The most affordable folk remedies for insomnia.

Since ancient times, our ancestors knew how to treat this or that disease, and always did perfectly well without any synthetics and chemistry. These recipes passed from generation to generation, and today folk remedies for insomnia are known to almost anyone.

But we will not go into historical details, but proceed straight to the point. So what to do when insomnia suffers?

The answer to this question is quite multifaceted, because there are a huge number of recipes. And, above all, these are infusions from various herbs. Such a popular hawthorn immediately comes to mind. Quite often, doctors recommend it for heart disease, neurosis and hypertension. But not everyone knows that the fruits of hawthorn cope wonderfully with insomnia. To do this, just add them to tea or brew separately at the rate of twenty grams of fruit per glass of hot water. It is necessary to take such an infusion three times a day twenty to thirty minutes before eating. It is very important at the same time to brew fresh hawthorn every day, otherwise you will not get the desired effect.

The reason for insomnia can be anything. This is overwork, and constant neurosis, and depression, and much more. In the event that you fall asleep badly due to excessive overexcitation at work, then you must take celery infusion at night. Cooking it is very easy. To do this, take twenty grams of chopped herbs and pour it with a glass of boiling water. Let the resulting infusion stand for another thirty minutes. Then you can safely drink it.

Folk remedies for insomnia are, of course, not limited to this. Greatly helps tea from hop cones, which can always be purchased at any pharmacy. Pour one tablespoon of cones with a glass of boiling water and let it brew a little. Take the infusion just before you go to bed.

Quite often, we forget or do not attach any importance to those products that are almost always available to all of us. Now we are talking about the most ordinary pumpkin juice. If you drink at night a glass of this juice with honey added to it, then your sleep will become deep, and insomnia will let you go for a long time.

You can not only take herbal infusions and decoctions, but also inhale various aromas of herbs before bedtime. For this purpose, it is enough to stretch in your hands the most ordinary wormwood with flowers, and inhale this aroma for several minutes.

And you can build yourself a pillow, in which add the leaves of cyanide azure, valerian and motherwort. On such a pillow, your sleep will be serene and deep, and you will not even notice how quickly you fall asleep.

Well, what folk remedies for insomnia can do without honey! It can be consumed simply with warm milk or water immediately before bedtime. And you can cook a variety of potions. For example, stir in a cup of honey a small amount of apple cider vinegar (three teaspoons), and take this mixture of 2 teaspoons immediately before you go to bed. After half an hour, you will be covered by a dream. And you can mix honey and lemon juice in equal proportions, and drink the resulting mixture 1 tablespoon immediately before bedtime, washed down with ordinary warm tea.

Honey generally stores many useful substances in itself, therefore, there are a huge number of recipes with its use.

Another interesting fact is that insomnia can be treated not only with medicinal herbs. Doctors have proven that special effects from insomnia also help to achieve a positive effect. Today, such works are created by many composers, but even earlier, Beethoven wrote his "Moonlight Sonata", and Tchaikovsky to "Barcarol". Both of these compositions have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and help a person fall asleep very quickly.

Of course, today we have considered far from all folk remedies for insomnia, but this small fraction will help you deal with this ailment without resorting to ready-made medications.


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