"Shatura", furniture: customer reviews on quality

Since 1961, the history of the company "Shatura" began. Furniture customer reviews almost always received good, was in demand, because it was affordable at a price, of good quality and an extensive assortment. It wasn’t right away. The enterprise began from one workshop where wardrobes were made. Things went well, because in Soviet times, Shatura also made furniture with a soul. Customer reviews were already positive and grateful. During Perestroika, the company was undergoing profound transformations, which allowed it to expand production so as to become the largest in the domestic industry in furniture production.

Since the mid-90s, the company has remained the leader in this market segment. The Russian Chamber of Industry often notes the company's products with medals - silver and gold. The assortment is constantly updated, new models are being mastered, which are in great demand among the population of the whole country. That is why Shatura furniture receives more and more customer reviews every year.

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New time

Today, household cabinet furniture is produced, which is designed for middle-income people, as well as office furniture for medium and small businesses. The skill of the company's employees is being improved more and more, and therefore Shatura furniture, according to customer reviews, is most often noted as modern, convenient and inexpensive. Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, children's rooms and bathrooms, kitchens, office furniture for operational staff and managers are made. And reviews can be found on the network for almost any model, and in large numbers. And among them it is very difficult to detect the negative, since they are mostly grateful.

Probably, for the staff of the enterprise, these customer reviews on the quality of Shatura furniture are more expensive than all gold and silver medals. Although the awards are deserved precisely because the company maintains strictest control over the main technological processes. This also applies to the production of chipboard, and lamination, and cutting, and machining, and finishing. Defective production is minimized, poor-quality deliveries cease immediately after the discovery of a mismatch of materials to the proper quality. The equipment is also used the most modern, but this will be described in detail below. In specialized stores , sellers are usually well trained, they are competent in their advice and try to help customers.


Customer reviews about the quality of Shatura furniture precisely because of this contain for the most part high marks because the work is carried out on the main conveyor, which is completely remodeled and equipped with German Zimpelkamp equipment. The stove is also produced on the most modern line from Vemhorner. This equipment is unique, it has no analogues not only in Russia, but also in all territories of the former Soviet Union. Cutting the plates is carried out using special carbide saws, here is also the German equipment from Holsma. Milling and doping is done using the fully computerized German and Italian equipment Weeke and Morbidelli. Finishing work with enamels is carried out automatically, with Chefla tools.

Recent customer reviews of the quality of Shatura furniture (2017) indicate very interesting and exceptionally wearable textures used to make the latest models. These are textures produced by the German company Schattdecor, they are resistant to moisture, temperature, abrasion. And in the reviews, an impeccable coating with glossy varnish is noted. This is probably the only domestic manufacturer who has almost no complaints about this. And it should be noted that absolutely all products of the company undergo mandatory state certification. Brand stores proudly present customers with information about their products, and customer reviews about the quality of Shatura furniture (2017) are reasonably high. Appreciate the unique technology of service standards.

marquee furniture customer reviews about quality

Interesting Facts

The company has a quality control system that checks the conformity of product quality at each stage of its manufacture. This is the center of video monitoring, and attracting mystery shoppers to the audit. JSC "MK Shatura" thanks to many efforts and the introduction of the most advanced methods of labor organization has been and remains a leader among the largest furniture manufacturers in Russia. Repeatedly, Forbes magazine included this brand in the ratings of the best-selling in the country, where among the most famous products bought every day, such as Sloboda, Prostokvashino, Klinskoe, the fifty best were bought most often once or twice in life furniture "Shatura". Quality reviews cannot be faked, there are too many of them, and they are all written about different things, but they say the same thing - thank you. Repeatedly, the furniture factory also received the high title of the leading enterprise in the All-Russian contest "The Best Enterprises of Russia".

