How to post a website on the Internet: action plan

The site begins with an idea that defines the main plan of action. The domain name and hosting are very important, but the name you need is not always free, and the chosen hosting will be reliable and stable. What should be considered when creating a site?

Domain selection and registration

The domain name is provided by the registrar of a specific domain zone. In one zone there can be several registrars that differ in prices and ways of providing services for registration and renewal of names. If the desired name is occupied in one zone, it can be free in another.

host a website on the Internet

For example, if you want to create a website in memory using the previously popular CheckIt program, it is natural to choose this word as the name. However, in the .info, .com and .ru zones it is occupied, but how much does it make sense to register in the .by zone? You can experiment with the name using the hyphen or adding other characters. But it will not always look the way you want.

Some countries make demands on the owners of domain names, forcing them to buy a domain name in the zone of their country or have a hosting in it. These limitations should be kept in mind.

If the desired name is occupied, and the choice of the zone cannot be changed, you should not be guided by the synonyms of the desired word. Very often comes the idea of ​​a completely original site name. Initially, it should be borne in mind: the site is the idea of ​​its owner (creator), which is born and develops, and not a specific implementation. A site that is not developing is of little interest to anyone.

Hosting Choice

The hosting service is offered by a large number of companies. It is important to choose a reliable organization with a good reputation that provides a stable and secure place for a site with developed technical support functions.

Modern servers and software are characterized by high performance and quality. It is not a guarantee that the hoster has its own physical servers in its country, but this does not always matter.

where to place the site on the Internet

It is very important that the hoster has sufficient experience and prudently takes care of all the possible needs of its customers.

Creating a site is not difficult, but as soon as the idea has become stronger, and visitors began to show interest in the site, it may be necessary to switch to a more advanced management system, for example, Bitrix. This will instantly lead to increased requirements for equipment and settings used software.

Site foundation

The question of how to place a site on the Internet, after choosing a name and a host, goes to the next stage:

  • what to write on;
  • who will write;
  • how development will be carried out.

There are only two options: hand-made development or the use of a modern management system. Both options are equally saturated with pitfalls. This is not to say that creating a “do-it-yourself” website is less promising than using WordPress, OpenCart, Bitrix, Drupal, Joomla, which start working immediately after installation and “do not require” the participation of a programmer.

But we can definitely say: each site management system will impose its opinion on how the site should look like, what should be in its functionality, how it should be maintained, upgraded, etc.

Site team

It’s not difficult to take the popular CMS and immediately place the site on the Internet. This option will simply require filling the site with the right content. The development team is not particularly needed, everything can be done with your own hands.

To hire a programmer who will do everything from scratch is also a good decision if he has sufficient qualifications and a desire to bring the job to the end. Usually, self-written development ends sadly: there is not enough patience with the owner (customer) or the desire to work with a programmer ends.

created a site how to post it on the Internet

The best decision is to take as a basis the plan that the site is, first of all, an idea that is developing, and therefore, it should be based on the team that will create and develop it. It is quite possible, and often this is the best option: create a site on the popular CMS, and at the same time develop your own dynamic project.

Sooner or later, the used CMS will show its limitations, its own option is dynamics, its own team, which provides every day the site works. In this case, there will be no question where to place the site on the Internet, when unforeseen circumstances led to equipment breakdowns at the host.

Incompatibility and likelihood of problems

Before deciding where to place a site on the Internet, it is necessary to determine how it will be created, on the basis of what tools and by whom. The developer or team will decide for themselves - where to do, what to do and how.

The choice of PHP and MySQL is a classic option, but not in all cases it will ideally satisfy all needs. It should be borne in mind also the feature of the modern stage of development of information technology. Incompatibility of versions even along one line of the program is the norm.

how to host a html site on the Internet

Incompatibility under the terms of the hosting is also important. Having created a site on one engine in one embodiment, you can get a real problem, how to place a site on the Internet on another hosting.

Moving to another hosting does not always happen without problems. The contract for the provision of hosting services in the vast majority of cases provides for zero legal liability of the hoster for the safety of data and transfers everything to the owner.

General site action plan

When I created the site, how to place it on the Internet reliably, functionally and efficiently? This is the owner’s concern and a very important point. If this circumstance is not taken into account, you can get noticeable downtime in the site, lose customers or lose reputation.

The main thing is the idea!

The question of how to place a site on the Internet should be addressed in the context of the mode in which it operates, how it is restored in case of unforeseen problems. An unambiguous solution: a site is, first of all, a person (development team) responsible for its working condition:

  • First, the idea and name of the site;
  • then the developer (team);
  • hosting and its own server, which runs a duplicate site.

The development process should be limited as much as possible from the use of well-wishers and related tools. Of course, all ideas of accelerating development through a network of repositories, cloud storage, development branches, numerous options for distributed management of website creation processes and programmers are interesting.

In particular, Bitrix is ​​very good, but Bitrix24 is a real opportunity to pass on your own idea and the process of achieving it to competitors.

There is always a risk of losing an idea, valuable information or allowing a competitor to confidential data. If the question of how to place a site on the Internet is considered very carefully, then there should be no extraneous clouds.

A specific plan for creating a web resource

How to host a site: HTML on the Internet is the most practical option, since the logic of the interpreter on the server is hidden. The problem with the JavaScript code will remain, it's hard to change anything here.

The browser language is always open, even if presented in an unreadable way. However, the programmer can develop such code that changes dynamically and at each moment of time in the browser there is only that HTML content that is acceptable and sufficient to display the functionality requested by the visitor.

In fact, the idea of ​​the site and the plan for its creation is not so much a technically familiar plan: registered a name, chose a hosting, typed a team and implemented the project. The idea of ​​the site is how to do something that will “live” stably, that is, function stably, reliably and adequately.

where can I put a website on the Internet

The question of how to place a site on the Internet is a secondary question. The main thing is to ensure the functioning of the idea in the official version on a reliable hosting and in a duplicate version on the alternate aerodrome. It is ideal to have both a website and your own server. You can always avoid any unforeseen situation.


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