Alexey Shved - promising player of the Philadelphia Sixers

Alexey Shved is a Russian basketball player playing in the NBA for the Philadelphia Sixers team. It is considered the most progressive participant in the Russian Championship 2010/2011. He is the owner of bronze awards of the European Championship 2011 and the 2012 Olympics. This article will describe his brief biography.


Alexey Shved (photo below) was born in Belgorod in 1988. The boy began to play basketball in his school years. His first coach was his own father.

Carier start

“Petrel” is the name of the team for which Alexey Shved began to play. The basketball player spent only one season there. Then there were the teams “Conti”, “Khimki” and “CSKA”. Until the end of the 2009–2010 season, the young man was on loan from Dynamo Moscow.

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In 2010, Alexey Shved took part in the draft. However, the basketball player was not chosen either in the 1st or in the 2nd round.

In mid-2012, the Associated Press reported that the athlete left CSKA and signed a contract with BC Minnesota Timberwolves for three years. The deal amounted to about $ 10 million. After a couple of days, he officially moved to this club.

In the 2012/2013 season, most of the leading Timberwolves players were injured, so Alexey Shved spent more than 20 minutes on the court per match. He soon became a key player. Already in his seventh match, the athlete scored 16 points in half an hour, and also made 3 interceptions, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. In the ninth match, he set a new personal record - 22 points in 33 minutes. Alex became the fourth Russian in the NBA, gaining at least 20 points for the game.

Double double

The end of 2012 was marked by an important event for the hero of this article. Alexey Shved made the first double-double in his career (12 assists, 12 points). This happened in a match against the Oklahoma team leader in the championship. In 2013, the Swede made an average of 5 assists and scored somewhere in 11 points in 28 minutes of the game. Alexey’s performance fell due to the return of Rubio’s main point guard, who recovered from his injury.

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End of season 2012/2013

As a result, Swede finished the season with the following indicators: in 23.5 minutes of the game he made 3.7 assists and scored 8.6 points. Although the overall hit percentage was not very high - 37.2%. The athlete also made a double double-double for the season. In the Western Conference, Minnesota took only 12th place (51 defeats and 31 victories), which did not allow it to get into the playoffs. Although in January the team had more wins than losses (16-15). The deterioration of the game was due to injuries of Andrei Kirilenko and Kevin Love, as well as unstable performances of Rubio.

All-Star Game

In early 2013, the Swede participated in the game of rising basketball players. It took place as part of the "All-Star Game." The athlete spent about 18 minutes on the court, managed to make 4 assists and scored 12 points. The Swede team won with a score of 163: 135. Previously, only Kirilenko participated in such NBA matches.

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Philadelphia Sixers

In the offseason, Alexei Shved was exchanged from Minnesota to Philadelphia Sixers as a result of a trilateral deal. The hero of this article went there together with Luke Mb. And in the opposite direction, the leadership decided to send forward Tadeus Young. And from Cleveland to Minnesota, forward Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins went.

It is worth noting that the speed abilities of Alexei will certainly be in demand in the new team. With due persistence, he will even be able to take the place, if not of the main, then the first substitute. And this already guarantees 20 minutes of time on the field. In addition, the Swede has good experience and work on errors. And the circumstances in “Philadelphia” have developed in such a way that our athlete is simply obliged to give all the best to 100%. Under the circumstances means the process of restructuring the team and contractual obligations. At the moment, Alexey continues to play for Philadelphia, showing good results from match to match.


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