Sample storekeeper resume: job seeker tips

The profession of a storekeeper has long been in demand. Today it has not lost its relevance, honest, competent, attentive and responsible warehouse workers are always highly valued by employers. If the above qualities are present, then you should think about mastering this profession and study the sample resume of the storekeeper, which in the future will help you easily get a job.

sample storekeeper resume

Profession Features

Probably everyone knows what the warehouses look like. This is a clearly structured unit in any organization, a kind of platform with racks on which raw materials for production or finished products are stored.

The work of the storekeeper involves first of all the observance of order and the commodity neighborhood (if we are talking about food products) on their site. In addition, do not forget about the liability for the property of the employer. It does not matter what will be stored on the site, how much, the storekeeper is responsible for receiving products, placing them on the shelf, storage and delivery.

Duties of the storekeeper

What is the responsibility of the storekeeper:

  • organize the placement of goods on shelves;
  • keep records of the reception and delivery of goods;
  • know the record keeping;
  • work with invoices and applications;
  • constantly consider the amount of goods in warehouses and monitor expiration dates, if it is limited.

These are the main responsibilities of the storekeeper, for a resume it is necessary to indicate your skills and abilities. But sometimes the duties of warehouse workers include picking goods or unloading and loading.

work as a storekeeper

Such work is more suitable for hard-working people who have enough willpower to daily complete documentation and recordkeeping. But it is impossible to do without it, because the storekeeper is liable.

Who suits the profession

Any work requires from the applicant personal and professional qualities. Before looking for a sample resume of a storekeeper, you need to consider some nuances. Firstly, employers accept job seekers with secondary or specialized secondary education. Secondly, in the age of high technology, computer knowledge is necessary at least at the level of a confident user, because closer acquaintance with the program can be carried out during the internship.

duties of a storekeeper for resume

Most employers prefer to see strong men physically able to cope with the duties of a loader as a storekeeper, although in many organizations women are entrusted with responsible work, giving them several subordinate workers. Another nuance is a medical examination for the ability to bear financial responsibility for health reasons.

Applicant Requirements

At different enterprises, employers may put forward different requirements. But there are certain skills of the storekeeper, they will be useful for resumes. For example, having an economic or accounting education will be a big plus in favor of the candidate. If you have work experience, knowledge of a computer program and the ability to keep records, but there is no higher education, then most likely the employer will choose this particular job seeker as an employee in the warehouse.

duties of a storekeeper for resume

Despite the fact that the profession of a warehouse employee can hardly be called prestigious and highly paid, the requirements for it are quite stringent. It is necessary to know all the duties of a storekeeper for a resume in order to meet the employer's expectations and establish itself as a responsible person during the probationary period.

Summary Summary

Now you can take a closer look at the sample storekeeper resume:

  • Personal data: last name, first name, middle name and contact details - address, phone, email.
  • Describe your goal, that is, getting a position as a storekeeper, for which there is work experience, personal qualities, education.
  • Education: the name of the educational institution and year of study must be indicated.
  • Additional education, information about the passage of training courses.
  • Seniority: indicate the last place of work and the duration in years at the position held, what exactly was the responsibility.

In fact, the sample resume of the storekeeper is not a prerequisite for employment, since it can be written in free form. But today, many organizations offer candidates to fill out a questionnaire, then undergo an interview or testing at the discretion of the administration.

additional information

Among the additional information you need to indicate your personal qualities. For example, the work of a storekeeper is associated with responsibility, so having a candidate with this quality is a prerequisite. You will also have to work in a team, respectively, you will need sociability and responsiveness.

Workers without bad habits who lead an active lifestyle are especially valued, which should also be notified to the potential employer. Stress resistance and the ability to resolve conflict situations testify to iron health and the ability to focus on more important matters. If you have a driver’s license, this fact can also be indicated.

In conclusion of your resume, you can indicate one or more of your shortcomings, but only those that will not affect the candidate's performance. Actually it all depends on the person and his own enterprise.

storekeeper skills for resume

It is not so difficult to independently compose a storekeeper’s resume, an example is provided for information only. It is important not only to make high-quality “advertising” for yourself, but also to calculate your real capabilities and abilities.


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