Pedicure options are fashion trends. Lunar pedicure

Every self-respecting girl should know that self-care is a necessary element of female attractiveness. Men like it when the girl has well-groomed legs, so you need to constantly monitor your pedicure.

Types of pedicure

pedicure options

Beautiful girls are well-groomed girls. Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. There are no ugly ones, there are those who do not know how to follow themselves. Pedicure is a necessary procedure for every girl. Thanks to this, women can look more dignified and calmly show everyone their well-groomed legs. There are various options for pedicure: classic, lunar, summer, winter and so on, but in this article we will talk only about some of them.

Summer pedicure

pedicure for the summer

When warm days are approaching, all the girls think about what their pedicure will be for the summer. Summer is a time of experimentation and interesting discoveries. Also in pedicure you can try a huge number of options. After all, your legs are often open, and you have a great opportunity to show them to everyone.

In order for the pedicure to be neat and look professional, it is not necessary to go to the salon. Yes, the master is qualified, but also requires a considerable price. Therefore, to keep the legs well-groomed, you can do the following:

1) Fill the basin with warm water, drip liquid soap (you can shampoo), 1 tbsp. l baking soda and the same amount of vegetable oil and a few tablespoons of sea salt, mix everything. This solution will help soften rough skin and remove all impurities. Keep your feet in it for about fifteen minutes.

2) Dry your feet with a towel. Treat them with a pumice stone, clean the nails with a special brush.

3) We proceed to the processing of nails. To begin, grease them with a special tool to soften and remove the cuticle. Move it with an orange stick. If the edges of the cuticle interfere strongly, you can cut them with special small scissors. Scissors should be well sharpened, then you will not get hurt.

4) Trim your nails in a straight line. Trim the corners slightly, as it will then hurt and there is a risk of nail ingrowth. If everyone did the right pedicure, then this was not a problem. Take the nail file and, tilting it at an angle down, carefully adjust the shape of the nails, rounding off at the edges.

5) Then they should be polished using a polishing buff. This is especially necessary for those who have uneven nails or they have a large thickness. Apply cream or special lotion to your feet.

6) Get ready for nail polish. First you need to degrease them and remove particles of the old coating, if any. This will help make the nail polish remover. After that, place the finger dividers between the fingers so that you do not accidentally touch anything with the nail polish. Apply the base, this will help the manicure last longer and prevent the nails from turning yellow.

7) Now we apply the varnish itself. After you have chosen a color, take a special brush to apply. If this is not available, use the one in the varnish. Do not paint your nails close to the skin, so as not to stain it. In order to stain the edges of the nail, use an orange stick, after dipping it in varnish. When the coating dries, you can apply another layer, see the situation. Next, apply a clear varnish - it will give the nails a shine and keep the pedicure intact longer.

Lunar pedicure: how it looks and how to do it?

lunar pedicure

This pedicure was invented a long time ago, in the twenties of the last century. The only difference is that in those days they used one varnish instead of two: they simply did not paint part of the nail plate. Several years ago, Christian Dior remembered this fashion and tested it on models using 2 varnishes. These pedicure options have conquered almost all fashion lovers. And so began the boom in this area.

Doing lunar pedicures is easy. First you need to choose two varnishes: one as the main, and the second - such that it fits the first and complements the picture. Then apply the one you have chosen as the main one on the entire nail, except for the base. Fill the moon space with another color. Then you can simply decorate your nails the way you want. You can use rhinestones, sparkles, other varnishes. The options for pedicure are different, but one of the most common is the so-called French. Usually a strip in the form of a smile is carried out in the same color that you took as additional to the moonlight.

What types of pedicure are fashionable this year?

pedicure trends

In 2016, the trends in pedicure, fortunately, have a huge variety. From all this, you can choose the one that you like and fit. Bright colors are trendy this year. You can choose any bright varnish that you like, and design your nails according to your taste. Moreover, the classics remain classics, and this year, solid manicure is also in fashion. You can choose a plain bright varnish - both fashionable and classic. For summer, red, orange, hot pink, coral, blue, green, turquoise and mint varnishes are suitable. For cold seasons, dark and cold tones are suitable. There is a misconception that on the arms and legs the nails should be the same color, but this is not so. You can do manicures and pedicures in different ways, the main thing is not to neglect the basic laws of compatibility. If the nails absolutely do not fit, then it will look terrible.

Shellac Pedicure

shellac pedicure options

There are various options for pedicure with shellac. This is an indispensable procedure that will allow for four weeks to preserve the beauty of female feet. This procedure arose not so long ago. Previously, people could not imagine that you can paint your nails and do not think about their appearance for about a month. The substance is based on varnish and gel for building, this allows you to protect your nails from damage.

1) Remove the remaining varnish. Correct the shape of the nails.

2) Degrease the surface.

3) Apply a color coating in 2 layers, dry under the lamp.

4) Apply a transparent shellac top and place under a UV lamp.

5) Remove the sticky layer, apply oil to the surface of the nail. Your pedicure is ready!

To summarize

Thus, we can conclude that any girl can look after herself, there would be a desire! The options for pedicure are different, you can choose your own. Love yourself, and the world will reach you. Do both pedicures for the summer and cover for the winter, spring and autumn, because the girl should always be beautiful.


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