Nail design that uses nail foil

Almost every woman likes to experiment with her manicure. And although the store shelves are now filled with nail polishes of various shades, extended nails are still very popular. One of the types of design is the design of nails using foil. Despite the fact that nail decoration in this way appeared a long time ago, it has not lost its relevance today.

Nails decoration

If you decide to try to make a similar design, the first thing to do is to prepare the necessary materials and tools. Foil for nails should be thin, it is best to take a shiny iridescent foil. You will also need scissors, glue or a transparent nail polish, a brush and acrylic paints in white and black, tweezers, cotton buds and fixing varnish.

There are several types of foil for nail design: sheet; embossed; transferable. In specialized stores you can see a wide range of shades, and you can choose the right color. Classic shades that fit any look are considered gold and silver.

Nail Foil

Foil for sheet nails attracts with its even, smooth surface. With its help, you can achieve the effect of "metallic". Using a special pencil, the foil is glued to the nail plate. The chaotic arrangement of pieces of foil on the nail looks spectacular, creating abstract, various forms, shapes and patterns.

The embossed nail foil differs from the sheet one by its unusual embossing, otherwise they are the same. Embossed foil is attached to the nail in the same way as sheet.

Transfer foil for nails is as easy to use as embossed with sheet. Glue is applied to the nail plate, in the area of ​​the future drawing. The foil is applied to this place with the front side, then it is held for some time in order to glue more firmly, after which the base of the foil is removed. Transfer foil is represented by a large palette of shades, often with various patterns.

To make this type of manicure, you do not need special skills. You can perform it without even having to do nail design professionally. Once you have purchased all the necessary tools, and our nail design kit is formed, you can proceed.

Nail Design Kit

First you need to cut the foil into pieces of different sizes and shapes. Also, you can buy it already cut into different size pieces of an abstract shape. Next, with tweezers we spread the foil on the nail. It can be either a pre-designed pattern or an abstract picture. The edges of the foil should fit snugly to the nail to prevent it from peeling off in the future. After that, we fix our work with varnish or paint. We are waiting for the curing agent to dry completely and give volume to our manicure. This can be done with acrylic paints or varnishes. We draw twigs, waves, various curls, flowers and so on on the nails . And most importantly - we cover the finished design with a fixer, preferably in two layers, for the longest possible effect.

Foil nail design is one of the easiest ways to design professionally. It is enough to have all the necessary materials and a little imagination.


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