The uniqueness of furniture collections is also always noted by reviews about the quality of Shatura furniture, which is provided by high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. For example, a laminated plate of our own production (class E1) is used, which meets the highest international standards. Workers at the enterprise are only the most highly qualified; they have undergone special training in their profession. And, as already mentioned, internal quality control is very effective. The operational properties of this furniture are very high, excellent design, the furniture is reliable and functional, which is confirmed not only by multiple victories at all-Russian competitions, but even more - by many thousands of grateful reviews.

shatura furniture 2017 customer reviews about quality


The beginning of the twenty-first century brought the Shatura brand the greatest recognition among international and domestic furniture brands that have ever been on our market. There were a lot of literally admired reviews of furniture manufacturers about Shatur: colleagues looked at the products of this factory even with a certain envy, put her work as an example, and equal her. Fame contributed to the creation of its own distribution network, which to a large extent ensured success in the sale of finished products. It was the first in Russia and still the most extensive system of numerous outlets owned by the company. In Russia and the CIS countries, there were already then more than four and a half hundred company stores. Now very often you can see customer reviews with photos: Shatura furniture and its lucky owners.

The business is constantly developing and improving, the structure of the company is organized in such a way that the established production flow is not disturbed in any of its areas, despite the fact that Shatura is now based on an increasing number of geographically separate and economically independent business units, that is, divisions within one legal entity. Units interact according to the rules prevailing in the domestic market and as close as possible to the rules of the external market.

Gradually, a situation developed that led to the opening of a trading company. It was created in 2003 with its head office in Moscow and units operating in all major centers of Russia. Production itself is the main link that provides the entire distribution network with finished products, while the Shatura trading company is engaged in sales. Production business units, a network of company stores, management of all this “commodity pipeline” - this is the structure of the company today. She proved to be extremely effective, as evidenced by reviews of Shatura furniture.

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Many residents of our country praised the furniture of the Rimini line. Where did such a refined, truly Italian style come from in the Moscow Region, where the main production of the Shatura company is located? As it turned out, our furniture factory has friendly relations with colleagues from Italy, which have been going on for many years and help to mutually maintain furniture production at the most modern level, not a step behind the rapidly changing fashion and consumer wishes. Hence the mutual influence on the creativity of furniture manufacturers of the two countries, hence the furniture near Moscow acquires some features inherent only in magnificent Italy, with its love of comfort and beauty. And therefore the company "Shatura" receives reviews: "Upholstered furniture is excellent, it is really upholstered, like the Italian summer!".

Recently, a joint project was developed in which the mayor of Rimini, a city with great traditions of history and culture, participated. The project is called "Affordable Italy." Thanks to him, Rimini furniture buyers not only at home can enjoy the Italian interior, but they have a chance to visit Italy and visit the hospitable Andrea Gnassi. The history of Rimini is truly majestic, it has the highest tragedies, and an amazing light, and the serenity of creativity.

Furniture of the same name is just as good. In it, the designers of the company "Shatura" found the exact proportions, the elegance of textures and the simplicity of the lines. For more than six months the collection was developed, and therefore the smallest details turned out to be honed, therefore all the elements and details of the style were observed. What reviews about Shatura furniture are now appearing! Bedrooms and living rooms are especially often mentioned in them. The Rimini line, judging by the number of reviews, is in exceptional demand.

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One has only to look in the catalog and see this enormous number of units of products, and immediately an understanding comes, due to which the success of this company has appeared and is increasing. Consumer demand is huge, but supply is huge. Here you can truly find everything your soul desires. And creates with great love for future owners, according to reviews, "Shatura" furniture. The bed is wide and comfortable, the wardrobe is functional and roomy, and all together is also extremely beautiful. And all because the huge work of the creators of this comfort has been invested in every element of the headset and any of its fragments. Reviews about the work in "Shatura" (furniture) mainly speak of a lot of work. Here it is necessary to mention the real hopelessness and pain, which spills over the edge from each line when you have to read the reviews of employees of the unit located in the Saratov region. This is a very difficult topic, but it will have to be touched a little lower. First, the benefits.

First of all, reviews of Shatur employees about furniture speak of durability, reliability, practicality and functionality. Mechanical damage to products is not terrible. And, of course, a lot of words about style, about design decisions. They really deserve the hottest compliments. The most important thing for buyers is the cost, and it is available to a very wide range of buyers. Everything is fine in these samples, even children's furniture "Shatura" reviews are very numerous and always grateful. All objects perfectly fit into any interior - both in residential and non-residential premises. The design of all this furniture allows you to harmoniously decorate the living room and bedroom, the nursery and the hallway, the kitchen and the bathroom, the cafe and restaurant, the office and the beauty salon.

