Rewriting - what is it? Beginner rewriting

Not everyone has ever heard of such a term as rewriting. What it is, even fewer people can explain.

About the meaning of the term

The word "rewriting" in translation from English means "rewriting the text." In this case, the essence of this work is fully disclosed by the meaning of the term. Rewriting is a work that involves transforming the source text into a new one by reformulating it in your own words.

rewriting what is it

Rewriting: what is it really?

In modern conditions, everyone is trying to earn a sufficient amount of money for a full life. Unfortunately, this is not always possible at the main job. Now for most people, especially young people, rewriting is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money without leaving their own home.

Almost everyone can conduct activities in this area. At the same time, for many, rewriting, along with copywriting, has already become not the additional, but the main source of funds.

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What is needed to get started?

One of the simplest areas of activity from the point of view of equipping a workplace is rewriting. What does this circumstance mean? A lot of people can do it. To do this, they need a regular computer. Moreover, even his old models are suitable for such work. You also need to get a good provider that will ensure uninterrupted connection to the global network.

In order to engage in rewriting, you do not need such high linguistic abilities as in the case of copywriting. The fact is that the essence of this work is not the development of a new text, but the rephrasing of an existing one.

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Advanced rewriting for beginners

The main difficulties for a novice freelancer who decided to work in this area will meet him at the very start of his career. The first problem will be the search for orders. Moreover, at the very beginning most often the rewriter does not have to choose. He will be forced to take even very cheap orders in order to gain experience and a certain rating from employers. In the future, if customers see that a person is quite qualitatively and scrupulously performing work for them, then they will offer a higher payment for rewriting. Prices in this case can reach a level of several dollars per 1000 characters. Of course, such a payment implies a really high-quality work with exact adherence to deadlines and strict adherence to the terms of reference. Naturally, the written text, the level of payment for which is so high, should be almost ideal in terms of spelling, vocabulary and punctuation.

The easiest way to start your rewriting activity is to register on one of the content exchanges. There is always a large number of customers. In addition, such online sites can virtually eliminate the risk of fraud on the part of the customer and the contractor.

About terminology

The problem moment at the very beginning of the work of any rewriter is the abundance of incomprehensible terms for him. One of the most important is the concept of "keyword". This term means such a word or their combination, which must be found in the text. At the same time, the customer indicates in what form and quantity the keywords should be present in the work performed.

Another important term is the concept of "anchor". It is a keyword that should be located approximately in the middle of the text.

It is also very important to remember the term "nausea". By it is commonly understood the frequency of occurrence of certain words in relation to the text as a whole.

Many are embarrassed to hear about the term "content." In fact, it simply means this or that information that is posted on the sites. In this case, the content may not be necessarily a text document, but also an image or even a downloadable media file.

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What is the key to success?

The basic rule in this area, as in many others, is a constant commitment to fruitful work. If a novice rewriter with all responsibility approaches even the most simple and low-paid orders, then his activities will certainly be appreciated. Most likely, after several successful works he will be offered more interesting orders, for which, respectively, higher payment.

At present, it is not so difficult to master rewriting. Examples of works of the most successful performers can always be found on thematic sites. After reading several texts of this format, the novice will begin to realize what exactly the customer expects of him.

The most successful rewriters are those who do not simply rephrase a particular text. A good specialist in this field is able to compose excellent content based on information collected from various sources. At the same time, he not only retells the read texts, but also changes their very structure, however, the main meaning should always be preserved.

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Area Benefits

A job like rewriting has several advantages at once. First of all, you can do it without leaving your own home.

For those who do not want to obey anyone, the ideal option is rewriting. What does it mean? First of all, the fact that no one will call the employee to his office and account for the order not delivered on time or show any penalties to him . At the same time, one should not think that such violations will go unnoticed. The fact is that it is unlikely that the customer will re-cooperate with an unscrupulous rewriter. So your reputation should be protected from the very beginning.

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The main disadvantage of such an activity is the fact that one of those areas where huge motivation is simply needed is rewriting. What does it mean? Nobody is forcing anyone to work here. Here you always have to tune yourself. In addition, in order to efficiently carry out orders, you must have certain skills in writing essays. At the same time, one must clearly understand what type of texts should use more lyrical digressions and artistic turns, and where an abundance of “dry” facts is necessary.

Also, from the shortcomings of this activity, it should be noted that already now programmers are trying to develop a service that will automatically rephrase the text. Such a program for rewriting is sure to significantly reduce the demand for authoring work. As a result, most specialists in this field will have to look for a new area of ​​employment.

How to improve your rewriting skills?

Even an experienced worker in this field should always try to gain new skills. So its content will always remain relevant to customers. At the same time, as practice shows, advanced rewriters earn an order of magnitude more than their less aspired colleagues.

A great way to increase skills in rewriting is to attend various seminars organized by the most successful specialists in creating quality content. You will have to spend a little money on attending such an event (usually the entrance cost ranges from 500 to 1,500 rubles), but as a result, a person will receive invaluable data that will help him earn hundreds of times more.


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