you can have a more real idea and vision of the final product. A barbecue for a summer residence can be limited to modest sizes; for a private residential infield, you can show all the greatness of imagination.

barbecue grills

Materials required for the construction of a brick barbecue

The construction of a barbecue for a summer residence or a homestead requires certain building materials that need to be prepared in advance so that the installation process itself is not hindered by the lack of necessary components at the most inopportune moment. Among the main materials and tools that may be needed, it is worth highlighting:

  • stove, fireclay brick ;
  • cement;
  • crushed stone or gravel;
  • sand, clay;
  • wooden beams, thick-walled plywood or formwork boards;
  • metal rods and steel wire for reinforcing structures;
  • container for mixing cement-sand and clay-cement mortars;
  • trowel, shovel, hammer;
  • kapron thread and construction level;
  • finishing materials based on individual wishes and preferences.

The foundation of a brick barbecue

brick barbecue drawing

The foundation of any building is a solid foundation. It’s impossible to make barbecue grills, barbecue, built of brick, to make an exception to the rule, it is worth preparing a foundation pit with a depth of about 40 cm, in which the future foundation will be mounted. Given the weight of the overall structure and the proposed shape of the structure, both a uniform pedestal in the form of a kind of concrete slab and a strip foundation will be equally reliable. The bottom of the pit must be carefully tamped with wet sand, from the prepared wooden products it is necessary to design the formwork, in which, for reliability, a reinforcing structure made of wire and metal rods is placed. After this, a concrete solution should be mixed (it is advisable to use brand cement of at least 300). The component composition of such a solution includes one part of cement, two parts of sand, one part of fine gravel and 50% of the total dry mix thus prepared. All this is thoroughly kneaded to a homogeneous mass and poured into the formwork design, which is still desirable to further isolate with polyethylene or roofing material so that the solution does not leak out. Such a foundation will acquire ready-made properties for subsequent work no earlier than in a week. Although if there is no particular need for haste, you should give the concrete base a little more to stand. When performing these works, it is worth considering that the top platform of the foundation should be in an ideal horizontal plane, therefore, when working, the construction level should be used.

Main construction phase

The next step will be the laying of the first layer of brickwork, which is recommended to be laid out without using a cement mortar fastening the structure. This work and subsequent masonry actions must be carried out only using the building level, since for aesthetics the construction is carried out similarly to the work on facing masonry. However, unlike facing masonry, it is necessary to ensure that during installation the cement-sand mortar carefully fills the space between the walls of the bricks used.

brick price

Having driven out the supporting part of the future barbecue with a height of about 70-80 cm, we should start manufacturing the main barbecue part. It is worth noting that the entire structure is more expedient to be made of red stove bricks (some also use refractory bricks, however, given that it does not tolerate negative temperatures and that such structures are mounted on the street, such unfavorable material properties are an important indicator of subsequent unreliability). Instead of cement-sand mortar, it is necessary to use a clay-cement mixture in the part of the structure that is in contact with fire. The furnace part is made of a thick-walled metal pallet, which is attached to the support column by anchor bolts and is made out of bricks, acting as a kind of brazier with protrusions for a removable grill. The inside of such a roasting pan must also be laid out with a brick and fixed with the above solution containing clay. When doing a do-it-yourself barbecue from a brick, ordering helps to calculate the levels of elements of the entire complex. Starting from the furnace part of the obtained structure, masonry is carried out with a displacement of flat bricks passing into the chimney, on the back wall of which a bast is constructed (a kind of lattice cross-bar with a bolt), which improves the exhaust ability of the chimney. Using a metal sheet, in the upper part of such peculiar furnaces it is possible to construct a visor that performs the function of weather protection in case the entire building is outside the arbor or canopy area.

Features of masonry brick elements

Of particular importance is the individuality of the specifics of making a brickwork barbecue from a brick with your own hands. Ordering will determine the general aesthetics. Often, masonry is carried out with a displacement of half the length of the brick, forming a kind of chess pattern, familiar during any construction using the specified material. This is the standard option and most preferred. You can use any other manner of masonry. It all depends on personal tastes, ease of work and the general configuration of the entire construction complex as a whole, if it has a complex structure.


Barbecue decoration and decorating stage

The final stage is the external decoration of the barbecue, which depends on the general stylistic design of the recreation area, where the constructed structure is inscribed. Depending on the individual wishes of the barbecue, a barbecue made of bricks can be built in conjunction with a sink, countertop, which serves as a work surface for cooking, and many other niches, for example, firewood. As finishing materials, wood is used (it is worth considering that such material does not come into contact with the heating elements of the barbecue), ceramic tiles, metal and all kinds of decorative forged elements.

Choosing a brick for building a street barbecue

When buying material intended for the construction of a barbecue, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that the brick must be intact, not have cracks and other defects that affect its resistance to extremely high and low temperature indicators. It is imperative to ask about the product certificate in order to avoid the likelihood of acquiring material of inadequate quality. If possible, you can use a brick made of graphite chips. It is important that the entire brick is of the correct shape and the same size, which will facilitate installation work and help calculate the symmetry of the building. This is of great importance for the construction of a do-it-yourself brick barbecue, the ordering of which requires the correctness of shapes and lines. It is desirable that the entire structure was made of one type of brick. This is important, since the uniformity of the material used will exhibit the same qualities, providing external strength with a uniform strength. Composite materials, each of which has an individual perception and manifestation of properties, as a whole can affect the overall durability, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the design. It is worth noting that the quality of the brick affects the cost. Brick, the price of which starts from 18-20 rubles / pcs. can be considered a very suitable model.

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Barbecue Fire Properties

One of the main properties that you need to give the built barbecue is fire. In part, this is ensured by a correctly selected place, which is quite far from flammable sources, objects and buildings. In addition, there are various substances that provide similar safety to individual objects after appropriate treatment. This applies more to wood and polymer products, which are coated with compositions capable of isolating the structure of the material from heat at significant temperature increases. It is also worthwhile to correctly carry out the chimney pipe, which will function properly and output all soot and fumes through the provided branch.

Complex brick oven complexes

As mentioned above, if desired and the availability of opportunities, it is possible to produce not only compact stove constructions of brick, but also entire complex complexes that use various grills, skewers, smokehouses or cooking stoves, if you additionally adapt a gas cylinder. With a slight distance from the house building, you can easily carry out water and connect the built-in sink to a full water supply, which will provide maximum comfort. All this will allow not to limit your desires and produce various culinary masterpieces without steaming in a stuffy kitchen, as is usual with any housewife, especially on hot summer days. However, do not forget to include all these complex elements in advance in the general drawing of a brick barbecue.

barbecue for a summer residence

Compliance with all technical rules and regulations will ensure the enjoyment of comfortable street recreation for all family members who will use such a building, to the envy of guests who are able to appreciate the originality and functionality of the conditions for cooking on an open fire.


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