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The production of isometric type vans is very important. This applies to the transportation of various chilled and perishable products. Each isothermal van is able to ensure compliance with all norms and rules of temperature conditions (both cold and warm). The principle of operation of such a body resembles a conventional thermos, which keeps a certain temperature. At the same time, the design of the machine must meet all standards of sealing and aerodynamics, especially with regard to transportation by refrigerator. Therefore, even in production, special requirements are imposed on it - the heat transfer coefficient, the isothermality and tightness of the body are checked in special laboratories.

DIY isothermal van


For the production of such machines, stainless, clad and galvanized steel, aluminum, reinforced plastic and laminated plywood are used. As a heater, polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam or polystyrene can be used. The base of the body is a rigid frame lift, which is mounted with fasteners on the chassis of the car along the frame. Double doors have rubber seals that help seal and protect against dust and moisture. Doors open 270 degrees, special power elements in the form of a latch and a cam make it possible to ensure their simplest and easiest opening, the doorway receives additional rigidity, and the likelihood of burglary is reduced. It is worth noting that GAZelle can produce an isothermal van on request, and it is very important to comply with all requirements.

refrigerated transport

Vans models

The basis of such machines are thermal insulation materials, which provide heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Transportation by refrigerator allows you to freeze products for their transportation, for this car is additionally equipped with refrigeration equipment. That is why isothermal models are the best option, which is perfect for solving various problems, and can be used in a variety of areas.

repair of insulated vans

There are currently several types of vans:

  • refrigerated vans and vans;
  • delivery vans and isothermal vans made of sandwich panels;
  • frame insulated vans.


In our country, the most popular base option for such vans are GAZelle cars. Today, there are two main types of construction - sandwich panels and frame. In the first case, the insulated van has multi-layer special plates, all panels are glued together under vacuum under pressure, which gives high thermal insulation characteristics and resistance to large temperature extremes and additional loads. The second type has an all-metal frame of three layers: galvanized outer sheets, heat-insulating materials in the middle and outer clad material. High-quality thermal insulation is ensured by a material thickness of at least 75 mm. The most modern technologies are used for the production of such machines, which allows them to provide durability, resistance to aggressive environments, natural phenomena and corrosion. This is what makes these vans durable and practical.

Perfect option

gazelle isothermal van

As already mentioned, in our country, an isothermal van based on GAZelle is the most optimal, profitable, popular and durable option. It is not only cheaper than imported counterparts, but also more economical, lasts longer, is unpretentious in maintenance and is perfect for operation in Russian conditions. Such cars feel great on domestic roads and do well with the tasks in any season. Of particular note are the new GAZelle NEXT models. These are modern cars for all occasions, which not only managed to fall in love with car owners, but were also noted by many experts in this field as cars that meet all the requirements of drivers.


The main requirement in the production of such machines is that they must have high-quality insulation in a circle (walls, floor, ceiling). As already mentioned, the usual foam (polystyrene foam) is most often used as a heater, the thickness of which should be a minimum of 40 maximum - 100 mm, there are modifications of 50 and 75 mm. When laying the insulation in GAZelle, the insulated van can be additionally treated by pouring polyurethane foam, which corners and cracks are smeared, which avoids the so-called cold bridges and provides the highest quality foam insert. It is worth noting that models with sandwich panels are considered the best options for installing various automotive refrigeration equipment.

Special development

The insulated van "GAZelle" is a special development of domestic specialists aimed at meeting the needs of companies, private drivers and small entrepreneurs in the transportation of perishable products, for which this or that temperature regime is very important. Thus, a large niche was occupied in the transportation of food, flowers, medicines and the like, where only imported and rather expensive vans with freezers were presented. The designers of this van were able to solve many problems, realize their ideas and, in the end, create a car that significantly differs from its competitors in airtightness, interior decoration and some other features, where the main indicators are the low price of the car compared to imported analogues, cheapness repair and original spare parts.

isothermal van

It is very difficult to create an isothermal van with your own hands, so if a person does not have the appropriate experience, it is better to contact good specialists. Naturally, you have to pay for work and materials. However, in this case, you get not only a good car that meets all the requirements, but also a guarantee for all work performed. If any problems suddenly arise, you can solve them without unnecessary expenses and as quickly as possible. It is worth noting that the repair of isothermal vans is also better to entrust to specialists.


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