How to remove felt-tip pen from clothes at home?

Stains from a felt-tip pen - each mother meets these problems. After all, all little artists strive to draw on everything around them, including clothing. But what about these spots? After all, it is very difficult to clean them. Is it possible to remove the felt-tip pen from clothes independently?

how to remove felt-tip pen from clothes

Features of stains from a felt-tip pen

Sustainable ink, vivid colors, various types of felt-tip pens allow you to create vivid and rich drawings. For creativity, this is good. But this is problematic when removing stains from various surfaces. Many young mothers do not know how to remove a felt-tip pen from clothes. Such pollution is one of the most difficult to remove.

There are several types of felt-tip pens. They differ in a diverse basis:

  • one;
  • alcoholic;
  • chalky;
  • paintwork;
  • oily.

You can independently cope with stains from markers, but you need to know the type of marker. After all, it is its foundation that determines the means that will help to cope with pollution. In addition, you need to find out the material from which the thing is made.

how to remove felt-tip pen from clothes at home

Before proceeding with active actions, you should try a cleaning agent on the wrong side of the inconspicuous area. If no stains appear on the surface after a few minutes, you can start washing.

Features of removing stains from clothes

Stains from markers are very difficult to remove from the surface of the fabric. There are some rules that will help you quickly and easily deal with such pollution.

  1. It is only necessary to remove stains from the fabric from the wrong side.
  2. Stain pollution only in cold water.
  3. Spots should be processed from the edges, gradually moving towards the center.
  4. Contamination can not be actively rubbed, because the stain can spread.
  5. Having decided to independently cope with the stains from the felt-tip pen, you should first give preference to more gentle methods.
  6. Using aggressive solvents, you should check their effect on the fabric in the inner seam.
  7. Before putting the washed thing in the dryer, make sure that there is no contamination. Heat can fix the stain on the fabric, it will be very difficult to remove it.

how to remove felt-tip pen from white clothes

Chalk or water based stains from markers

How to wash a chalk or water based felt-tip pen from clothes? Such stains can be easily removed from children's clothing in several ways. Often use such means:

  • washing powder, liquid soap;
  • laundry soap;
  • baking soda and ammonia;
  • dishwashing liquid;
  • oxygen bleach;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Liquid soap or laundry detergent should be dissolved in a small amount of warm water. Add 1 tablespoon of ammonia to the mixture. Now, with a foam sponge, this mixture should be gently applied to the contaminated area for several minutes. After the thing is rinsed in warm water with powder.

The stain can be washed with warm water and laundry soap. If contamination remains, then it should be wetted with oxygen bleach and sent to the washing machine.

Often used to remove various spots paste from baking soda and ammonia in a ratio of 1: 2. After applying the paste to the stain, you should actively rub this place with a brush. The thing is rinsed and washed.

how to remove felt-tip pen from colored clothes

Ammonia can also be mixed with dishwashing detergent or powder. The mixture is applied to contamination, wait until the surface dries. After a few minutes, the mixture can be removed with a brush, and the product sent for washing.

Dishwashing detergent is often used to remove stained or difficult stains. It copes well with stains from a felt-tip pen. Dishwashing liquid should be rubbed well into the problem area with a brush and left for several hours in this condition. After the thing, be sure to rinse well and wash in the usual way.

And how to remove the felt-tip pen from white clothes? Hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue. A cotton swab should be applied to the fabric on both sides. As the swab gets dirty, it should be replaced with a new one. Do not rub the surface of contamination, because in this way the felt-tip pen can be distributed over a large area. After the stain disappears, the item should be washed in warm soapy water.

Spots from alcohol-based felt-tip pens

How to remove a felt-tip pen from clothes at home, if it is made on an alcohol basis? It is easy enough. It is necessary to prepare medical alcohol. Having moistened a cotton pad in it, you should well rub the stain on the fabric. At the same time, a towel should be applied from the wrong side. The pollution should go away right away. The thing must be washed.

In addition to alcohol, you can use vodka.

Another effective method. On a grater it is necessary to rub laundry soap. A little alcohol is added to it. This paste should be well rubbed. After the thing is washed in warm water.

stains from felt-tip pen on clothes how to wash

Stains from felt-tip pens

How to wash a felt-tip pen on clothes basis? In order to cope with such pollution yourself, you have to work hard. First of all, you should prepare solvents:

  • White Spirit;
  • petrol;
  • nail polish remover;
  • acetone.

But be careful, because not every tissue can withstand the aggressive effect of such solvents. Therefore, the reaction of the material to such a cleaning agent should be checked. In case of color loss, it is better to give preference to another product.

The cotton pad must be moistened in any solvent and applied to the stain for 20 minutes. If only part of the spot has disappeared, the procedure should be repeated. Thus, it is possible to remove the felt-tip pen from both colored clothes and white.

The thing is washed in a washing machine with the addition of a stain remover.

Oil-based marker pens

How to remove stains from oil-based felt-tip pens on clothes? Use a substance of the same origin. Pollution can be rubbed with sunflower oil and left for a long time. After the thing should be washed with a degreasing agent.

how to remove felt-tip pen from clothes

Stains on white clothes

Many mothers are also interested in how to remove a felt-tip pen from white clothes. You can use both well-known stain removers and ordinary hydrogen peroxide.

The method of removing peroxide stain is described above.

Whiteness and Domestos are also used. They are dissolved in water and soaked clothes. Carefully monitor the disappearance of the stain. As soon as he is gone, the thing should be immediately taken out, rinsed and washed in soapy water.

other methods

To remove stains from the felt-tip pen, use table vinegar. It is necessary to act on the same principle as with alcohol. First, the stain is abundantly moistened and removed with a cotton pad or sponge. Eliminate unpleasant odors by washing with powder and conditioner.

Hairspray also copes with stains of a similar origin. It is enough just to spray the varnish to the place of contamination, and then pat the clothes with a paper towel. In this case, you should act very quickly, because the varnish dries quickly.

Special tools

Young mothers who wish to purchase a new set of felt-tip pens can immediately buy a tool to remove traces of them. Most often it is a pencil or spray. Using them is very simple. It is enough just to treat the contaminated area, and after a few minutes the thing can be rinsed under running water.

Is it possible to remove the felt-tip pen from clothes


Sometimes dealing with stains is very difficult. And after numerous washes on the clothes, the β€œdrawings” of the baby still flaunt. But do not be discouraged, because you can show imagination! At this point, you can make an application, stick a decorative patch or attach a bow.


When buying creativity kits for your children, you should familiarize yourself with the composition of felt-tip pens. After all, this information will soon come in handy to pick up what can be used to remove the felt-tip pen from clothes. Clean spots, suns and weed easily. Rejoice at every success of your child, encourage creativity!


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