Well to the country. With our own hands we dig a source of water supply!

Without a source of clean water, all the delights of owning your own country house are reduced to zero. You cannot water your lawn and do not fill the children's pool. Yes there! Even cooking will turn into that still problem.

do-it-yourself well
If you do not want to buy precious liquid in bottles, a well at the cottage will help you . It’s quite possible to dig it out with your own hands, and it will take relatively little time. For the cheapest option, you only need a screw, which can be made of steel pipe.

How to prepare a pipe

Naturally, just like that, you can’t drill a well for her. To do this, you will have to make some improvements related to the use of an ordinary fishing drill. But even reinforced cutting edges need to be welded onto its cutting edges, since otherwise it will not be possible to take it far into the ground.

It is best to use steel from files for this purpose. In addition, you need to get a wheelbarrow for transporting excavated soil, shovels and a pump with a sufficiently long hose.

Before you dig a well to the cottage with your own hands, let us again turn to the topic of pipe refinement. Stepping back from its lower edge a meter high, drill several holes (6 mm in diameter) for two meters. This is done so that its inner diameter does not clog during operation.

Getting started

borehole drilling
The place where you are going to carry out drilling work must be carefully cleaned of debris and leveled. After that, dig a small recess (two or three bayonet shovels) for a better direction of the drill, after which you can begin to work.

To enjoy all the benefits that a well provides to the country, you will have to work a lot with your own hands. To make the drill easier to enter the earth, at regular intervals it is necessary to get out and shake off the adhered soil. From time to time, the place of work is watered, which facilitates the passage of dense layers of earth.

As soon as the handle of your tool approaches the soil, it needs to be increased. After that, working with him may not be too convenient, you can stand on the table or something like that.

To what point to dig?

Your well to the country, which everyone can do with their own hands, will be almost ready when you reach the aquifer. This is easy to understand, since the soil being pulled out will be wet.

artesian well drilling in the country
After this, you can get a pre-prepared pipe. To prevent it from clogging, when lowering into the well, insert and remove the tool several times. So you will break possible traffic jams from soil which can clog your water supply.


As we already wrote, drilling a well in a country house provides you with a pump. It must be lowered into the well and pumped water, removing dirt from the aquifer. Since the buildup process is quite long, we recommend immediately to take care of the presence of a long drainage hose through which dirty water will be diverted away from the excavation site.

We described the manual drilling process. But if you need to drill an artesian well in the country, you will have to use the services of specialists, since you simply can’t get to the aquifers with a hand tool.

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