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In 2003, the already prosperous company "Shatura" acquired the largest furniture production - "European furniture company" (the city of Balakovo, Saratov region). This enterprise was in crisis and almost completely stood idle. But even after investing several tens of millions of rubles in the new acquisition, the business in Balakovo went very tightly on the way. Employees and workers are literally in poverty (here comes the tearful reviews of work that does not bring either moral or material satisfaction). The parent company, one might say, despaired. And in 2015, she decided to sell this unit.

By that time, EMK had already managed to recognize both the rise and the new fall. Production again began to stand idle, a wave of layoffs swept, the company switched to a three-day work week. And in July 2015 this complex, together with production and property, was auctioned - all equipment, warehouses, structures and buildings. An area of ​​almost two hundred thousand square meters with all office and production facilities was sold for six hundred million rubles. However, it was not possible to sell even for this amount. And until now, the Shatura furniture company consists of five main business units.


At the beginning of the 2000s, the furniture company made many changes and reconstructions, as a result of which five main business units were formed in its structure.

1. "Shatura-furniture", founded back in 1961, is the historical core of the entire enterprise, producing the bulk of production.

2. Trading company "Shatura", established in 2003, is the main link for the sale of products that are produced at all production sites.

3. EMK (European Furniture Company), located in the city of Balakovo, became a part in 2003 after the acquisition by Shatura of its assets.

4. "Shatura-slabs", formed in 2004 by allocating it from the general structure of production in Shatura for the production of chipboard.

5. "Shatura-ISC" - is an engineering and service center, which was founded in 2005 after the restructuring of production in Shatura.

The coordination and administration of the activities of all business units and the implementation of a number of service and centralized functions are carried out by the management company established in 2002. As already mentioned, all business units are structural units united by a single legal entity, but all are independent in business decisions. They interact in much the same way as if guided by the rules of the external market.

Now about furniture!

For more than fifty-five years, not too expensive and high-quality furniture has been produced, which is very popular among consumers of various levels of solvency. Another significant plus is that Shatura has no intermediaries, they do everything on their own from scratch to the release of finished products, which are sold through our own outlets. Therefore, the buyer gets the furniture without any intermediary margins. First about cabinet furniture. All its widest assortment can be viewed in detail on the official website, which presents a complete catalog of products manufactured by the enterprise. And even immediately buy it right there, in the online store.

The color scheme is extensive, the design is the most diverse, the finish in all kinds of options. This is really the best domestic furniture, from the assortment of which you can choose everything that suits your personal taste, and the choice is practically unlimited. The catalog includes an incredible amount of original, freestanding pieces of furniture, as well as compositions for absolutely any room. There is office furniture, and upholstered furniture for the living room, and luxurious for bedrooms, and comfortable for kitchens, and it is impossible to list everything. The most sophisticated buyer should be satisfied.

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Living rooms, bedrooms and more

Sliding wardrobe, cabinet furniture, interior doors require the highest technology in the manufacture of their application, since this procedure is very complicated. "Shatura" copes precisely thanks to modern equipment and highly qualified specialists. A rare apartment can do without upholstered furniture, most likely in our time there is already nothing. And how difficult it is to choose from a huge number of couches, armchairs and sofas that are created in Shatura! Upholstery from new environmentally friendly and high-tech materials with excellent durability, pleasant to the touch and at a glance, will surely make the apartment even more comfortable and cozy. In addition to the already considered Rimini line, Shatura has many bedrooms in other designs, where noble luxury also prevails. For example, the "Dante" bedroom (there is also a living room in this line), made in the color of "Night Renoir" (similar to a nut), with interesting reliefs on the facades - patina inserts. The head of the bed is figured, the same pattern at its foot and in the decoration of the mirror. Accessories are the highlight of this collection: all the hinges are German - Hettich, from there the guides, and the Italian handles - Deco Style.

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