DIY snowplow: step-by-step instructions

Snow, of course, is good. But when its moderate amount. And in this case, residents of the private sector are constantly forced to clean it. It is often difficult to manually perform such work. Although a shovel is the right tool, it takes quite a lot of time to clean a large area. Let's talk about how to make a snow truck with your own hands. This will help save money and at the same time acquire the necessary equipment.

do-it-yourself snowplow

Snow Blower Overview

Such a useful technique appeared a long time ago. It was invented by a Canadian who was constantly forced to fight with mountains of snow near his home. Since then, snow blowers have improved significantly and become more productive, economical and easy to use. Before proceeding directly to the assembly work, you need to understand the priority design. That is, the snow blower will ride on his own or we will move it manually. The second option is cheaper and easier in technical terms. In general, we will consider several ways of how to make a snowplow with your own hands. More precisely, we will talk about cars of different types. But about all this in order.

assembly diagrams of the main elements of a snowplow

Auger snow blower

As a basis, we take an old engine from a walk-behind tractor. Such a motor is perfect for us. To assemble the auger body, we need sheet metal. The frame of the structure is made of a steel corner with a section of 50 x 50 mm. To organize the side parts you need the most common 10 mm plywood. We also need to hold on to something. A half inch pipe may be used as a handle.

The air intake of the engine, which will provide its cooling, it is desirable to further protect, which will eliminate the ingress of small particles of snow. The width of the car in our case will be no more than 65 cm, and its working body will clear the tracks with a width of 50 cm. This will give us the necessary maneuverability and ease of movement of the unit. Well, now let's move on to the practical part and consider how to make a quality snowplow with your own hands.

do-it-yourself electric snowblower

Screw making

A ΒΎ-inch pipe can be used as the screw shaft. It is necessary to make a cut on it, on which a metal spatula will be fixed. The principle of action will look like this. In the process of working on a transport tape, the snow that is being thrown will move to the blade. From there, he will recline to the sides. It is desirable to equip the screw pipe as follows. Install a metal spatula and four rubber rings on it. As a material for the latter, an old transport tape with a thickness of at least 1.5 cm can be used.

You need to understand that the screw tube will rotate in self-centering bearings. They must be closed. This will prevent moisture from entering the case and increase the durability of the unit. Transmission can be either belt or chain. The first is less noisy, but not too reliable, it can fail when jammed.

DIY snow blower how to make a homemade snow blower

Do-it-yourself auger snow blower: design drawings and assembly

The walls of the machine body must be larger than the screw itself. This is necessary in order to prevent grazing of the walls by the working body. Usually, an engine mounted on a snow blower can be used on other equipment at other times. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a quick-detachable design. A special platform is being built for this. This solution has many advantages. Firstly, cleaning the tool after work is greatly simplified, and secondly, after removing the motor, the unit will become much easier. All metal elements can be joined together by welding, but it is advisable to use threaded connections. Also, pre-prepare a drawing that will guide you in the assembly. After that, the unit can be put into operation.

DIY snow truck

Rotary snow blower

In terms of design, this unit is not too complicated. It is great for clearing snow in areas of any size. To assemble the structure you will need a lathe and a welding machine. In principle, such equipment can be found in almost any workshop. As a basis, we will use a gasoline engine, a throttle control cable and a gas tank.

First of all, it is necessary to select a workpiece from which a rotor will be made on a lathe in the future. If you do not want to mess with this, then you can buy it in a specialized store for little money. Externally, the rotor resembles a disk. When it is installed on the hub, then blades are attached to it, usually 5 pieces. The installation of the blades is preferably carried out by welding. The blades on the back can be equipped with stiffeners, which will increase the efficiency of the structure and its performance.

On the fan you need to put on a casing that will protect it from the ingress of various elements. It is worth noting that various assembly schemes of the main elements of the snowplow mean placing the cylinder head at different angles. It is best to place the cylinder at an angle of 90 degrees for effective cooling.

do it yourself snow blower

Do-it-yourself snow blower

Our rotary snow blower is almost ready. It remains to complete the assembly, and the equipment can be put into operation. The shaft must be planted on the rotor. It is mounted on a pair of ball bearings. Fixing to the body is best done using a pressure ring and a pair of bolts. Directly the rotor to the machine body must be secured with a bracket. She will also hold the clamping ring, which is very convenient. It is advisable to equip the machine with removable scrapers. This is necessary so that you can adjust the width of the grip.

In some cases, this is an extremely convenient feature, which, by the way, is not available in all purchased models. The snow throwing range in our case will be about 6 meters, and this with an aggregate weight of 18 kilograms. In general, you get a maneuverable and lightweight unit. As you can see, it is quite possible to build a snow blower with your own hands. How to make a homemade snow blower, we figured it out. Now some more important nuances.

Worth paying attention to

If any large and hard element, whether it is a stone or a piece of ice, gets into the engine, then it may fail. To prevent this from happening, insert safety bolts into the structure. Do not neglect the bearings of a closed type, but this has already been said a little higher. If you decide to make a snow removal unit with your own hands on an electric drive, you must understand that it will be effective only at short distances. Otherwise, such equipment is more economical and less noisy than a gasoline engine. But you have to get used to the wire that will haunt you everywhere. Pay attention to the material used in the assembly of the structure. It should be as light as possible, but durable. If the unit is too heavy, working with it will be problematic.

DIY snow blower for walk-behind tractor


You can make a snow blower for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands. Drawings in this case are simply necessary to use. It is on them that the main dimensions and design features of the unit will be indicated. In general, such a solution makes sense, especially since such a technique will move on wheels, which is very convenient.

We dealt with this topic. There is nothing complicated, but it will take time to assemble, as you need to buy something and grind some details yourself. When the assembly process is over, you can tidy up the structure. This refers to cosmetic work, such as painting, polishing, etc. As a result, your homemade snow blower will not be inferior to any purchased. But you will save a substantial amount, and you will gain experience in such matters and be able to give advice to beginners.


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