Useful tricks for home. Housekeeping Secrets

Any work, including homework, requires a lot of effort. To simplify it, there are useful tricks for the house. These are the things that make everyday activities and worries easier.

A few examples

If after painting the brush remains in the paint so that it does not dry out, you can remove the brush in a plastic bag and close it tightly. Paint with metal objects will crack less if you wipe the surface with acetic solution before applying it and allow it to dry. Washing knives with hot water is not recommended. They are quickly dull from this. But pre-soaking for half an hour in a solution of kitchen salt will help to speed up their sharpening.

When staining window openings, you can rub a glass surface with a bulb or vinegar solution. Now, paint that accidentally lands on this surface will be easily removed.

We do useful things with our own hands.

Any person is pleased to look at their own creativity, and it does not matter what it can be.

useful tricks for home
The main thing is that this be done with a soul and delight the owner.

Useful homemade DIY products can be made from improvised materials, for example, you can make an original shelf from used tin cans. You can use it to store small things. But the main thing is that you can endlessly fantasize about the size and shape of a future masterpiece. First you need to prepare the jars, remove the sharp edges, if any, then drill holes at each point at each point, depending on how they are located. Fastening can be done with bolts or screws to each other. You can fasten it to the wall with an ordinary screwdriver, having driven the dowel into it first.

Useful homemade DIY products are invented by home craftsmen, not only from various materials, but also for different needs.

how to do everything in time
It can be devices for a summer residence or a city apartment.

Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is not the most favorite pastime of most women, but they do it and they know the secrets of quick cleaning at home, and most importantly - without loss of quality. There are many ways to help young housewives.

A simple way will help clean the iron from stains on the sole.

little tricks for home
You need to iron the salt sprinkled on a piece of paper. If the iron is equipped with a steamer, you don’t even have to touch the surface, just bring the sole to the salt and turn on the steam. After this, the dirt will settle on the salt, and the ironing surface will be well-groomed and smooth.

Kitchen rubber gloves will help to remove wool from furniture, it will stick to them and you just have to wash your hands.

Home Furniture Preservation Tips

Scratches on an old wooden table greatly spoil its appearance. Small tricks for the home will help get rid of them. A mixture of half a glass of olive oil and the same amount of vinegar should be rubbed into a tree with a damp cloth. After this procedure, the appearance will be transformed, and the scratches will disappear.

The appearance of a tap spoiled by water can also be transformed using vinegar. It must be left on the surface for a while, and then just rinse off with a sponge. If a stain of hot remains on the polished furniture, an iron will help to remove it. On a blot you need to put a dense rag soaked in water, pass through it with an iron for 15 seconds.

This version of furniture upholstery, like microfiber, is very beautiful, but not practical. Light furniture needs to be cleaned carefully. To do this, take a white brush and a sponge, moisten the latter with alcohol and wipe the places of contamination, later clean the dirt from the surface with a brush.

If there is a desire to lead the right lifestyle and abandon toxic chemistry, then you can replace it with natural means. For example, a lemon will help get rid of stains on plumbing.

Tips for Housewives

Gas burners are very dirty, but difficult to clean. You can try the following method. Put a burner in a plastic bag, pour a quarter cup of ammonia into it, leave overnight. After that, wipe with a regular sponge.

Wooden boards in the kitchen are always in use. To keep them clean, you can use this tool. To clean the board from contamination with a solution of two tablespoons of vinegar and water, after it should be wiped with half a lemon, dipping it in salt.

useful homemade DIY
Then rinse the board with water and rub vegetable oil into it with a towel. Such useful tricks for the house will allow a wooden board to serve for a long time.

It’s not an easy task to clean the oven. Simplify the task of soda and vinegar. First you need to clean the surface of litter, and then sprinkle copiously baking soda. Vinegar should be poured into a spray bottle, and spray soda out of it. To achieve the desired reaction of these substances, after leaving for 20 minutes, and then remove the composition with simple movements.

General tips

You can clean the blinds with a simple sock, put it on your hand, moisten in half with warm water in a vinegar solution and wipe the surface to the desired result. Traces of the marker can be removed using useful tricks for the home: using ordinary toothpaste, the trace is cleaned with a simple paper towel or rag.

You can remove the microbe from the kitchen sponge using a microwave. Put a washcloth in it for a couple of minutes, which will make it safe for future use. It is important that the sponge is not dry. Using these little tricks for the home, you can significantly save cleaning time and not feel like an eternal Cinderella.

Kitchen Utilities

There are useful tricks for home, designed for cooking, to comprehend all of them yourself, it will take more than one year.

- To beat eggs in a lush foam, the proteins are pre-cooled and add a little citric acid, but it’s better to beat the yolks warm with sugar.

- To get a beautiful crust on the meat, it is coated with honey before frying or baking.

- In order for the onion to stop bittering, it needs to be cut. After - pour boiling water for a couple of seconds.

- So that the eggs do not burst during cooking, they must first be washed with cold water.

- Any rice will become friable after cooking if it is pre-soaked for half an hour in cold water.

tips for housewives
- To give transparency, you can lower the cereal for a couple of minutes in boiling water.

- Pasta and rice will not stick together if you add a little vegetable oil to the pan or rinse with plenty of cold water after being prepared.

- In order for the salt in the salt shaker to always be friable, several grains of rice can be put in it. It will absorb excess moisture.

- To give a good appearance to a wilted onion or parsley, a solution of vinegar in a small concentration will help.

- If vegetables are immediately immersed in boiling water, then after cooking they will be much tastier. But if you start to cook them in cold water, then you get a tasty broth.

- To maintain the softness of the liver after frying, you must first sprinkle it with a small amount of sugar.

- Any vegetables are boiled over moderate heat and add salt only at the end. Thus, you can cook carrots no longer than 15 minutes, then it will not lose its taste.

- Milk will not burn on medium heat in a saucepan rinsed with cold water.

Applying homemade tricks, useful tips and accumulated experience of many generations, even a novice housewife will feel confident.

Time distribution

Many people think that they have limited time and for it they can not complete the task.

secrets of quick house cleaning
How to manage to do everything? First you need to organize yourself. This can be done in several stages.

- Make a to-do list.

- Stop being distracted by things not related to the case. This is especially true in our age of the everywhere present Internet.

- Determine your capabilities, do not take too many tasks. It is better to complete a couple, but with high quality, than a dozen, but with alterations.

- Keep order in the workplace. This is a way to keep your thoughts in order.

- Any business, including homework, can be simplified and optimized.

- The reward for successful execution is a great incentive to motivation.

- Do not save up unfinished business. They pull along more and more, and thoughts about them simply haunt. No one canceled the expression: β€œDid the thing - walk boldly!”

- If you need outside help, do not be shy to ask for it.


Such simple, at first glance, rules will help radically change the attitude towards life and its difficulties.

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And using small tricks for the house, you can significantly save cleaning time and not feel like a slave in your own home.


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