Velcom operator - setting up the Internet without problems

Velcom, a mobile operator operating in Belarus and occupying the second place in this country in terms of the number of subscribers, has been providing GSM-communication with a huge number of people for almost two decades. We can say that the company is no longer young and, of course, in order to successfully operate and satisfy the needs of its customers, the mobile operator must develop.

Cellular Trends

It's no secret that the Internet is coming out today, and probably has already taken a leading position among the ways people communicate. Without the access to the World Wide Web, even the simplest push-button phones are almost never released today, not to mention smartphones and tablet PCs. The Velcom operator did not stand aside from current trends and for more than 10 years it has been providing its subscribers not only with voice communications, but also with access to wireless Internet.

velcom internet setup

The quality of service is quite high and positively evaluated by new and existing Velcom subscribers. Setting up the Internet in the case of mass access devices is quite simple and should not be difficult even for novice users of phones, smartphones and tablets. Let's talk about this in more detail below.

How to set up your phone

If we are talking about the simplest push-button telephone, but with support for access to the Network and used in the Velcom network, setting up the Internet does not bring any problems to the owner at all, everything is done automatically in 99% of cases. This approach provides a special service, called the “Setup Wizard”. To gain access to the Internet, it is enough to register for the first time in the Velcom network - the Internet will be set up automatically, the phone will receive the necessary data for GPRS / MMS to work directly from the cellular network.

If the settings do not automatically arrive, you can use USSD-requests - dial * 135 * 0 # on the phone keypad and press the call key. PRIVET prepaid subscribers have a different way here - the combination * 126 * 0 # and the same call key. In addition, any subscriber can use the Velcom Internet subscriber service system. Internet setup using this system is carried out literally in two mouse clicks on the necessary items.

How to set up a smartphone or tablet

Most modern solutions running on Android are also automatically configured to access the Internet. If this does not happen, you need to follow several steps in the “Configuring Velcom Internet on Android” instructions.

velcom internet setup on android

These steps are:

  1. Turn off the smartphone (tablet).
  2. We insert the Velcom SIM card into the smartphone (tablet PC).
  3. Turn on the smartphone (tablet).
  4. When the smartphone (tablet) boots up, the SIM card will be detected and the user will be prompted to change the settings. You must accept the offer by clicking on the “Change” button.
  5. Go to the "Settings" and select the "SIM Management". Next, you need to find a menu like "Data Transfer".
  6. In the boot window, select the operator Velcom. Then there will be an automatic download, the process of which can take about one minute.
  7. Perhaps the most important: Velcom Internet settings on Android should contain the correct access point. We find the corresponding item in the "Mobile Network" menu, add a new APN and enter the following values. Mandatory fill four points:
  • Name - Value must be Velcom.
  • APN - value.
  • Proxy server - value
  • Port - The value is 8080.

velcom internet settings for android

We save the entered data and reboot the device. This completes the setup. Now you can take full advantage of access to the global network.


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