L-glutamine - what is it? L-glutamine: appointment, instructions for use and reviews

Many athletes are familiar with various amino acids, so they know that L-glutamine is just a conditionally interchangeable product. It is necessary for every athlete, regardless of his training and achievements. This amino acid is considered the most common in the body. It can be observed even in proteins of animal origin.

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What is a

Few people know that L-glutamine is a part of the protein from which the human body is formed. Athletes need it, as it contributes to the productive and effective growth of muscle tissue. In muscles, glutamine occupies about 60%, so you can not do without it.

The properties

Before you learn about how to take L-glutamine, it is worth considering its basic properties. These include:

  1. Anticatabolic effect. During exposure to glutamine, the stress hormone called cortisol is suppressed. In addition, this substance, entering the human body, reduces muscle breakdown, which is especially important for those who follow a diet or suffer any disease.
  2. Helps increase muscle and improve protein synthesis. Glutamine has a positive effect on the level of cellular hydration, which is the most important growth factor. Due to this, the substance in question was called a volumizer, that is, a volume enhancer.
  3. Providing detoxification of ammonia in the brain and liver. Glutamine is capable of transporting non-toxic ammonia for subsequent disposal in the kidneys and liver.
  4. Immunomodulation For cells lining the walls of the intestine, the substance in question is the main building material. In the human body, the intestine occupies the first place in the number of contained immunocompetent cells. Glutamine is actively used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and in order to accelerate recovery in the postoperative period.
  5. Acceleration of fat burning. If you use glutamine as a supplement, it will help reduce insulin resistance, thereby increasing the rate of muscle gain and burning of fat cells.
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Knowing that L-glutamine is a product that solves many problems, novice athletes want to learn more about its capabilities. First of all, it is worth noting its ability to normalize the functioning of the digestive system and significantly increase the activity of protein synthesis. In addition, with its help, neurotransmitters are formed, which are responsible for improving memory and concentration. Glutamine also helps in recovering from various injuries, surgeries or long-term illnesses. The amino acid in question takes an active part in the biological synthesis of carbohydrates and fat cells, and also protects liver cells from toxins.

Muscle action

As you know, the muscle cells of each person are 60% composed of amino acids derived specifically from glutamine and acting as containers of this element. As a result of intense physical exertion, its content in the blood decreases by about 20%, and consumption increases by 4 times.

Back in the last century, scientists found out the relationship between the level of glutamine in the blood and the rate of protein synthesis. As it turned out, the higher the level of this amino acid, the more efficient and more likely muscle cells will grow.

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Glutamine and Creatine

Often there is a problem with a lack of fluid in muscle cells. A combination of glutamine and creatine can quickly satisfy this need. This connection entails a stretching of the outer membrane of muscle cells, resulting in an increase in their volume. After taking these substances, the body absorbs a greater amount of fluid, therefore, blood pressure rises and muscles build up blood.

Daily requirement

To understand how to take L-glutamine, you should determine the daily requirement of a person for this amino acid. Studies have shown that 4-8 grams of powder or tablets are needed per day. In no case should you increase the dose, since the body simply cannot absorb the components.

Experts recommend dividing the daily allowance into two parts: one should be taken before or after training, and the second should be taken before bedtime. The first intake saturates the depleted pool, inhibits the catabolic process, and also triggers muscle growth. As for the second part of the product, it enhances the synthesis of growth hormone.

Admission Rules

An ideal option would be to use glutamine on an empty stomach. Experienced trainers recommend doing this about half an hour before a meal. This is explained by the fact that the amino acid needs time for assimilation by the body, because when other foods are consumed, the remaining important elements come along with them, and at the same time it will be much harder to digest with glutamine.

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Glutamine Sources

When people find out that L-glutamine is not a very cheap product, they immediately begin to think about whether they need it at all. Beginners, of course, do not want to spend money in vain, so they are looking for replacement options. Fortunately, glutamine can be found in almost all protein-rich foods.

Among plants, the right substance is found in beans, spinach, peas, parsley and cabbage. As for dairy products, it can be found in kefir, hard and processed cheese, as well as high-fat cottage cheese. Glutamine-containing animal products include cod, pork, lamb, chicken, pikeperch, perch and goose meat.

