KSK "Nightingale Grove": horseback riding, horseback riding and photo shoots

One of the most famous and widespread ways of carrying out outdoor activities is horse riding. This type of physical activity not only trains strength and endurance, but gives unforgettable minutes of communication with the most beautiful animal in the world - a horse. In this article we will talk about KSK "Nightingale Grove".

A bit of history

This club was opened back in 1996. Already in 2003, the club moved to another place, expanded significantly and built a new stable. Currently, this KSK is located in one of the most beautiful places in Moscow - Elk Island. The stable is located next to a beautiful forest: here you can meet a variety of animals - moose, deer, wild boars, foxes and various birds.

Ksk Nightingale Grove Mytischi

Now in KSK "Nightingale Grove" in Mytishchi there are more than twenty horses, two spacious and warm stables are also built. In one stable there are horses designed to teach basic riding skills, and in the second there are horses suitable for people with sufficient experience and good skills. In addition, this club has one undeniable difference from the others, namely the presence of its own theater. It is engaged in productions of various performances and beautiful costumed rooms, accompanied by musical compositions.

But despite the fact that the club has several cardinally different directions from each other, its members are friendly with each other, maintain good relations, celebrate holidays together and just come to visit each other.

Horseback riding and horseback riding for children and adults

Equestrian club "Nightingale Grove" offers visitors a wide range of services. This includes horseback riding through the forest, and riding lessons with a trainer, as well as dressage and jumping. The duration of a horse ride through the forest is an hour and a half. It is possible to choose a group walk and paired with an instructor.

Ksk Nightingale Grove

Riding lessons can be attended by both adults and children from five years old. Classes for the lite program for the smallest last about forty-five minutes. From the age of ten, children are engaged in elementary education groups. There is also the possibility of individual lessons. Jumping and dressage lessons are offered for experienced people.

Activities for people with disabilities

Such classes are held with a trainer with a psychological education under the supervision of parents or accompanying people. The program is adapted individually for each child and includes a variety of exercises. The purpose of the lesson is to remove the psychological barrier, physical recovery and just a good mood.

equestrian sports club nightingale grove

other services

KSK "Nightingale Grove" offers the services of a photographer. You can become the proud owner of beautiful wedding or family photos. You can also shoot Lifestyle or Lovestory.

Also recently, outdoor activities and holidays in nature are gaining popularity. In KSK "Nightingale Grove" you can celebrate a corporate party, birthday, anniversary, just a picnic or family celebration. An individual approach to the organization of the holiday, selection of the program, interaction with beautiful horses, fresh air and beautiful landscapes is guaranteed.

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