Fur coat market in Pyatigorsk: description, assortment, mode of operation and reviews

Recently, Pyatigorsk has become increasingly known as the fur capital of our country, more and more people come here for fur coats. The popularity of the Pyatigorsk fur fair has spread not only in the Caucasus, but throughout Russia thanks to a huge selection of fur clothes at low prices. And if you bargain, then a luxurious outfit can be bought at a very substantial discount. We recommend visiting the fur coat market in Pyatigorsk, where you can buy excellent, beautiful and inexpensive fur products for the whole family.

Pyatigorsk fur coat prices

Fur Fair in Pyatigorsk: Description

Pyatigorsk is famous for its long tradition of producing high-quality stylish fur coats. The fur coat market, the prices of which will pleasantly surprise you, is located on the outskirts of the city, on the territory of the Khoroshovsky farm.

The fur fair, called Victoria and Co, presents products from more than 600 manufacturers - local and foreign fur factories: Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Canadian, Finnish, Norwegian, Belarusian and others. In addition to the widest range of outerwear and accessories, there is a large selection of fur raw materials and related products. Products here can be purchased both wholesale and retail.

On the territory of the fur coat market there are about a thousand indoor shopping pavilions. There is secure parking for trucks and cars.

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Assortment of Pyatigorsk fur coat market

The assortment of outerwear made from natural fur on the market is rich: fur coats and short fur coats, mantle and sheepskin coats, coats and vests of all styles and colors from economy to premium. The range of warm dresses is very wide: long and short, loose and fitted, classic and modern, strict and flirty. Each model is unique - it is an example of style and elegance, beautiful style and sophisticated finishes.

In addition to outerwear, you can buy everything that can be made from natural fur. A wide selection of accessories: hats, bags, belts and even slippers made of sheepskin with fur trim. Car seat covers, stools and various fur souvenirs are also sold here.

The variety of fur species is impressive: muton, astragan, astrakhan, rabbit, arctic fox, mink, nutria, raccoon, marten, beaver, fox, silver fox, sable, chinchilla and others. There is a small selection of leather goods (jackets, raincoats, gloves) and wool (scarves, scarves, shawls, mittens and socks).

fur coat market in Pyatigorsk prices reviews

Fur coat market in Pyatigorsk: mode of operation

For those wishing to purchase finished fur products, the fur coat market in Pyatigorsk works once a week - on Tuesday, from early morning to noon. Another working day, called β€œraw”, is Friday, when only fur semi-finished products are presented on the shelves. Manufacturers of fur products purchase furs and tanned hides, accessories and other goods necessary for sewing fur coats on the market.

A number of online sources indicate additional days of market operation, such as Wednesday and Saturday. But the information about the opportunity to visit the fair these days of the week is better to clarify in advance.

It should be borne in mind that there is such a thing as a "fur coat", which begins in August and lasts until February-March. During this period, buyers are pleased with fur products at the peak of the fashion of the coming season from manufacturers, but there is no reason to wait for discounts on fashionable novelties. But the period from April to June is the season of discounts and sales, when the desired new items can be purchased at affordable prices. So you can always count on a successful purchase, having arrived at the fur coat market in Pyatigorsk.

How to get to the fur fair?

Unfortunately, not a single type of route transport reaches the fur market, so it can be reached either by private car or by taxi.

Those who ride their car will find the following information useful:

- if you go from Pyatigorsk, you need to move south towards Nalchik;

- after driving about 6 km from the city center, after the roundabout, near which the Rosneft gas station is located, after about 500 m you need to turn left, to the village of Khoroshovsky;

- the market is 1.5 km from the turn from the highway;

- GPS-coordinates of the market: 44 Β° 0'1.46 "C; 43 Β° 8'5.14" V.

Vacationers in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and guests of the region can go to the fur coat market in Pyatigorsk with a guided tour. Most travel agencies of the resort towns of CMS organize trips to the fur fair.

Fur coat market in Pyatigorsk: prices, reviews

All buyers agree that the prices at the fur fair are really low, much lower than in stores. A short mink coat can be bought for 45-60 thousand rubles, muton - for 15 thousand rubles. But, as in any market, no one here can guarantee the high quality of products. To be among the "lucky ones" who were lucky enough to provide the whole family with warm and elegant clothes at affordable prices for a harsh winter, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about the intricacies of purchasing fur products. Those who made a successful purchase here are sure to come to the fur fair again and recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

Among the buyers there are those who made a mistake with the choice of goods, were not convinced of the quality of the purchased product, succumbed to the entreaties of an unscrupulous seller, and ended up disappointed.

Therefore, you must be vigilant and attentive, keep calm and not make impulsive purchases. Better yet, study the question of what you need to pay attention to when choosing a product from fur.

fur coat market in Pyatigorsk

Recommendations before visiting the fur coat market

In order not to be among the upset buyers who bought a clearly defective product at the fur fair without the possibility of a return, consider our useful tips:

  1. Before you go shopping, decide what you want to purchase.
  2. Check in advance in online stores or fur salons with the price level for the types of fur you are interested in.
  3. Do not rush to buy the first thing that you like on the market, study the entire assortment.
  4. Do not rush to immediately buy a cheap product, each product has its own minimum price.
  5. Try to make sure that the fur is natural, and the tailoring and decoration are of high quality.

Let the outfits you bought last for a long time!

fur coat in Pyatigorsk working hours

A shopping tour of the fur coat market in Pyatigorsk is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure and acquire luxurious gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Fur Fair is waiting for you! Welcome to the world of fur for an excellent inexpensive fur coat on the Pyatigorsk market.

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