Remarketing is a Google Adwords contextual ad tool. Examples

Probably every Internet user noticed that the advertisement is "getting smarter" with a frightening, just supernatural speed. In fact, once you visit the site, its advertising begins to literally haunt you. Of course, there is no mysticism in this - just an effective application of such a marketing technique as remarketing (or retargeting).

What is remarketing

In fact, remarketing is a personalized banner ad, that is, an ad aimed at a specific user after visiting some sites using this technology. Remarketing allows you to show advertisements to users who have already visited your site or have worked with the application in order to return a potential customer. Remarketing technologies are distinguished from regular banner advertising by their deeper personalization, which is based on the recent activities of the user on the Internet. Thus, the ad unit is more likely to coincide with your latest interests.

The main goal of remarketing, like any other advertising technology, is to increase sales efficiency. An important factor that determines the effectiveness of remarketing is that such ads are less likely to cause irritation or rejection.

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How is remarketing different from retargeting?

In general, the concepts of remarketing and retargeting are identical. Both of these technologies are powerful online marketing mechanisms provided respectively by Google AdWords (in the case of remarketing) and Yandex.Direct (in the case of retargeting). The difference is only in the name and a little in the functionality, which is still wider in Google AdWords. But the principle of operation is the same: you go to a site using the technology of promotion AdWords or "Direct"; Further, the advertising of this site begins to “haunt” you; you, unable to stand it, click on the banner and - voila! - Become a customer of this company.

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How does remarketing work?

In order to use remarketing technologies, when developing a site, you need to embed a small fragment of java code into it that does not affect the resource’s performance. This is necessary so that each time you enter the site, the server creates anonymous cookies and sends them to visitors' browsers. Users usually don’t even know about it, but when they continue to use the Internet, advertising providers place your ads on the pages where they go.

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Practice remarketing technologies

Here are some examples of remarketing. In 2016, a small hotel business company halved the cost of outdoor advertising, and connected the remarketing services of the Display Network with saved money. As a result, the volume of orders increased significantly and profits increased. It is interesting that when investing in contextual advertising 28 thousand rubles, the company received more than a million profits.

In addition, to point out striking examples of remarketing, just recall any popular online store. In these cases, the use of this online marketing tool allows you to increase the brand’s popularity, stimulates multiple visits to the site, and also increases ROI.

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Remarketing Benefits

  • Attracting customers willing to make a purchase. AdWords services allow you to provide the user with information about your company either after they visit your site, or after a search query entered by them that somehow relates to the services you provide. In any case, he is likely to see your advertisement at the very moment when your ad can interest him as much as possible.
  • AdWords allows you to customize user lists based on the direction of your ads. For example, you can select in a separate list of visitors who added goods to the basket, but for some reason did not make a purchase.
  • Breadth of coverage. Google AdWords is turning more than 2 million online resources and mobile apps into your potential customers.
  • Effective price management. Using online auctions, AdWords technology calculates the best price for an ad based on the information about the user who sees it. Access to auctions is free.
  • Access to campaign statistics allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising.

Google AdWords remarketing

Google AdWords remarketing

Google AdWords services offer several types of remarketing campaigns:

Standard remarketing is the display of ads to users who have previously been on your site when they view other resources on the Display Network or work with mobile applications.

Dynamic remarketing is a more effective way of Internet promotion, in which a potential client sees an advertisement of exactly the products that he was interested in on your company’s website. Dynamic remarketing has the following advantages over standard remarketing:

  • reflection of changes in your assortment;
  • the ability to determine the best deals for each advertisement using the recommendation system;
  • determining the effectiveness of the ad layout for a particular visitor and platform;
  • Bid optimization for each ad serving.

Remarketing in mobile applications. After using your mobile application, users will be able to see your ads on other platforms and applications.

Remarketing lists for search ads. To attract so-called “off-hook buyers” back to your website, you can show them ads when they use search engines to find the right products and services. To do this, you’ll need to properly set up remarketing lists for search ads.

Remarketing for videos. Users who have watched your YouTube videos or subscribed to your video channel will be able to see your ad when watching other videos, as well as on sites and applications on the Display Network.

Use remarketing email addresses. You can add email addresses provided by visitors to your site to your remarketing list. Then they will see your ad when working with Google Search, YouTube and Gmail.


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