The ongoing debate: which is better - acrylic or gel?

Visitors to salons offering nail extensions are most often interested in the question: "Which material is preferable, which is better - acrylic or gel?" In order to correctly answer the question posed to the client, the professional himself must understand the negative and positive aspects of the use of both polymers. We can say with confidence that today both gel and acrylic extensions are used quite often. And if the practicing master has already identified for himself the positive properties of the material used, then some negative points need to be paid special attention.

When choosing acrylic nail extensions, be prepared for an unpleasant odor - for some customers it is intolerable. A master who prefers acrylic for nail extension and works with this material for a long time, due to a developed habit, may not smell. Therefore, a salon offering acrylic extension of the nail plate must be equipped with powerful ventilation.

which is better acrylic or gel

Another unpleasant moment in acrylic building is allergic reactions that occur as a result of excessive contact of the monomer with the skin.

When answering the question of which is better - acrylic or gel, it is necessary to remember the individual structural features of the nail plate. If for some the ideal option is an acrylic system, for others it is exclusively gel.

In addition to the absence or presence of an unpleasant odor, special attention is paid to such a property as adhesion of the material used to the nail plate. Nails made by a professional master should last from 3 to 5 weeks. An improperly carried out extension procedure can lead to stratification and diseases of a natural nail, which is difficult to restore a healthy look. That is why, choosing a place where to grow nails, you must first verify the qualifications of the master. A professional who has been modeling nails for a long time and has a special education, like no one else can answer the client the question: "Which is better - acrylic or gel?"

acrylic for nail extension

What are these materials? A gel is a polymer that, when solidified, resembles fiberglass, gel nails have a strong shine and do not turn yellow over time, and a perfectly even surface looks very beautiful.

Acrylic, in turn, is very similar to plastic. Nails made using acrylic technology are most similar to real ones, they are also elastic flexible and plastic, but with time they may turn yellow. Therefore, most often masters combine two technologies together, that is, a ready-made acrylic nail is covered with a layer of gel.

where to grow nails

Extension procedures also have significant differences. The gel when applied to the nail bed spreads and takes on the necessary shape. Nails made using this technology are more fragile than acrylic.

The answer to the question of which is better - acrylic or gel, will be different for everyone, since everyone has different tastes and preferences, the main thing is not the material, but the masterโ€™s ability to use it.


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