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L-glutamine Power and other varieties of amino acids in the case of prolonged use in increased quantities can harm the body. Most often, this manifests itself in excessive nervous excitability, sharp abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea. In addition, joint aches or individual intolerance to the substance may be observed.

Glutamine is not recommended for people with the following medical conditions:

  • liver
  • kidney
  • febrile syndrome;
  • anemia;
  • leukopenia.

Also, this amino acid should not be used while taking certain medications, since in combination they can dull or completely neutralize the desired result.


Today, manufacturers of sports goods, including food, create various products that are actively consumed by athletes. The following amino acids are especially popular:

  1. Powder
  2. Solgar.
  3. Extreme

Each of these products is popular for good reason. You can buy them in a specialized or online store.

Since glutamine is a source of fuel for many organs, you cannot say which of these products is superior to others. All of them are sold in the public domain, so you do not need to get a doctor’s permission. This can also be attributed to the benefits of each type of amino acid, because some sports supplements are sold only at the discharge of a specialist.

American products

L-glutamine Powder is a product from the well-known American company Optimum Nutrition, which creates various supplements for athletes, which do not contain excess components. And this glutamine is no exception. The main advantages include the prevention of overtraining, improving the immune system, as well as normalizing the quality of recovery. L-glutamine Powder reviews is pretty good. The main advantage buyers consider the ability to dissolve tablets in natural juices to obtain a more saturated taste.

In one serving of the supplement, exactly 5 grams of glutamine amino acid is present. It is not taken in its pure form - the tablet should be stirred in a glass of liquid (juice or water).

Such glutamine is even allowed to be used in combination with other sports nutrition, because in this way the products will strengthen each other. But at the same time it’s worth learning that glutamine and protein are not necessary to interfere. Most often, athletes combine it with creatine, and after half an hour they drink a protein shake.

The product can be purchased for 1500 rubles.

l glutamine powder reviews

L-glutamine Solgar

The manufacturer, known since 1947, supplies products designed for experienced athletes. This glutamine provides muscles with natural nutrition, improves the gastrointestinal tract, is ideal for vegetarians, acts as a dietary supplement and does not contain harmful components in the composition. All these points are the main advantages of the product. That’s why buyers love it and actively consume it.

As a dietary supplement, adults should take two tablets in the morning and evening. It is best to do this between main meals, but in no case combine with food.

The product contains the following components:

  • microcrystalline and plant cellulose;
  • plant stearic acid;
  • glycerol;
  • magnesium stearate.

Positive reviews often come about the fact that there are no tablets:

  • soybeans;
  • gluten;
  • dyes;
  • sugar;
  • preservatives;
  • artificial flavors;
  • sweeteners.

The average cost of such a product is 800 rubles.

L-glutamine Extreme

An innovative complex with glutamine is designed to eliminate the hindrances of muscle regeneration. One package is enough for more than a month of consumption, even taking into account the fact that the body uses the main substance in large quantities and quite often. In this complex, classic L-glutamine combines with N-acetyl L-glutamine, which gives even greater efficiency. The Extreme product is suitable only for experienced athletes, as for beginners this blow will be too big.

Together with the packaging, the buyer is provided with a special measuring spoon. It is she who needs to recruit the mixture (one serving - a full spoon without a slide). In total, you should take the supplement three times a day for 4 grams (spoon) and drink 300 ml of ordinary water. On training days, the first portion should be immediately after waking up, the second - after class, the third - before bedtime. On days of rest, only the time for taking the second portion changes - here it must be consumed between lunch and afternoon snack. It is allowed to start eating after an amino acid only after an hour.

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The price of the product is 2 thousand rubles.


Positive reviews for L-glutamine have been reported regularly. Glutamine is highly regarded by bodybuilding fans for participating in the synthesis of growth hormone and preventing large amounts of muscle loss. They also like this amino acid due to the smooth functioning of the immune system.

People who are aware of the need for this substance in their bodies regularly purchase it in specialized stores in their city or order it by mail. Athletes claim that glutamine really helped them achieve their desired results without harming their health. They strongly recommend that beginners do not try to increase the dose in order to accelerate the effect, because only in this case it will be possible to get the maximum benefit.

Athletes are constantly acquiring 1000 grams of L-glutamine packs. This amount is enough for them for a long time. The shelf life of the product is quite long, so it’s not worth worrying about the fact that it will deteriorate if you take only 8 grams per day.

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