How to enter "Contact" if access is blocked or blocked?

How to get into contact if access is denied

If you are a lover of social networks and active communication, then surely at least once wondered how to enter the "Contact" if access is denied. In this article we will tell you why the account is blocked, and how to be in this situation.

The main reasons for blocking / freezing and restricting access to the profile

  1. The presence of the virus. This manifests itself in the following way: you go to your page on the site and see a message about its hacking and a proposal to restore access by sending SMS. I would like to warn that such messages should be ignored. Using the VKontakte website is absolutely free. The mobile number to which you linked your account can only be used to receive incoming messages from the site administration and when recovering a forgotten password.
  2. Subpage. This is again the tricks of scammers. When you enter the site address, the browser redirects you to another page similar to yours. Externally, distinguishing between a real and a fictitious profile is quite difficult, they are very similar. Such pages are created in order to entice user logins and passwords.
  3. Error 404.
  4. Spamming For multiple monotonous messages sent to other users, your account is blocked.
    How to get into contact if access is closed at work
  5. Joining multiple groups, publics, communities for a short period of time.
  6. Wrong username and password.
  7. Workplace restrictions.

Below we will tell you how to enter the "Contact" if access is denied

What needs to be done to restore access?

Now we will consider how to behave in the situations described above. How to enter "Contact" if access is denied?

  1. If there is a virus on the computer, you must remove it. This can be done with the help of antivirus and healing utilities. If the current protector on your computer did not notice the spyware program, then it is better to download and install another one.
  2. If you notice that the browser redirected you to a dummy page, it is recommended that you clear your browserโ€™s cache and scan your computer for viruses.
  3. Check if you have access to other sites, maybe your Internet just doesnโ€™t work. If other resources open, it is worth looking at your browser settings or contact your provider.
  4. In a situation where the mailing was not done by you, and there is a suspicion that fraudsters are operating under your data, you should immediately change the password.
    How to log in to VK if access is closed
  5. Do not overdo it when joining groups, it is better to do this in a dosed manner.
  6. How to enter VK if access is closed due to a forgotten password? Use the link "Forgot Password". A reminder message will be sent to your mobile number, to which the page is linked.
  7. How to enter "Contact" if access is closed at work? Contact your management with a request to open a site or use an anonymizer, which allows you to find out what exactly blocks access.

These are the basic guidelines for using the site. We hope that after reading this article you will understand how to enter the "Contact" if access is denied.


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