Cat eye manicure (matte): description and tips

For every woman who tries to look beautiful in any situation, stylish manicured nails are of great importance. If you follow the fashion and its novelties, an unusual manicure “cat's eye” (matte) may interest you. You can even make it yourself, the main thing is to choose the right varnish and carry out all the work carefully. Our article will help to understand this issue.

matte cat eye

A new word in nail design

Matte “cat's eye” is a manicure that appeared relatively recently. Today, this idea looks fresh and not hackneyed. Deciding on such a manicure, you can be sure that you will not see the same nails in many employees and friends. Masters of nail art recommend this option to those who love everything unusual and spectacular.

Features of varnish "cat's eye"

Matte manicure in execution does not differ from glossy. But for the "cat's eye" you will need a special varnish. It contains metal particles, due to which an unusual effect of radiance appears, reminiscent of the semiprecious stone of the same name.

matte cat eye nails

Varnishes from different manufacturers differ in composition, properties and price. But most are intended for application in two or more layers. Step-by-step drying and the use of a special fixing agent will reliably preserve your matte nails. “Cat's eye” made with gel polish will last longer, at least 10 days. Normal varnish is not so resistant.


Before you start painting, it is necessary to carry out all the necessary hygiene procedures. Prepare your nails by treating cuticles, edges and plates, and then thoroughly degrease the surface. To keep the skin around the nails clean, it is convenient to use a special protective agent. Having finished applying the varnish, you can remove the dried film, and with it random droplets of varnish.

If you are using gel polish, start application from the base. It also needs to be dried under a lamp, but only 3-5 minutes. Apply the first coat of matte varnish “cat's eye”, 1 mm from the cuticle. Dry for at least 10 minutes, and then apply a second layer, starting from the very edge of the nail growth, "sealing" the slice. Dry under the lamp. Fixing agent also dries faster than varnish (the manufacturer usually indicates the required time on the packaging). The process should be completed by rubbing the nails with a sponge dipped in diluted alcohol.

For the effect, stronger in the middle of the nail, you can apply a strip 1-2 shades lighter than the main varnish. This will give the nails an even greater resemblance to a beautiful stone. By the way, matte and glossy varnishes are in perfect harmony with each other.

matte cat eye manicure

Manicure "cat's eye" matte, made with ordinary varnish, will take less time, because it dries much faster than gel. The application technology is the same: applying the first layer, then the second, drying. If possible, use a fastener.

Suitable accessories

Remember that the “cat's eye” matte is a very catchy and effective version of manicure. Try not to supplement it with bulky accessories with large bright stones. Nails will look much better if your fingers are decorated with laconic stylish rings. Stones of expressive colors can be combined with calm shades of manicure: gray, beige, black, milk. A combination of jewelry with a cat's eye or other stones resembling it may look unusual.


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