Sinusitis Treatment At Home

Many people have experienced for themselves what sinusitis is, but not all of them know that it can be treated not only in medical institutions, but also to treat sinusitis at home. Usually, acute inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary) sinus occurs with various infectious diseases, such as flu, measles, scarlet fever, but it is possible to get inflammation with a common cold.

Symptoms of the disease are stress and palpable pain in the inflamed sinus. There is a violation of the olfactory analyzer and nasal breathing on the side affected by the disease, sometimes there is severe pain in the head in the forehead, it is felt even when chewing. The pain may be in the teeth. Usually, in order to cure sinusitis at home, various medicinal plants are used.

For those patients who do not have purulent chronic forms of this disease, doctors recommend the use of St. John's wort herb infusion, made in the proportion of a teaspoon of dry grass to a glass of water. This infusion is done by washing the sinuses. The anti-inflammatory effect of St. John's wort is widely known. In addition, it helps to treat sinusitis at home, enhancing the protective effects of white blood cells, and helps to restore the affected tissues. It is not for nothing that they consider it an antibiotic. Doctors also recommend inhalation from infusions of coltsfoot or lavender.

From various medicinal herbs, you can prepare different medicines at home.


To prepare the ointment, you should take in the amount of one teaspoon of juice of onions, Kalanchoe, aloe and cyclamen root, which can be found in the flower shop. Add one teaspoon of Vishnevsky ointment and mix everything. Wind the cotton wool on the matches, soak in the mixture and insert for half an hour into the nostrils. Such treatment of sinusitis at home for twenty days cleans the maxillary sinuses.  


You should rub the skin over the sore spot with garlic, and then rub juice from the burdock root mixed with birch charcoal for half an hour into this place. There are two or three such procedures.

Flushing the nose.

Add a small amount of potassium permanganate or iodine to warm water and treat sinusitis at home by washing the nose with this solution.  

Nasal instillation.

Take chamomile flowers pharmacy 10 grams, marsh coughweed 10 grams and St. John's wort grass 15 grams. Brew each of the herbs separately in a glass of boiling water. The resulting infusions need to be mixed, and then instill five drops into each nostril three times a day. The same mixture of infusions can also be used for inhalation. In total, you need to make a course of ten inhalations lasting five minutes. A good effect is given by instillation of the nose with prickly tartar juice. Such procedures should be done for ten days in the morning and evening, five drops in each nostril. And another way to treat sinusitis at home is ghee. You need to lie on a pillow with your head thrown back and drip 5-7 drops into each nostril of ghee.


Strongly heat the red brick, then put it in a basin or bucket, pour over tea mushroom on top . You should breathe over this steam with your head covered. After the procedure, drink half a glass of mushroom and use the same mushroom to drip your nose into each nostril for 3-4 drops, after all, go to bed. The course of such procedures should be done ten to twelve days, then a break for a month. If necessary, the entire course should be repeated.

Paraffin Warming.

Treatment should be carried out for ten days. First you need to soar your feet in hot water with mustard for twenty minutes, and then apply warm paraffin with a brush for drawing on the skin in the region of the maxillary sinuses.


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