Speargun for spearfishing. Do-it-yourself spring-loaded speargun

In winter, there is enough free time that can be spent usefully. For example, to make a speargun in a home workshop. There is a wide range of modifications that can be made independently. The article will describe how to make a spring gun with your own hands.

DIY spring gun

Design of spring spearguns

The device throws the harpoon under the action of the energy of the spring or springs, which are in a compressed or stretched state.

In the design, the handle is located approximately in the middle of the weapon, which makes it more maneuverable and provides optimal balance.

Ease of modification provides a high degree of reliability. Spearguns for spearfishing are compact. This is especially true for models in which the spring is stretched, and the harpoon is placed inside it when charging. The handle is close to the barrel. These metrics help improve accuracy.

Spearfishing spearguns


The advantages of such weapons include light weight and accuracy, which contributes to the capture of brisk predatory fish.

If we compare the spring gun, the basis of which is compression, with a gun with rubber bands, the result of such a comparison will clearly not be in favor of the latter.

A shotgun with rubber parts has two times more than a spring. Soft gum deteriorates quickly. Fast moving parts (rubber bands and harpoon) are also ineffective. By the accuracy of the battle, it cannot be compared with a spring weapon, since in the last product the harpoon is in a long barrel, which serves as an exact guide.

Spring gun

Negative sides of the product

The spring gun has a high noise level when firing a shot. In the process of charging, the spring makes a creak. To reduce unwanted sounds, it is recommended to wipe the handle with a cloth moistened with glycerin.

Do-it-yourself spring-loaded speargun is difficult to do. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to get a stainless steel for the manufacture of a spring. The process of heat treatment of this part is also labor-intensive.

Do-it-yourself spring-loaded speargun

What materials will be needed?

To make a gun with your own hands you will need:

  • A metal wire with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 12-16 m. The wire will become a spring.
  • Duralumin tube. Its inner diameter can vary from 12.5 to 13 mm. The tube will be the basis for the barrel of the gun. Often, craftsmen use brass, which is almost not subject to oxidation in water.
  • For the manufacture of the barrel, you can use a regular ski stick.
  • Two plates of the same shape made of plastic, the thickness of which is 10-12 mm. The handle of the gun is made of plastic. The material for it can also serve as nylon, vinyl plastic, beech, oak and aluminum.
  • A rod of metal with a diameter of 6-8 mm. It will serve as the basis for the harpoon. You can also use stainless steel or silver.

In order to make a spring speargun with your own hands, you will need perseverance and patience, as the work is painstaking. The process will require a lot of effort and time, but the result will exceed expectations.

Spring speargun

Product Dimensions

The average spring shotgun made at home can be no more than 900 mm long. The distance from the hook to the hole should be at least 75 mm, and the weight of the product should be 1.5 kg.

Homemade device power

With proper observance of all the rules, it is possible to achieve that the product will be characterized by a sufficiently large shot power for hitting a medium-sized fish and light weight. The range is approximately 3 m.

Spring manufacturing

Many are interested in how to make a spring piston gun with your own hands.

Before processing the wire, it should be heated to 300 ΒΊ and cooled to room temperature. This technology helps to achieve the strength of the spring and its resistance to curvature. The spring is heated and bent so that its ends are perpendicular to the axis.

Start assembling an underwater gun at home should be from the spring. She is the most difficult part, and for its manufacture will need the help of professionals. The part is made by a lathe on the machine, then subjected to heat treatment. It is coated against rust.

The diameter of the spring should be 12 mm and the pitch should be 2 mm. Its length depends on the length of the barrel. Given that the working force of the spring is directed to compression, its length in this form should be 10 cm longer than the barrel. After a series of shots, the spring will be shortened by 1/5. The initial length is taken precisely in view of this deformation.

How to make a spring piston gun with your own hands


The clip is one of the components of a speargun. Its base should be brass, the thickness of which is 1 mm. Holes are drilled on it from the sides. It is better to cut them after bending the workpiece.

When assembling the clip, you need to solder it to the trunk. Fit parts through slots and holes.


The barrel length should be 600-750 mm. This length is optimal for hunting in reservoirs of any type.

A thread is cut at both ends of the pipe. Then a slot for the sear was cut through it. Its length should be 150-170 mm. Such a groove will allow for the regulation of the strength of the gun battle by the ordinary movement of the handle on the barrel. Holes are made in the trunk for a quick exit of water.

A dummy and a muzzle are machined from duralumin. A hole is drilled in the plug, into which a harpoon is then inserted to facilitate transport. When the barrel is ready, you can begin to manufacture the trigger mechanism and the handle.

Handle and start mechanism

In the clamped plates, holes equal to the diameter of the barrel are drilled. Then, the contours of the handle are cut out on the plate. On each plate, a cutter or file is used to select a starting mechanism, the depth of which is 3.5 mm.

Both halves of the handle should be connected to the barrel and pressed with screws. In front of the handle on the barrel by means of a clamping screw, a ring for stop is attached. This manipulation is carried out in order to prevent the stick from sliding along the barrel. The assembly of the handle of the gun is completed by the installation of a trigger.

The trigger mechanism includes a sear, a fuse and a spring. The manufacture of these components is not particularly difficult and is performed on a bench machine.

Harpoon making

Harpoon is the main part of the weapon. It is made of durable steel bar. Its diameter should be 5 mm. At the main end for installation, thread M5 and cut a hole for a line and harpoon. The rod should be hardened in an oven. In addition, a sleeve is machined for the harpoon. It is better to use stainless steel for this purpose.

The harpoon should have a diameter of 6-8 mm. A sleeve slides over the harpoon to which the tench is attached. The sleeve must be supported against the shank. It absorbs from the PTFE ring. The shank that fixes the harpoon is turned in the form of a collet.

The tip has a simple design. Additionally, a checkbox is made to hold the fish.

The harpoon tip must have a trihedral or tetrahedral, but not conical sharpening. Such arrows strike fish better and cut scales easily.

Fishing line

This is the last detail of the gun. It can be made of steel strip. The finished plate is attached to the barrel plug with a pair of screws.

When winding, the tench is laid under the plate. At the same time, it is tied to the front sight. During the firing, the tench easily leaves the plate and unwinds.

Making a liner

The insert in the design is designed to secure the flat spring return action. As a rule, its basis is textolite. It sticks to the clip, and after that the springs are glued to it.


The spring gun is assembled with rivets. Their base should be strong steel. A special hook is required for winding a harpoon line, which is made of brass or stainless steel. The hook is soldered to the base of the trunk. The springs in the fuse are usually used as a stopper for the two main positions. The basis is steel, the thickness of which is 0.5 mm. Usually use alloyed grades 65 or carbon categories U8, U10, U10 A.

Safety regulations

The spring gun described in this article should only be loaded in a pond. When approaching the coast, weapons are necessarily discharged. A shot is fired if the target is well traced, and the water is clear and transparent.

Spring Shotgun Description

Use of the product

When everything is ready, you should insert the harpoon into the barrel so that it rests against the stop, then press the spring to the sear to click. The sear is directed up, and the barrel is pressed by the sleeve. At the trigger moment, the spring performs translational movements, and then returns to its initial position. When the fisherman presses the trigger mechanism, the sear moves into the groove and frees up space for the spring sleeve. Unclenching, the spring helps to expel the harpoon.

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