Manicure, blue color: useful tips and features

The most attractive are those people who, with all their looks, convey one whole image. And do not assume that it is characterized only by clothes. In fact, the image of a person makes up many important criteria: makeup, hairstyle, accessories, perfume and, of course, manicure.

What is the key to a beautiful manicure?

Blue manicure
Making nails beautiful and neat, you need to consider many nuances. For starters, this is nail care itself. Before staining them, it is worthwhile to arrange a moisturizing bath for your nails, carefully cut and file, remove the cuticle and wipe it dry. It is sometimes advisable to take a course of vitamins and rub special oils into the nails - this will help them maintain their beauty longer and not break.

It is no less difficult to choose a high-quality varnish. It should be liquid and without lumps, with a valid shelf life, readable packaging and without damage to the bottle itself. This is very important, because it directly depends on how your manicure will look. Blue, red, black and other bright, catchy shades deserve special attention, because you need to select them exactly to match the clothes.

What additional accessories can be used with manicure?

Manicure blue nail polish
You can decorate any manicure with sparkles, sprinkles and glitters. Even the usual, blue or red, can be turned into an elegant fashion trend, just holding the nails over the steam until they dry completely (from this they become matte).

In a combination of different techniques and materials, it is important not to cross the line between style and vulgarity. Some use neutral varnishes and catchy sparkles, while someone combines everything bright, but at the same time puts additional accessories only on some fingers.

From glitters, you can create ornate patterns on your nails; sprinkles are used along the entire length of the nail or dividing it diagonally, vertically or horizontally; sparkles can create the effect of volume on the nails. Each of the options is good in its own way, but only in moderation and taste.

What colors blend best?

Any fashionista is faced with the problem of successful combinations of colors and shades. Indeed, the right combination is a very important decision for your image. The most advantageous combinations are: black-and-white, black-red, red-golden, green-silver, blue-silver, yellow-black-red-pink, lime green, violet-white and others. Among such an abundance, it is difficult to choose one thing and find the option that will appeal to you the most. To do this, you need to constantly experiment and choose what will still be more to your liking.

Of course, there are "eternal" options that are always relevant. One of these can be safely considered a skillfully executed manicure - blue.

Why is it blue?

Manicure blue color

Blue is one of the main three in the entire color spectrum. Thanks to him, all other colors are created, and that is why he is one of the most universal in manicure. Such a color of the nails does not have to be perceived by the person as excessively bright, in fact, this color can be suitable for both evening manicure and business style (especially if the form itself involves the use of a blue suit or strict accessories of this color).

Here are some of the most successful combinations with blue (not counting its many shades): manicure white-blue, black-blue, yellow-blue, blue-silver, blue-golden, jacket with blue, blue-brown, blue-orange etc.

The two most popular workshops with blue varnish

Of course, you can already be sure that a manicure, the blue varnish of which is the basis, will look advantageous in any case. But it’s better to use proven options.

Manicure white and blue

Manicure "marine"

  1. Cut strips of adhesive tape of equal width or buy ready-made bases in any cosmetic store.
  2. We apply the varnish base.
  3. We color the nails in blue and let them dry completely (naturally or using special varnish-drying).
  4. Alternately, at the same distance, glue the strips on the nails, in the necessary spaces we paint them white.
  5. Apply a fixative.

Another variant of manicure looks no less advantageous.

Blue french

  1. We apply the varnish base.
  2. We cover the nails with a soft pink or pale beige color and let them dry completely.
  3. Special strips separate the upper part of the nail and cover it with blue.
  4. Additionally, you can sprinkle them with sequins or immediately apply a fixative.

These two options are suitable for everyday and business look, respectively. For each of them you can choose your own accessories: for business - a neat scarf, a hairpin and a suit of the corresponding color; to everyday wear - a vest, rings, numerous bracelets of all shades of blue.

Thus, if you want to make an unsurpassed manicure - the blue color will definitely emphasize your image and will definitely make you bright and beautiful!


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